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A jam entry

KEYGEONView game page »

Submitted by Omrii (@omrii_) with 31 minutes, 38 seconds before the deadline

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The keyboard is both the game level as well as the controls.

Third-party resources

everything: omrii

testing: keeps, DocHiggs, ALLCAPSON, mrdeuter
other: Sinoc229, comfymode, ConMX, darkrei2

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gr8 game love the desighn and mechanics along with everyone else here this is great honestly get it on steam and make people pay a dollaar for it even at this stage its worth that much

i mean you could do local multiplayer you know have a friend make the track and you play it 


Interesting concept but would be great with some actual levels, for now it feels more like a cool toy, super innovative stuff!

Super awesome concept. You should make this a multiplayer game, where one person designs the dungeon and the other has to beat it. Really cool visuals as well. Well done!


Thank you! I might have a Super Mario Maker type-deal one day.

Norton Security says it's a Trojan virus, which is disappointing because it looks good!

"The keyboard is both the game level as well as the controls.". Now THAT is an unexpected execution of the theme. Man, this is a really good game, a great game that I didn't spend much time on because creating levels for me to play isn't fun. This with multiplayer sessions of level creation + playing or simply level sharing would be cool :)


Thank you! I thought that a simple way of sharing levels would have the game output a string of 61 characters and send that to friends but it was low on the priority list lol. I might flesh it out one day and add like a global list of levels or something.

Good concept, good execution. There's not a lot of mechanics but what you do you do well.


Thank you!

I wanted to add a horizontal and vertical wall and a moving tile, and make it such that when you hold a key then it spins it around in 90 degrees to give more options but I was pressed for time, haha. If I'll come back to working on the mechanics then I'll definitely add those.


If you wanted to this game definitely has enough potential to be great if you fleshed it out into a full release.