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Get those mighty Tight Pants!
Submitted by Lunatic Dancer (@LunaticGamedev) — 20 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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Almost everything in the game is achieved with arrow keys, which's functionality depends on context and includes movement, combat and menu navigation.

Most of the enviromental elements are interactable in several different ways, for example the altars can be used to sustain the combo and move further, they also can be used as a cover against enemies and finally they are used to store items.

Also, there's an item slot which serves multiple purposes, like storing keys or helpful power-ups.


Arrows to move. While moving, tap an arrow quickly to shoot. Use the recoil to dash through obstacles. Good luck.

Third-party resources
GameMaker: Studio 1.4 Professional Edition

shootgun sound:

walking sound:

baloon sound:

Moonlight Hall Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Killers Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


None, just me.

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Nice puzzles, with a quite great level design! It is is challenging, but has some interesting levels.

It needs to teach a bit more how to use objects before getting too difficult. And maybe some UI indication with some: I'm still not sure how the gun works exactly, and if it gave me an additional shoot.

It felt nice to solve anyway. Good work!


Thank you much, i really appreciate that more in-depth view!

The attack reset indication is something i didn't think about until now, but as you told me, it makes perfect sense as a thing to be added. Also, rather few people seem to like my "go figure things out" type of level design in which obstacles are hints about what you should be trying to do. I guess it's a shaky line to step on.

Hope you had fun :)


Well, putting obstacle so that players can figure out mechanics is in my opinion the best way to design a puzzle game! But it has to be in a focused and forgiving environment.

For example, in the level where the shoes are introduced, there is indeed an obstacle that teaches how to use the item. But before that, there are two monsters, and one obstacle that doesn't require shoes. The first ones are distracting, and must be fought after every failure. And the second one is misleading: I thought I had to use the shoes, so i tried to bounce on a wall several time, until I solved it by figuring out that shoes weren't needed for that part.

If the level has to teach something, it has to consist of only one obstacle, that specifically shows how to use the item. Or at least, this obstacle must be the first one the player encounters in the level, and the next ones are also here to make use of the new item.

And as I said, I think some feedback would really help to better understand. To continue on shoes: bouncing on wall with or without them makes almost zero difference. A little sound or animation would make the player understand "look, something is happening here that wasn't happening before, you can do something about it with that new item".

Those are all just suggestions of course. My point is that letting the player figuring things out with obstacles is the absolutely right way to go! The level-design is already great in general, so it only needs a bit of improvements to make this philosophy work.


You're totally right about this, but i was too exhausted later on to rebuild the tiles. I've pointed most of those things out to myself before, but what's done is done. If it wasn't a jam game or the jam was longer, i think it would turn out just fine. Thaks again for the insight, your thinking seems to be quite similar to mine :)


Nice idea. Some more feedback when you get hit would be useful, and maybe more of a tutorial before it gets difficult. Really love the visuals. 


Thanks much for trying it out. There's a rather distinctive sound and screenshake when you get hit, but i agree that some particles and a losing heart animation would help. That's right, the difficulty curve is unusually steep in this game, but i couldn't smoothen it up enough in just few hours. Thanks for the effort of playing the thing and stating your opinion!


I like the integration of all the elements of movement, shooting and walls to create interesting puzzles. As you said on the page it does require quick thinking even though it is turn based which is something you don't often see. It did become very hard quite quickly though, I think it would have benefited from being able to test the interactions with walls and alters in a safe environment, ie. without spikes in the way.

A promising little game indeed.


I think both interactions were testable before there were spikes in the way :D
Only the blood bullet level is quite a difficulty spike i think.

Thank you for playing the game and sharing your thoughts!


If having problems with figuring the game out, try looking at it's page, there's some help.