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Game Maker. It was for the Paint Jam. :) It's my bread and butter.

Haha oh wow. That's awesome :)

It's kind of strange how I didn't get any notifications. I'm really interested in the result of this jam. I'm definitely joining again next year if it happens :D

Thanks so much for hosting this jam. I'm really happy with my result. I haven't gotten any notifications concerning ratings yet, so I don't know if you can actually see the ratings on your game before the vote ends or if just nobody rated it yet. Either way, it's the journey that counts. Really cool concept, hope you make this an annual thing. :)

thanks :)

it's just a little something I made, no jam :)

I just released my entry. Here's a screenshot:

It's called tomochesti. It's a tomodachi kind of game where you have to train and grow a treasure chest in order to get cool items. I think I really nailed it with the doodle-ish art style. I wish I'd give myself more time to work on sound though. I just mashed something toghether in FL studio real quick. But I like how it turned out. Show me your treasurary if you decide to check it out. :p

This is really fun. I feel like I'm much more able to make something because I'm just a lot less hung up around graphics. I feel like can really push some boundaries. It's also a really nice challenge to try and work around the fact that transparency isn't really an option (I know we can use other programs for this, but I'm going full paint on this one.) I'm through most of what I wanted to do so I'm just going to work on sound and polish tomorrow. I have no clue how I'm going to do sound yet, but the voice sounds option sounds intriguing.

How are all of you holding up?

Can't wait to start :)

This is really cool. Amazing work for just 7 days time. I am truly impressed.

Ah! You're never alone with an idea! I'm really glad you liked this one, I spent a lot of time on the graphics. It was nice to do something with a narrative for once.

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it :)

This is really impressive given the time! I really liked it, my high score was 9 :)

The game doesn't work for me, all I get is a black screen? :0

This is pretty cool. I love how absolutely ridiculous the controls are.

I don't know if that would fit with the theme of the jam, but maybe a post-jam update wouldn't be a bad idea. Thanks for the response :)

I'm glad you liked it :) I went all out on graphics so it's good to hear you appreciate them!

Thanks :) It was really fun to try and make a sidescroller with Bitsy. I'm glad you liked my workarounds haha

This was awesome. I loved the style of it. Didn't make much sense, but it was great. :) Keep it up!

This is ridiculous, I love it. Nice color palette too!

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I'm back again with another game! I tried going all out in terms of graphics this time! Add it please and tell me what you think. :)

That's really interesting. It's definitely true that the more games you make, the better you get at it. I'm looking to try game-a-week as soon as I'm finished on my current project, because I'll definitely learn from it a lot, I think. For now, I'm just going to participate in this jam. It's less demanding but at least I'm still doing something with code. My current project is mostly art now.

Thanks! :)

Oh, well then I got my submission done early haha :) Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely continue joining this game jam. It's fun!

Haha, thanks for the feedback dude :p

Good to know it wans't just me :) Looking forward to the updates. Thanks for the quick feedback as always!

Created a new topic New here, got a question

Is the idea that you make 1 game, each day of the week in only one hour? Or is it 1 game a week in one hour?

Thanks :) I'm glad you liked it.

Don't be sorry. It's actually the nicest compliment :)

Nice game! Strangely reminds me of my bitsy game. Though your graphics are way better.

Oh, I have a bit more feedback.

- sometimes when I fill a room where every tile has something in it, the room will eventually crash and become unusable and overall the entire engine will start acting weird where the room is half rendered and the number of the rooms get messed up.

- It would be cool if we could pick up sprites and give it to other sprites and make dialogue or rooms change.

Awesome! Thanks for listening :)

I saw your talk at Screenshake last weekend. Awesome work!

How do you fullscreen this game?

Thanks for being inspired <3, I liked your game, your lake is definitely way better looking than mine. You should change the view window in your game settings in itch.io to be a bit bigger though because the game cuts off a bit at the bottom!

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Alright, sweet! Definitely keep up the good work, can't wait to play it when it get's released. :)

Yes!! That would be awesome! I was definitely thinking of that when making my game, so you should definitely consider it. On the topic, my only wishes for this game is an option to make so you can't walk of the screen and a way to make a certain tile a wall in all rooms.

Awesome stuff, make more!

This was awesome. I loved how you incorporated some kind of interactivity. Good stuff <3

Thanks :^) I love pastel kinda colours and it was nice to be able to change the colour palette. Definitely one of bitsy's best features so far!

Awesome work so far, as a big fan of Skelemania it was quite jarring to see this entire new style, but I actually think it works quite well. (Please add a secret room with the original textures as an easter egg in the final game! :p)

Anyways, a few notes so far:

  • For some reason, when I kick an enemy out of the screen it just instantly respawns to where it last was.
  • The controls were really nice imo
  • The abilities felt a bit OP, (or where given too soon, although this was probably for demo reasons...) to a point where enemies didn't really feel like a threat anymore.
  • I wasn't able to die? My health depleted to zero and then I just could keep going. This is obviously a bug but I guess I should point it out incase you overlooked it or something...
I'm REALLY hyped for how it's going to turn out, so good luck!