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Hey thanks! Demo is coming out very very soon so you’ll be able to try it out then.

Awesome, thanks! Back and ready to release stuff soon

To be clear, the demo will be 100% free when it releases this October. Itch Page

Thanks, means a lot! Glad to finally show the new page.

I am going to release a demo, currently working on a trailer for it.

There will be brightness and gamma options in the upcoming demo. Sorry for the long wait, stay tuned for an announcement this month.


Thank you!

Thanks! I really wanted to let each detail slowly reveal itself.


Thank you!

Super clever concept, was pleasantly surprised the first time the entire board smoothly shifted in response to my move. Lots of fun planning moves in advance.

This had me, so simple yet so intense. Great sound design and dynamic gameplay. And I could not put it down without beating it!

Once I saw the screenshots, I knew this would be an interesting entry. I love the wacky concept and gameplay pace. It feels quite good to move around, with just enough sound effects. Level generation was smooth too! Only thing I can say to improve on is that I wasn’t sure what impact thieves were making when they hit me. It might have helped to have a popup $$ number appear above the player instead of at the bottom because I would rarely look away from the center of the screen.

I got $150K as my score! Kept going for the gold items and the time bonuses. Great work, I’m sure it was a bunch of fun to make.

Interesting art direction, really like the consistent look! I kept naturally wanting to hold LMB and keep moving towards the mouse… but I had to keep clicking instead. A simple improvement would be to check mouse holds rather than mouse presses.

But pushing further, the mouse controls might not have been the best fit for the run and gun level design. It’s hard to make dodging projectiles enjoyable when you cannot move around and shoot at the same time. Besides that, great looking entry with pleasant colors!

Cute little game, really appreciated the sound design! I liked the words/arrows being spelled out by the tiles. I did feel a bit lost in the later levels, but the lighting does make the game a bit more atmospheric. Good work.

Thanks for the feedback! I had the idea to try and make an FPS that could be played with just the mouse and I pulled a lot from Resident Evil tank controls. I felt it would suit a slow survival feel more than traditional WASD controls would. If not for these ideas, the game would’ve been split across mouse and keyboard.

I definitely agree that some aspects should have been given more tutorial time though. It sounds like there was some trouble with feature that will cancel your reload if you aim during it. I see now that might be a bit too sensitive, maybe I should cancel a reload only when you shoot during it. Either way, thanks for playing!

Thank you!!

Really interesting concept, it was honestly pretty funny and entertaining as simple as it looks. Ledge grabs with the hair is very clever, and stretching the player in different directions is genius. With some more polish and sound, this would be even more interesting. Lots of potential, good work!

Thanks! I definitely want to smooth out the difficulty curve as a future improvement.

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Wow, this is a fun entry! Hype music, with a frantic merging of top down bullet hell stuff with rhythm stuff. I like this concept a lot after playing through it. I also loved how the skull beams were tied to how many rhythm moves you missed, very clever.

I should mention that the game crashed towards the end of the boss fight while I was in the browser. I did go back and finish it, and was rewarded :). Also, I felt like the arrows were sometimes off beat? Other than that, great game feel and sounds. Awesome work!

Thanks, worked hard on squeezing the tutorial in there, glad it was worth it!

Wow thank you for the in depth feedback, it means a lot. You hit a lot of helpful points here, especially the short kick window. I plan to fix the mouse focus issues in a future patch, I didn’t have time to fully test the WebGL build unfortunately, and I also seem to have broken the sensitivity in the Windows build. Sorry about those frustrations!

The flashing enemies is a short muzzle flare effect, I had a hunch that would be confusing but I never got rid of it before publishing. Perhaps I need to tone that down to prevent confusion!

I honestly added the ranger enemies in very close to the deadline, and had little time to test their fairness. I agree about the damage being too high, and the crops being a bit too weak.

Also, surprised you got so many details right! The exploits are both small decisions I made to help players get the edge in between rounds if they would desire; I felt it was unfair to take ammo away from players, so it only gets reset if you have less than three ammo packs.

Thanks again for the criticism, I’m glad you enjoyed the game feel and core concepts!

Thanks! There is a Windows download that should work.

Also, PSA: there is a sensitivity slider to the right if you hit P to enter the pause menu while playing in case anyone misses it.

Had fun, and I was impressed by the compact level design. Congrats on finishing a Metroidvania for the jam!

Thanks, glad you want to play again! Yeah the ranger enemies are really strong, it’s an achievement to get to the later rounds honestly.


Thank you, glad you enjoyed!

Thank you! Congrats on beating it, that’s awesome.

Yes very inspired by RE4! Sorry about the unconventional controls though.

Thank you! :)

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Thanks! FYI for anyone with a trackpad, the alternate keyboard controls should be bound to arrow keys for turning and ZXC for moving/shooting, reloading, and aiming if you want to try it that way. But unfortunately the game is designed for mouse controls first.

Glad you liked those qualities, and thanks for the feedback! It definitely could use more balance on the resource management, and maybe a better way to teach it in the tutorial.

Very enjoyable and interesting all the way through, great use of one simple idea. Cool entry!

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Controls were tough to use for me on keyboard, but dang the effects are so pleasing.

I was surprised that touching a wrong color platform would kill you instantly, I felt that you should phase through them which would give reactive players a small window to dash up and switch to the right color. Also, giving a freeze frame for switching colors might have helped on some of the jump and color switch levels.

I had fun with it! Good work.

Played all the way through, not bad! Short and sweet.

You want to make sure the enemies don’t feel like bullet sponges… Since the full-auto weapon makes that kind of necessary for balance, I would recommend making enemies stop for a moment when they take damage (see Pinky Demons from the original Doom). And some flashy feedback effects wouldn’t hurt either.

Lastly, the thumbnail reminded me of DUSK lol. Keep it up!

This was pretty cool! The music and ghost sounds were pleasing, and there definitely could’ve been more feedback on the shooting, but I think everything was consistent and decent to play. Movement was snappy, gravity was stiff but I could get used to it. The intro PS2 sound made me laugh and I liked the little README.

Lots of charm, keep it up!

Just played again after the updates, the minimap is great! My only gripe is that the pistol bullets seem to inherit the velocity of the gun? Made the final boss a bit tedious to do while strafing, but overall the game feels great.

Chill aesthetic, love the sounds and music! It seems adaptive with the chest and gun chimes layering over the soundtrack.

Yeah that’s fair, a quick turn would’ve made moving around much easier.