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Muito obrigado pelo comentário, Puato! Sim... por conta de uns imprevistos a arte não foi finalizada e também não tive muito tempo pra polir e balancear o game.

Você acertou em cheio! Os blocos amarelos são pássaros

Esse bug aí foi corrigido já após a jam :). De qqr forma, obrigado por reportar


Oi Fred. Joga a versão do game jolt: Não sei em que fase você parou de jogar, mas dei uma boa atualizada na última fase para ficar mais fácil

Hey, thanks for playing! Glad you got to finish the game :)

Too late to rate it :(. I liked this game. Walking and jumping felt really good and precise. As Eric said down there, increasing the range of the attacks would definitely be a good thing, I kept hitting enemies when trying to attack them. The enemies felt a bit unfair though, I wished they couldn't shoot upwards when I'm trying to jump on them. Really liked the visuals as well!

Hey nax, thanks! I'm really glad you liked it! When you say levels, you mean like leveling up or like stages?

Hey, thanks! Yeah the dash mechanic can be a bit hard to grasp, when we were developing with the idea on our heads we didn't realize how weird dealing damage was (dashing through enemies, not to hit them). This game could definitely use a tutorial so people know right away what to do

Yeah... the walking speed is definitely being a matter of discussion. Walking slowly is great for aiming your dash precisely, but bad por walking past enemies and moving overall. Walking fast would be the opposite, and we also didn't want to allow people to avoid the rock's crush attack without dashing.

I'm glad you liked the concept and the core mechanic :D. It's a bit different than usual to land hits, you have to dash through the enemy (start on one side, hit him, finish your dash on the other side). 

Great game. Plays great and sounds great. When I realized that my color changed when I dashed it all became really clear and much more fun, for me it was much easier to memorize my colors and reproduce the bases sounds based on the colors, really cool that you gave us these two options. I think you could have balanced the levels a bit more. Level 0 is hard when you're just starting but becomes easy quickly. Level 1 really doesn't add much difficult to level 0, but then we have level 2 (the level that made me stop playing :P). That level feels impossible! Not only there's one more base now but they even spawn much more enemies! If the items started spawning faster I could have a chance, in the way it is it's just too hard to destroy enemies and concentrate on memorizing the notes for the bases. Buuuut that's only my opinion, and that downside for me doesn't ruin the game, it was still really fun to play. Great job!

Very nice game, I really liked the shooting and pulling mechanic. It's really fun when the hordes get insanely huge. It's kind of a relief knowing that death is inevitable, it allows players to relax while they're alive :P

I've read down there that this is your first game, congratulations for that, you have a brilliant future if you keep going at this. 

A tip for your next jam is to avoid creating a installer for your game, it's slower than unzipping and much slower than playing on the web, and most people rating games on game jams prioritize games that are faster to start.

Hey, thanks, glad you liked it. Attacking in this game is definitely unusual, you have to dash through your enemies OR hit them in the middle with the end of your dash. If you finish your dash overlapping the enemy without having killed it, you'll be damaged. And also, attacking the rock enemy while it's completely red will always damage you (unless you're glowing white) :)

thanks, I'm glad you liked it, hopefully you had a good time :)

Really well done, looks great, plays great. As a lot of people are saying I too really felt like the difficult increased too quickly, and that's about the only complaint I have 

"The keyboard is both the game level as well as the controls.". Now THAT is an unexpected execution of the theme. Man, this is a really good game, a great game that I didn't spend much time on because creating levels for me to play isn't fun. This with multiplayer sessions of level creation + playing or simply level sharing would be cool :)

Good job, the tongue bugged sometimes for me but I was able to finish the game and have some fun. I see you used Construct, I used it too ^^

I liked it, could have more stages or maybe be more difficult to extend playtime, but it was a really nice short experience. Good job doing it all by yourself in such a short period :)

Thanks Greg! When you're not dashing you can choose to either crouch or walk. Crouching is definitely really useful for dodging most attacks and it's definitely much safer to crouch instead of walk. But walking has its uses too, like, walking towards a health pickup to crouch over it and walking to align yourself with a closeby enemy to dash without taking damage or hitting the weak spot. I'm really glad you enjoyed our game, I'm gonna check yours soon!

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Dapper Crane Studio

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DevHood Quest is a game development simulator in which you have to make a game in 14 days on a team of 3 developers. Each developer has their own progress bar which determines how far they are from finishing their part for the game, as well as two other bars for their health and satisfaction needs, which can be increased by eating healthy food or playing videogames. Your objective is to fill all three progress bars while caring for the characters health and fun needs.

BTW Jam community · Created a new topic Team member limit?

Hello! I'll be participating on this jam online through

Quick question: Is there a limit for the amount of members in a team?


Thank you! The game was made in Construct 2 :D