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Thank you for making this. It made me feel a little better about everything :)

This might just be my favorite thing right now. This is really nice to read through and has really fun characters. Thank you so much for this.

I love the game! Just one exploit I would like to point out, if you are using the military leader and you use rally in combination with his active ability, you can get absurdly powerful units, I had units in the 90s on health and 30s on damage by the time the wave 15 demo end killed me.

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Thanks for the great game! It inspired me to make a D&D campaign, I hope you don't mind me stealing your plot!

Sequel please? if you aren't too busy spending all the money!

She loves the cake!

In other news, the way you decide who is on the team is by putting a poll on this forum post!

I LOVE THIS GAME but there should be a tutorial because I beat level 1 then level 2 then I finally put a path on water and I said OOHHHHH MYYYY GOOOSSSHHHH

gr8 game love the desighn and mechanics along with everyone else here this is great honestly get it on steam and make people pay a dollaar for it even at this stage its worth that much

i mean you could do local multiplayer you know have a friend make the track and you play it