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Chalking out a path in your head and mixing buttons for it is so neat. Love the wacky art and the player sprite. Was this made with irrlicht? Is the title homage to Octodad <3

Nice pixel art you've got there

It wasn't immediately obvious that the 2 slots on the edges belonged to the characters; maybe use a different colour? And add a hotkey for reset.

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Cute game. I like the clouds; I think similarly rough edges on the boat would've fit in better with your visual theme. Also yes, shooting my own balloon is the first thing I did haha

That soggy cotton roll is supposed to be my precious baby? At least make the lil' critter glow in the dark or something. Took me a good deal of groping about to find him; only to lose her whenever I put them down to outmaneuver your death robo. 

Vaguely reminds me of Death Stranding. Nice camera controls. Some gamma correction won't go amiss.

Hahaha! I bet a lot of people got cold feet after looking at that cover image!

Cheeky "game".

How does the executable randomize where the pop-ups appear?  And you really should mention that the onslaught of those error messages ends if you close the terminal window.

The in-game artwork lives up to the enticing (though clickbait-y) cover image. Include some screenshots and instructions; I'm not sure if I was even interacting with the game -- is that the point?

P.S. Can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077! It's been dragging its feet in development hell since 2013. Hope the release isn't pushed past September. . .

Barring first person shooters, control schemes that demand coordinating 7-8 keypresses at once are bound to go out of control. A neat fit for the theme! More fun with 2 people handling the character and paddles in concert ^_^

Ha! Nice move with's custom nouns. A dating sim where you have little control over how the conversation goes -- gotta admit gives the theme (Out of Control) a very relatable context!

It'll take far, far better writing to justify the self-styled "supreme work of art" category you claim to be in though :p

Feels like an homage to Nadeo's TrackMania ^_^

Collision detection is very, very glitchy. I wish you'd included a sandbox-y playground with sliders for adjusting the handling parameters.

Interesting mechanic. A time varying thrust with slow spells would make the gameplay more fun. Currently, wresting control from the centrifuge is unfairly hard . . .

(Press SPACEBAR people. Developers you need to add a description explaining the controls -- even if it's a single button. )

The game says I died when I failed to nimbly-not-marauder a dozen NPCs? Never felt more alive while playing a retro hack'n'slah. Some polish and design could make this a homegrown lovechild of Hotline Miami and Cyberpunk 2077.

Very reminiscent of "This Way of Life" during its early-access on Steam. Is the text devolving into gibberish a  glitch? I think I missed something there. And I'm curious -- why is there no collision detection around the receptionist when I can bump into ALL the chairs in the lobby?

A pretty (funny!) feature-complete turn-based JRPGesque combat diplomatic-exchange system! Perhaps you should've used fewer pre-existing assets to slim the download. I think you got a little power-drunk with RPGMaker's features (that's okay haha ^_^)

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A slightly more pliable lawn mower would've been the perfect balance between challenging and frustrating ^_^

This could be a fun party game with some more polish, tweaking, and local multiplayer. Imagine a group of people all coordinating to keep the lawn-mower running amok off the flowerbeds! Some of them will coax the beast to the centre and others will scramble for the boundaries haha

There's very little feedback to make the controls feel responsive. You shouldn't let the music smother sfx of in-game elements. There should be a warning telling me not to ruin the flowerbeds.

The aesthetic (and economy!) of the visuals is impressive. Incorporates the theme in FUN gameplay. This is a finished, polished game. I'm pretty sure this'll make it into the top 20.

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This is like a cleverer, polished version of my GMTK 2017 entry! Well done! You could balance the game to let the player last longer and perhaps drop in more firepower to up the ante.

Get 7Zip. Or any other archiving utility software lol

you forgot to upload the data files

You can fall out of the map if you walk into certain corners. I think I didn't quite discover all there is to see in the game. Nice art style, reminds me of A Short Hike.

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This is actually fun! Wish there were more levels and mechanics to complement the neat key idea. Consider putting up an offline version; WebGL load times are unbearable for 3D games.

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This could be a nice touch-typing trainer game. I like it

Arrow keys also scroll the game window a little for me in firefox. Vertigo inducing (but i assume that's the point haha)

I was thinking of doing sth like this but then I thought it wouldn't be fun. You proved me wrong! The "quen"-like shield appearing was satisfying.

wow i didn't know the trong flash project was alive

Pressing space scrolls-down the game-window out of view in firefox. A workaround is to unzoom until the scrollbar disappears. What does Z/X/C do? Neat little platformer btw. I like how the player just falls into the next zone/level instead of being punished ^_^

Love the vibes! The polarisation mechanic isn't very intuitive though. It's as if you're applying random impulses to opposite charges; and the like charge isn't affected at all. It's chaotic alright . . . but some discernible order would make it more fun.

Interesting mechanic -- fertile with potential for fun levels! I'm not sure if I get how input works though. Is the unresponsive jump/throwControl intentional and I missed some contextual cues?

there's an intimacy associated with keying in your thoughts into the console ^_^

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Upload screenshots/description!!! This is a nice game. Don't be lazy with the game page! This could be a winner.

I like how the input isn't case sensitive and let's me ramble in the console. It needs a shortcut option though; typing in full gets repetitive. A kind of "chat-log" for players to share amongst themselves would be nice. I love games like this (and Cthulhu lore is cool!)

Heyy do you have dev logs put up somewhere? Did you use lwjgl?

Auto rougelite huh? Clever! A more complete sword animation would've been nice. And game gets stuck once the action queue runs out.

Nice concept! Instead of displaying a "jump height number" an arrow sprite that scales accordingly would've been more intuitive. Also consider more forgiving level design; I kept dying :P

Not playable. Upload the executable, data, and link libraries together in a zipped folder.

With some sfx and snappier controls this could've been a neat online flash game back when they were in vogue ^_^

Nah (atompac)man, that's just poor collision detection. . .

Nice goo! (:P)

A console-log / text response of the game receiving input woud've been nice.

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Nice visual theme! It's fun if you're not playing it alone. I had some fun with my brother. I think the slower pace of the characters' movements nicely complements the teleport ^_^

btw, Upload a Win/Mac/Linux version too.  And the game doesn't embed properly so it has to be played in fullscreen.

Difficult. Lots of potential though. And  good music. 

I suggest you slow down the enemy chasers,  display the colour code a bit slowly, and make the dash sound sequence more predictable. Or maybe keep the same colour code for one level, let the player discover it through multiple deaths, and eventually figure it out. Basically, the game needs to be more forgiving ^_^

Nice idea - the thing that gives you a rest from all that speed also flings you back into action!

Some criticism - I don't mind being too fast. but the bullets seemed static.  And if you sit in a corner without moving the mouse, the walls don't damage you at all.