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A jam entry

You're Too Fast!View game page »

Submitted by Head Merchant with 3 minutes, 20 seconds before the deadline

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Each mechanic reinforces another:
Braking reloads ammo + charges a speed boost + slows vehicle
Shooting keeps the ship's current momentum with free turning
Reversing restores health
Crashing damages the player

Third-party resources
Unity Personal Edition
Pyxel Edit
Autodesk Graphic

HeadMerchant (Amani Green)

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Nice idea - the thing that gives you a rest from all that speed also flings you back into action!

Some criticism - I don't mind being too fast. but the bullets seemed static.  And if you sit in a corner without moving the mouse, the walls don't damage you at all.

I had a some difficulty using the break. I click several time to slow down efficiently and eventually get to a full stop, after which the break either don't do anything, either throw me at full speed on a wall!

Bullets seemed also a bit too fast, and hard to read.

Nevertheless, the concept is well thought. The mechanics are simple enough to be understood, yet offer a rich dynamic. With a bit of tweaking, it could give a great fast-paced shooter. Nice job!


Thanks for the input! The brakes will fling you if you hold them for more than a second (similar to braking in Mario Kart).