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Thank you! I might, actually. I'm glad you like it!

Pretty sweet for a first game! :)

Thank you, I might do something more with this now that I've got the template...

Perhaps I might! Glad you liked it :)

Wow, I'm flattered! Thank you!


Whoah! That's amazing :D Thank you so much for including my game. I'm truly honoured! 

Really cool little project! :)

I see you released it! So excited to try it out. Just bought it :)

No worries, I understand. I look forward to playing it whenever you release it then. :) Thanks for the reply!

I'm sorry if this is a bit stupid. But I can't find a download for this game anywhere, although the status says released and the Steam release date was the 9th of September. I'm really intrigued to play this!

Am I missing something or has this game been un-released or something?

!! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate you taking the time to play these games and letting the creators know! :)

Thanks a lot! The idea I went for was that, since you could select your own difficulty, people could just opt for only three heads and I thought that was as easy as I'd go. So perhaps I'm a bit too harsh on feeling what is considered generally easy. Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep difficulty in mind in my future games. :)

Replied to rubr in Parallels comments

It definitely started to get hard once you introduced the toggle-able platforms. But generally it was very much kaizo/ pixel-perfect/ perfectly-timed jumps throughout.

Christ, this is difficult. I did enjoy the game tough, neat little concept :)

Thank you so much!! :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Great that you're doing this on itch too now! :) I didn't even know you did these until now!
Good to hear that you're nearing completion gameplay-wise. Looking forward to the rest!

Good work as always :)

Holy heck. This game is good. I can't believe you did this in jam time. Super interesting aesthetic and very unique but also really fun.


  • Good combat system with a good amount of depth.
  • Amazing visuals, unlike any I've seen before.
  • Super detailed and fledged out inventory system and more, very impressed.
  • A nice saving system and lots to see.
  • There was a decent bit of grinding at the start, which is excusable as a time to learn. So not really a con.

Good game. Felt kind of frustrating at times, but it was all part of the charm in my book!


  • Nice sound effects
  • Good controls and very decent platforming
  • Sweet graphics
  • Moving platform had a glitch that you could get stuck on the side.
  • It might've been better if the controls we're less frame-perfect.
Score: 8/10

Awesome! Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it!

Whoah, thanks for the review :) Speaking of the sound, I learned something new in this is jam. I normally use real-life sound design and ambient noises during my animation classes. And I tried applying those skills in this game and the result is actually really interesting. So I'm kinda glad you noticed! I definitely agree on how the text is a bit small but you can fullscreen the game which makes it a hell of a lot better. Thanks :)

Thanks for trying it out! You're right, you have to check whether it's the correct info according to the start screen. I didn't want to make it able so you could check because that would've been too easy in my opinion.

I didn't see it through to the end, but it's a nice game! Although a bit boring at times; the pacing could've been a bit different. Good work :)

Thanks for all your feedback. I'm really glad my art style is appreciated, as well as the rest of the game. :) Thanks for playing! I will note to continue making games in a similar style.

Sweet game. I really liked it :)

This is amazing. Really good stuff for the short time. Your content never fails to amaze me.

Created a new topic Appreciation post.

HAPPY ZONE is a good game. Go play it.

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Awesome :) Second place yeah!

Thank you. :)

Created a new topic Is the theme Growth?

It's in the thumbnail.

Haha, sweet loot :) Yeah sure, send me an email and I'll give you my discord. (adam.pype@gmail.com)

Check your mail, I sent you a first build! :)

Sweet :) I'll send you a build as soon as I got the main mechanics of the game programmed and we can discuss sound. Expect an email sometime soon, at least before friday. Depends on how busy l'll be this week.

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Hey, I'm already in development, but I could really do with some music (and perhaps sounds). I would be interested in some calm ambient music, if you're down for it. Contact me anytime before the day of the deadline if you're interested. :)

Nice write-up :) I'm currently still brain-storming on what to develop, but this really inspired me!

Game Maker. It was for the Paint Jam. :) It's my bread and butter.

Haha oh wow. That's awesome :)

It's kind of strange how I didn't get any notifications. I'm really interested in the result of this jam. I'm definitely joining again next year if it happens :D