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I saw your talk at Screenshake last weekend. Awesome work!

How do you fullscreen this game?

Thanks for being inspired <3, I liked your game, your lake is definitely way better looking than mine. You should change the view window in your game settings in itch.io to be a bit bigger though because the game cuts off a bit at the bottom!

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Alright, sweet! Definitely keep up the good work, can't wait to play it when it get's released. :)

Yes!! That would be awesome! I was definitely thinking of that when making my game, so you should definitely consider it. On the topic, my only wishes for this game is an option to make so you can't walk of the screen and a way to make a certain tile a wall in all rooms.

Awesome stuff, make more!

This was awesome. I loved how you incorporated some kind of interactivity. Good stuff <3

Thanks :^) I love pastel kinda colours and it was nice to be able to change the colour palette. Definitely one of bitsy's best features so far!

Awesome work so far, as a big fan of Skelemania it was quite jarring to see this entire new style, but I actually think it works quite well. (Please add a secret room with the original textures as an easter egg in the final game! :p)

Anyways, a few notes so far:

  • For some reason, when I kick an enemy out of the screen it just instantly respawns to where it last was.
  • The controls were really nice imo
  • The abilities felt a bit OP, (or where given too soon, although this was probably for demo reasons...) to a point where enemies didn't really feel like a threat anymore.
  • I wasn't able to die? My health depleted to zero and then I just could keep going. This is obviously a bug but I guess I should point it out incase you overlooked it or something...
I'm REALLY hyped for how it's going to turn out, so good luck!

add my game tooo!


Use the numbered block to get yourself up. Stand on it and jump while clicking on the box.

Will do! It's in its very early stages, but once I feel it is playable I'll be sure to send it to you!

'Tis a pleasure, as a matter of fact, I'm learning some Gamemaker and for my first game thingy I'm going to do it in a similar art style, a homage you could call it..

Created a new topic EXE?

Can we get an EXE of this? I want to be able to have fun with this whenever my internet cuts out!

Holy macaroni! Awesome game! I loved the plot twist in The Lab, that ending had me in tears! It took a long time to beat but I'm glad I did! Keep up the amazing work!