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it looks like the game files are supposed to be downloaded, but the page only shows the game as a black screen in a browser embed. Would be cool to play this!

the way a bunch of tricks are extreme post-processing lol

this is sick, the movement only took a moment to get used to. it is perfect how you can instantly stop by changing directions, really good amount of control and speed

I was able to get 40 pts!

Nice! It is really cool how the platforms are spawned in with some kind of modular system, like how sometimes the doors can be at the top of a stack of platforms, or under a hard to reach ledge.

This is awesome I really like the vibe! It is cool how the fridge/basket has stuff in it and you can interact with the mouse. Also satisfying that the items on the floor get pushed around

currently it has partial controller support as in: you can rebind keybinds to your controller in the settings menu.

I’ll try my best to make controller support better over time, but just know it’s always been designed for mouse+keyboard primarily. Some actions will feel weird on the controller

oh I see now lol I am way too used to seeing unironic comments, ty for playing and commenting!

Sorry but that is the point of the game, the plane spins constantly unless you press space bar. It is an exploration of a weird control scheme, understandably not always fun for people

As long as everything goes well I expect to be able to coordinate a GOG release when the game is complete (meaning out of Early Access). I still have not decided whether I will want to have the game available here on itch during all of Early Access, but at the very least when it goes out of Early Access, yes it will be up to date with what’s on Steam.

Thanks! and yes it most likely will be on for full release. Not sure yet for Early Access though

thank you!

Thank you it means a lot!


Thank you!

Really great entry, the art is so clean! I like how button mashing through the enemies is just barely going to get you to lose by the end so I was forced to be more careful to beat the whole thing.

I like the single boss structure, the diversity of moves coming out of the one enemy was super cool. I will admit it was a bit difficult for me to progress in so I might not have even seen later stages of the fight. I really commend the use of the boss to teach the dashing at the beginning as well. Nice work.

Pretty fun asteroid-like! I really like the voices and the atmosphere of the game. It was also interesting how careful I had to be because of the limited view around the ship and the instant death asteroids. Only suggestion I have is to make shooting more interesting, since I felt the most optimal thing to do was spam the shoot button and spin constantly. Nice work overall!

Really impressive mechanic, nice work. Felt pretty good to be able to push a cube through the door and watch it all work seamlessly. I thought the parkour at the end (ceiling wall jump?) might cause most people to get stuck. Though the puzzle-solving of trying to get up to that point was pretty fun (also having to figure out what the goal was)! Overall really cool entry. Got the ending in 12:24.

now this is podracing

Thank you for the feedback it really means a lot! It’s always great to read what people think about the game. I completely agree with your suggestion, I think it may have been an oversight that I didn’t add in some kind of unique name system for different checkpoints at the very least.

I understand feeling like that, I hope to make the game a bit more accessible in the full release using everyone’s feedback. That and I will eventually add some difficulty options!

The current version partially supports Xbox controllers (you’ll have to use keyboard/mouse to navigate menus and such).

There is full controller support being worked on for future content, stay tuned!

lol 950 ammo out here

Great video, thanks for playing!

Nice finds! Both are easter eggs to things I’ve made in the past

If all goes well we could make it slightly less free but much better

Thanks for the comments! It’s really cool that you enjoyed the exploration bits even if there is still room for improvement. The other side of the chasm is (in a way) optional content to beat the demo depending on how many key pieces you find in the crypt area. This is why the path to it is a bit unclear. It’s not your fault for missing it, in fact it’s even cooler that you went back and explored it anyways (that’s what the full game will feature more of).

​Played this yesterday but wanted to say this was great fun! I really enjoyed the variations in enemies and weapons. The art style is very pleasing and consistent too. Awesome work on all fronts.

I think my high score was wave 15!

Glad you enjoyed! I was the one on our team that designed the “office chair” demon lol. I wanted to make it fit with our setting and felt like a chair was a perfect original idea (it did get me out of having to animate legs). Never really worked on a horror game before this so I’m happy you like it!

You might be experiencing lag that is causing the mouse input to jump around. We have experienced lag in Chrome with the browser version if we didn’t have hardware acceleration turned on, so try changing those settings. Otherwise, the standalone download is always more stable.

Pretty solid gameplay and amazing visual style. The walking back and forth was tiring after a while but it was still interesting by having me think about safe places to run to. Great work.

Thanks! We used a render texture with a script that downscales the camera viewport at runtime, also with lots of fog and post processing.

Hey thanks! Demo is coming out very very soon so you’ll be able to try it out then.

Awesome, thanks! Back and ready to release stuff soon

To be clear, the demo will be 100% free when it releases this October. Itch Page

Thanks, means a lot! Glad to finally show the new page.

I am going to release a demo, currently working on a trailer for it.

There will be brightness and gamma options in the upcoming demo. Sorry for the long wait, stay tuned for an announcement this month.