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Space/ctrl to raise and lower the camera would also be welcome!

Typical itch buying out indie devs.

Haha, it was the "But what do they eat" line, which he repeats a lot in his Fallout 3 video. 

Thanks a lot for playing!

I really like the main mechanic! Cool but janky aesthetic. Is there a mrbtongue reference in the game?

I really like the mouse character. Very charming. 

Super awesome concept. You should make this a multiplayer game, where one person designs the dungeon and the other has to beat it. Really cool visuals as well. Well done!

Hard to tell what I meant to be doing. Got on the boat and got stuck in the middle then went back and walked round the pond. The same thing happened with the glider. Looked good though!

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The UT translocator is such a cool weapon, I don't know why more games don't utilise it as a mechanic. Good implementation, just feels like a little half baked. You should keep working on it! 

I like the Game Boy aesthetic. A fairly slight game, could do with some sounds!

Really nice main mechanic, very tight. Got pretty hard quickly though! It kept restarting me on the wrong level, too. 

The thing you control is bloody hideous. I love it! Bit of an exploit: shooting in both horizontal directions and drifting up and down seems like a bit of a flawless tactic. 

This game is charmingly annoying. I like how ruthless your boss is when you're fired and how quickly you end up in the red from wasting ingredients!

Great idea. Thought it was a bit short, especially relative the length of the recording (which got a little annoying to skip through at parts). Good voice acting. Normally quickly made games with spoken word in them sound terrible!

I like the idea, but I find it really difficult to attack enemies without bashing into them and losing health. Also running out of stamina when you're trying to just move across the screen is super annoying. Quite satisfying when your in the action slicing though, just needs tweaked a little bit so you don't lose health all the time. 

I really the like the idea of the size of your field of view acting as a gate to your progress. The dynamic music is awesome too. I got kind of stuck though, I couldn't find the third nugget without falling to my death!

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Really neat idea. I think the bullet takes a bit too long to travel though, which makes it hard to set up kills. This mechanic would work really well in a more fully featured game. I'm thinking swapping places with an enemy before you fall into a shredder or something and blood sprays everywhere!

Nice idea. Some more feedback when you get hit would be useful, and maybe more of a tutorial before it gets difficult. Really love the visuals. 

Nice twist on crate stacking puzzling. The energy bar seems arbitrary and got a little annoying being forced to go back for seemingly no reason. Graphically very cool and I liked the music. A little more feedback on your inputs and some extra guidance would be useful!

I think this idea is too good to be executed properly in a game jam. The mind boggles at the sort of cool shit the main mechanic could lead to if this was made into a proper big game. Right now the combat doesn't have much oomf, and the wiring mechanic is a bit buggy (or the lack of feedback makes it seem this way). I think you should spend more time making this into a really tight prototype, it could be absolutely awesome. Risk of Rain meets... something totally new. 

I reckon this would have scared me a lot had it been around when I was little. Good atmosphere.