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A game about linking Inputs to Outputs in elegant ways
Submitted by ElementalBinary

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The games concept is the player must choose how 4 different inputs control a possible 12 outputs. These outputs are things like moving and shooting. The player must optimize the controls to allow for efficient and effective actions.

**Note Instructions are shown in the project Image... Also Starting the game you can bumb up the resolution from 360x240 to a higher res like 1400x1050

Third-party resources
Unity3D, Photoshop and Bosca Ceoil

Aidan and Connor MacMillan

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Very cool concept. Presenting all this choice to the player upfront is kind of bewildering though, and the core gameplay is a bit finicky. Could be expanded further such that you gain upgrade outputs ala a metroidvania. 


That was the original plan where you would collect different output modules which you could move around and place on a main board, however due to time constraints it couldn't be finished in time. 

Thanks for playing.


It's an interesting idea, but it's very difficult to manage in practice. I'd like to see a more streamlined version with a layout to the control board that feels a little more intuitive.


Really tough but incredible idea, it deserves to be improved upon!


Pretty good.  Really difficult. the music is also a little annoying.  Amazing idea though I love it!


I think this idea is too good to be executed properly in a game jam. The mind boggles at the sort of cool shit the main mechanic could lead to if this was made into a proper big game. Right now the combat doesn't have much oomf, and the wiring mechanic is a bit buggy (or the lack of feedback makes it seem this way). I think you should spend more time making this into a really tight prototype, it could be absolutely awesome. Risk of Rain meets... something totally new. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Hey, nice game! Probably one of the cleverest entries here. A bit finicky, but cool.

Some issues you should know about -

1. The launcher is preset at 320x240  resolution which is stretched to fullscreen. Initially, I thought that's how it was meant to be, but it obviously looks MUCH better at the highest resolution.  Mention this on this page since the game page won't be visited by most people.

Don't let them miss that brilliant art!

2.  Add a note here telling users to read How to Play from the image. I missed it :P

3. There are a bit too many options and not enough slow mo . . . or maybe i'm just bad at your game.


Thanks for the feedback i'll make sure to change the description.