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I've been slowly working on this every single day for the past 4 years but I've been busy with real life stuff.
As of right now Online Multiplayer is mostly finished and I've added many new maps and mechanics.
I'll update when it's ready. Thank you for your patience '_')b

happy u like it :)


Hello! The key is not meant to do anything lol. It's the place the player is meant to go in order to win!

I might add new keyboards in the future but not right now. Sorry!

Wait for me to release the game ;-)

this is cool '_')b


Thank you! (And your English is fine! ^_^)b )

Thank you!!

Thank you!!

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That's strange... Maybe itchio's servers are down or something. It could possibly be an anti-virus program stopping it as well.

Try again later?

Thank you! I might have a Super Mario Maker type-deal one day.

Thank you! I thought that a simple way of sharing levels would have the game output a string of 61 characters and send that to friends but it was low on the priority list lol. I might flesh it out one day and add like a global list of levels or something.

Thank you!

I wanted to add a horizontal and vertical wall and a moving tile, and make it such that when you hold a key then it spins it around in 90 degrees to give more options but I was pressed for time, haha. If I'll come back to working on the mechanics then I'll definitely add those.

!! :D

Level design is Wonderful and clever. I think the platforming could be a little bit more fine-tuned but that's only downside.

Control are a little bit hard to master. I couldn't figure out how to turn left and right while I was on the broom and gaining height felt a little slow at times. Regardless, this game is great. Definitely of my favorites from this demoday. I had this cool part where I forgot the broom spell after I teleported to the sphere of death and as I fell off the island I summoned my broom and managed to fly up high. You got something good going here! Keep it up :D

That's interesting. I wonder why that is...

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!
I'll look into it.

Can you be specific? I'm guessing that you're referring to the pixels not scaling properly...? Also what about Win10 specifically?  Because I'm also running Win10!

OK! Should work now. Only thing you have to do is move it from your "Downloads" directory to your Desktop directory (If you don't you'll get a "Unable to find game!!" error. I'm not sure why this bizarre bug is happening but I'm working on it. Thank you for your patience!

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I finally had some time to fix that bug. Apparently Mac builds only play nice in GM:S versions 1.99.5xx+. They actually create the project in Xcode this time! I tested it a few times so hopefully nothing terrible happens lol. If you're still interested in playing and find any bug please let me know and I'll start fixing ASAP! Thank you for being patient!! ^_^)b

EDIT: Scratch that. Something's still wrong. Give me a few and I'll try to fix it real quick.

The game will only start when two players fall down/ready up!

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I've played for a few good hours and the game hasn't froze on me once...

Did you do anything specific?

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The build I uploaded wasn't working for whatever reason. GM:S has this odd bug where if you don't compile with a certification then the game crashes when you run it. I've been looking for a solution all day and hopefully I'll get it up soon! If I can get around compiling with no certification then I'll shill out the 100 bucks for Apple's dumb program thing.


Cute little simple game. I had some frame drops but it's possible because I'm running it on Firefox. Shooting can be improved but the overall idea and execution is neat for what it is.