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real poetry

sequel is on the way!! will be part of DreadXCollection 3 :)

This is really, really cool! I loved that you even referenced NPO on the page :D It's really cool seeing someone genuinely take a spin on your work and executing it so well. Keep up the good work <3

I really really loved this. It really reminded me of the type of light installations you would see in galleries. Especially with the way some of the rooms are laid out where you need to walk through a bit of darkness, to then take a corner and be greeted with the installation. Really impressive work. My only gripe is there were some areas with broken light baking, and I thought the controls were very floaty which kind of took me away from the experience a bit. However, as a lover of museum spaces, this is right up my alley <3

Thank you!!

Oh lol don't mind that, you're totally free to post this on youtube! Thanks for playing!

try the download version, unity webgl sucks a bit sorry!

thank you so much, that means a lot ♥♥♥♥

glad I could haunt your dreams 👻

Haha wow, how did you do that?

Thank you!!! 😭

Thank you!!

Absolutely no worries, please don't feel the need like you have to! Thank you for playing :)

It does?? Do you mean the zip file?

yeahh it's a common issue, it's a false positive. You can try the ZIP version in the downloads, maybe that works better :)

Thank you so much for making such kind comments to my games!! <3

UPDATE: I put up a zip version of the game. The .exe version is triggering some people's antivirus. It is a false positive but if you're having trouble excluding it from your antivirus, you might have more luck with the zip version :)

hey, yeah seems like a common thing happening with some people. It's a false positive, something to do with the exe being actually a self-extracting zip. You should be able to unmark it in your antivirus to run it.

Thank you so much <3 I hope I get to make a full version one day. With no less than 300 microgames of course 😤

Thank you!

beautiful <3

Really cool stuff. My only gripe is that it's a bit slow to play. Would be nice if the animations were slightly faster. Love the art though and how it blends in with the itch page. Très chique B-)


So good!! I had loads of fun with this. Def one of your best games so far, but let's be real they're all golden <3

Hot Tip: open this in a new tab to complete the experience

Haha thank you! :v)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)

Damn, that's impressive.

Incredible as always, Modus! Never gotten past the part with the shadowy creature.. but I still loved failing and trying again a dozen times :)

Thank you!! I avoid using jump scares as much as possible so it's nice to see it's appreciated :)

Hey! Thanks for checking it out :) That level is pretty tricky but you were on the right track. You can jump on the ceiling of the level in that stage, one of the ceilings is lower than usual!

Thank you! I promise if I ever make a commercial game again I wont make it this hellish to beat :v)

Thank you :)

Thank you so much!!

Hey, this is expected behaviour after playing the game once. Just enter the konami code to reset your progress. (up up down down left right left right b a

This is incredible, thanks so much for organising! You're free to include my game Mobius to the pack as well :)


Hey! yeah the game has a serious memory leak unfortunately. I hope I one day get around to fixing it! Sorry for spooking ya but your computer is definitely not infected :v)

The QR code mystery has been solved by now so I can explain it a bit. It's part of a "bigger mystery" that ties into other games submitted in the jam. So it isn't directly related to this game. You didn't hear that from me! ;)

As if by an act of god this has somehow been taken off the play store. Believe me, that's a good thing :)


you've passed the trial. welcome to the cult, shane