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hey! that's a really good point, we have to keep the launcher active so that it can listen for when the player is done with the game. but i didn't think about the impact it had! thanks very much for the feedback :)

i got stuck in winter... this is a deep reflection on my general sentiment on the season. great game but maybe i'm too soft for this kitten experience

not an issue, an old save file is probably still on your PC. try pressing up up down down left right left right b a enter on the server screen.

proof that my version is better than the real thing

use lowercase L :)

haha omg no way, say hello to little mobius for me!!

it's a similar format, but there's no overarching storyline or anything so you can go into this one without having played CHAIN :)

try the download version! it should be more stable :)

it does between games!!

Ah, thank you that's very kind!! I'll think on it :)

It's not yet released!

I've been thinking, if I ever have the time to come back to this project, I would add a "text mode". Less typewriter-y, but more text editor. Could be nice in-case you want to use it for vibes. Especially for writing little novels it would be cute! Thanks for the kind review :)

well put colter!!!

A project of this scale with this many people that is monetised is insane, and borderline not feasible...

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i know what you're saying, and you're not wrong with the points you make but; to make a project like this feasible, let alone *fun* to make, you need to give individual devs some liberty. i tried my best to strain away from too much direction and let things develop naturally, a lot of people in the wyoming branch did focus on doing more narrative stuff, but I think that's the magic of a project / experiment like this. as the organiser for the project, every small bit of constraint you add makes for a lot more opportunities where things can fall apart. this was already a lot of work, i can't imagine the amount of work it would be to also *direct* every single game.

what i'm saying is, it's already a miracle this even worked out as flawlessly as it did. managing more than 50 devs to make a thing like this happen is hard!! quite simply, the project you are describing is not possible as a free collaboration, that would be a full-time job for multiple people, would not be as fun to make for the devs, and would most certainly not be free :-)

does it show an error?

yes it's really annoying, i will ask the developer to get it fixed. normally you can just ignore the steamvr popup and open the game window from the taskbar

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hey! i will be pushing an update soon with the missing tvs

thank you so much :)) i'm glad you got to experience a rollercoaster (car-coaster?) of emotions!

yess great to hear! thank you for checking!!

Hey there, there's been some reports of this. I'm trying to work on a fix, but it's hard to get to the root of the issue as it only happens to a couple of people.

Pressing the Play button doesn't do anything?

What happens when it tries to launch?

after the game closes you should get the option, do you just see the launcher main menu again with nothing happening?

oh no, that's really bad. at what point does it crash exactly? can you give me your system specs as well?

The most recent version should allow you to progress past the game after launching it once without having to finish it. there's been some reports that game is unstable.

can you clarify what you mean? i pushed an update just now can you confirm that the issue is still present in version 1.1

fixed it! please download again now :)

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howdy! pushed an update, you can call it a "day one patch", if you will ;) should work now!!

Thank you so much!! I'm really glad you appreciate those little details :)

the font is JMH typewriter

the game doesn't have a virus! here's my scan results with malwarebytes. I'm sorry to hear you got a virus, but it's not from this game.

wow... i should add a steam deck verified sticker on the page

Thank you so much! Glad you like them :)

hey! i'm really sorry for the trouble with the linux version. full disclosure; the linux version was never tested and not recommended. it was actually part of the arg, because the linux version contains a file that the windows one doesn't have. it's by no means actually the intended version to play and linux isn't actually officially a supported platform... my apologies for all the frustration, i should've put out a warning.

i am obsessed, please include a download version :)) (also the game is locked to 60fps or is it just me?)


it's a false positive, the game is safe :)

thank you so much!!! i'm really glad u liked it :)) wish you can one day realise your dream of making games about your dreams one day

i made them myself!