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Nice visual theme! It's fun if you're not playing it alone. I had some fun with my brother. I think the slower pace of the characters' movements nicely complements the teleport ^_^

btw, Upload a Win/Mac/Linux version too.  And the game doesn't embed properly so it has to be played in fullscreen.

Difficult. Lots of potential though. And  good music. 

I suggest you slow down the enemy chasers,  display the colour code a bit slowly, and make the dash sound sequence more predictable. Or maybe keep the same colour code for one level, let the player discover it through multiple deaths, and eventually figure it out. Basically, the game needs to be more forgiving ^_^

Nice idea - the thing that gives you a rest from all that speed also flings you back into action!

Some criticism - I don't mind being too fast. but the bullets seemed static.  And if you sit in a corner without moving the mouse, the walls don't damage you at all.

The game looks good! And I appreciate the lack of cumbersome UI. Some points where I felt there's space for improvement - 

  • Start with  less cubes or a bigger area. So that I can figure out what's happening. The change in their behaviour is hard to notice in the crowded start area.
  • A blue glow  (similar to timer) on the cubes' grooves to reflect its state would be nice.
  •  When you regain time by stepping on the blue platform, it isn't very obvious as the blue bar expands. Perhaps it could flash white for a second?
  • What's the point of being able to regain time if demagnetized cubes retain their configuration upon reset? Doing a full reset would encourage me to move painstakingly commanding my cubes .
  •  The text asked me to aim, but I saw no cursor. I then thought perhaps the red dot on the antennae doubled as a reticule. Finally, I just went and "hugged" the cubes to magnetise them. (Which , tbh , is more cute/fun)
  •  Too much movement in the idle animation. I wondered if the looping jerk-up-look-left animation meant something. I looked to the left, to realize - "Oh. that's just idle"
  •  Some of the walls in the start area have collision. 
  • And please upload a Win/Mac/Linux version. The mouse lags in fullscreen. Unity's WebGL isn't very nice.

I really like this game's concept ^_^.

The glide feels really good. I wish there was more to do with it . . . Keep working on this game! 

Fun little game. The w,a,s,d controls are maligned with the oblique camera though. It takes a while to get used to the way they respond and feel competent at the game.

Interesting concept. I couldn't really see the enemies for the first 2 times I died, I was just wondering how to fight back and know where to shoot.  

I suggest keeping the health reduction speed slow for the first 15 seconds so that people can orient themselves and figure out that the health slider is not a timer, the blue thing is cursor+lifesaver+torch. (which was the interesting part.) 

Start with dimmer light.  Low damage, low pressure environ. Let the player realise - "Oh the HP slider is falling".  And then introduce 2-3 free souls. Honestly, if I wasn't annoyed by the "timer", I would've been very pleasantly surprised by the way the cursor brightens up.

And after introducing the player to the core mechanics for survival, get creative with whatever ideas you manage to implement ^_^

I like the idea of forcing the player to hurry and take risks to earn gems=time. Fits the theme ^_^

 However, the player moves way too fast to land those jumps. 

 Add a drop shadow.

Look to Reverse Crawl on Steam for inspiration :)

 I like the art, but the gameplay is too elementary.

 Also, text needs higher resolution and contrasting colour because it's hard to read. And some balancing is needed, I just passed 10-12 rooms spamming Basic Atk.

I like the railgun :D 

Too easy though. Didn't struggle at all.

Fun controls, had a laugh with my bro.  More control over the angle would be nice, and the fireRate needs to be limited to encourage strategic fireballing. Like a 5 second cooldown or something. The player closer to the fireball can have shorter fireball cooldown to balance gameplay .

Great game!

post-jam version or riot

Controls feel good! Some polish required on the elasticity.

And I really wanted to play all the levels. Couldn't get past level 2 :(

Could you upload a post-jam version soon with a "press L to skip level feature" or something?

The controls just  feel  good !!    I just wish there was no timer and bigger map to just roam around. Reminds me of Mirror's Edge :D

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Hey, nice game! Probably one of the cleverest entries here. A bit finicky, but cool.

Some issues you should know about -

1. The launcher is preset at 320x240  resolution which is stretched to fullscreen. Initially, I thought that's how it was meant to be, but it obviously looks MUCH better at the highest resolution.  Mention this on this page since the game page won't be visited by most people.

Don't let them miss that brilliant art!

2.  Add a note here telling users to read How to Play from the image. I missed it :P

3. There are a bit too many options and not enough slow mo . . . or maybe i'm just bad at your game.

You were so troubled with those obstacles earlier, told you it'd work out! Clever game, nice levels :D

I like the way the spikes force you to change directions!

Nice game!