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I love it! I never thought I would see a game about that specific feeling where you've been preparing for something and when you finally do it you feel like you don't know shit

amazing game <3

Haha this was really sweet. The beginning part was a bit unforgiving and I would have liked to see what all the other upgrades were. But the art is very pretty and the jokes were pretty cheesy (in a good way) :v)

I'm gonna need a copy of that chip-tune Girl From Ipanema song though!

Haha I love the custom track!

Super fun little game, thanks for keeping it short! I would've loved to see you explore the mechanic more, but it's pretty robust either way!

Total Time: 139.61

I am absolutely in love with this art. Fantastic work!!

Thank you!

This is incredible! I love how much depth there is to this mechanic and just how great it all feels! I like that you can get a bit more jump by shooting a bubble mid-air. Such a good attention to detail that honestly impresses me :O Congrats!!

Such a relaxing and cute little game ✨

Hey, I pushed an update for the game today and all of that should be fixed now. I wanted to get an update out earlier but the jam voting period kept me from uploading it :v)

Thanks!! Glad you had fun :D

Will post a fix once the rating period for the jam is over, thanks for playing!

Thank you! I'm glad you thought the idea is neat, I'm working on some more stuff for this game so stay tuned if you're hungry for more. :)

I'm just gonna put a general reply here to the ball clipping and camera issue. A simple mistake on my part and it's really just one value change. So please be gentle with the ball :) I've prepared an update which I'll upload after the voting period, thanks for understanding! <3 Also, thank you for the kind words everyone!

True, I would have liked to combine the two mechanics at the end to make a conclusion out of it but ran out of time. Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely check out your game as well :)

Thank you for the thoughtful comment! I might expand on it, as I really want to explore the mechanic further. So keep an eye out for something in the future, maybe! :)

Played some of you guys' games, awesome stuff!
Here's mine. I tried to do something minimal because I started way too late on this haha.

You can play it here, in browser - takes roughly 5 minutes. :)
Be sure to rate and let me know your thoughts on it!

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah I need to tweak that a bit :-) thanks!

I have never made it two clicks into any Twine game, but I finished this one. 

It's that good.

Thank you so much for playing, the video and the kind words! I really appreciate it :)

Thanks for playing! Great video :D

I like how it kept zooming in, very tense!

Thanks! The shader code for it was made by Swanijam so I have to give him some credit :D

Thank you!! :D

Thank you!

Awe thank you so much! Glad you liked it :)

Hey thanks for checking it out! I worked on it for about 2 weeks on and off. I'll consider signing up, thanks

Browser version is a black screen for me, can you upload a downloadable version?

Damn those are some really cool ideas! Jotting these down, thanks! I might do a sequel/full game in the future, thanks for playing! :)

That might happen because of the WebGL not playing nice with my shaders in some browsers. The downloadable version should work for you in that case!

How do you mean? If you mean that the mouse get's stuck when moving away from colored objects, that's the point of the game :)

Hey thanks for sticking around and giving it a play!! :)

Thank you so much! <33

Finally, one whole year of game-a-month has passed with the release of "Don't Look Away From The Colors".
I can't believe it's been a year! Making these 12 games the last 12 months has been one hell of a ride and I'm excited to keep doing it.

I wanted my 12th game to be something special, so I made a game I've been wanting to make for a long time. The idea came to me when I was on the train looking out at all the little houses passing by. I started playing a game where I would try to look at the houses and avoid looking at the sky. This game is basically that but in game-form. It's one of my more abstract games (and maybe a bit too difficult), but I hope you all like it!

You can play it here!

So excited for this, the first chapter was screaming for a full game! :D

lol congrats on pushing through!! And thank you :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :D

Awesome! Looking forward to it :D

Awesome, I'm glad it helps! Excited to see it with changes :D

Aha, I'm glad you asked! It's actually a winrar auto-extractor. It extracts the game files to a hidden folder and launches the exe on completion. I don't like how unity games are always in zip files so that's why I used this. I change the icon of the auto-extractor to that of my game so it looks like the game is an exe when actually it's not. ;) 

Here's a blog post on how to do this yourself:

There's not enough feedback to the player, which made the bullets and shooting in general feel very weak. I think making the bullets larger, faster and adding some kind of knockback or muzzle flash would've done a lot of service to the feel of the gun. The ghost feels like a heavyweight, kind of like I'm dragging a boulder through an ocean, if that makes sense? I think the ghost has too much inertia and gravity has too much effect on him. I'd also angle the camera to point in the direction of where I'm aiming. Now it's too focused on the player and feels very rigid. I hope this helps?