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lol congrats on pushing through!! And thank you :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :D

Awesome! Looking forward to it :D

Awesome, I'm glad it helps! Excited to see it with changes :D

Aha, I'm glad you asked! It's actually a winrar auto-extractor. It extracts the game files to a hidden folder and launches the exe on completion. I don't like how unity games are always in zip files so that's why I used this. I change the icon of the auto-extractor to that of my game so it looks like the game is an exe when actually it's not. ;) 

Here's a blog post on how to do this yourself:

There's not enough feedback to the player, which made the bullets and shooting in general feel very weak. I think making the bullets larger, faster and adding some kind of knockback or muzzle flash would've done a lot of service to the feel of the gun. The ghost feels like a heavyweight, kind of like I'm dragging a boulder through an ocean, if that makes sense? I think the ghost has too much inertia and gravity has too much effect on him. I'd also angle the camera to point in the direction of where I'm aiming. Now it's too focused on the player and feels very rigid. I hope this helps?

I made this in unity, yeah.

I think the controls we're a bit too complex without instruction. Some kind of visual indicator, or just simpler controls would have been great. I love, love, love the atmosphere of this game though. Very moody :)

The art was really great on this one! Loved the environment and the UI art. Controls felt a bit sluggish though. Good job!

This game is really bizarre haha. Why is it in a room with an L shaped border? What do the sun and moons mean? The idea itself isn't all too bad though.

A bit too difficult, but really cute game! The sounds were really nice as well, although the bit crunch was a bit too much sometimes. Nice!

I thought the voiceover was such a nice touch. Not a lot of people do that, and I think it's really neat! The game itself has one big flaw though, I can just press left and right repeatedly without any penalty.

I loved the theme of this one and the take on the Spirits theme! Controls we're really uncontrollable though, so that needs a lot more tweaking. Sometimes it wouldn't register a jump either, my guess is you might be checking for an input in FixedUpdate? Nice game, though!

Very pretty game, but lacks in feedback to the player. There were also some bugs which caused my jump height to vary drastically, sometimes launching me way up right into an axe. Some more checkpoints would've been nice too. Sound is pretty good too! But lacks a jumping or movement sound which was kind of jarring.

Platforming controls were pretty tight which is good! Good job :)

Really sweet stuff! Polish is excellent, art is cute and hopping on the ghosts was hella satisfying. Would love to see more content and some kind of goal, though.

Thank you :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it that much :) I will definitely make more, and thanks for the suggestions!

I don't have a mac to test on + this heavily relies on Windows features. I'd really love to add Mac support but I wouldn't count on it, sorry! Thank you for your interest though :)

Omg of course!  Why didn't I think of that lol. Thanks for the tip! :)

Oh my god this is amazing! Thanks for sharing :D It's using a bunch of windows api calls. I made it in unity! Look up "unity transparent window" and you'll find a thread with more info :)

Sorry to hear that, this was made very much with 1080p in mind.

Thank you! Typing isn't possible because of the way the focusing works I'm afraid. You can always use escape to type stuff and click on the car again to use it again :) I'll look into a nitro or something for long distances! Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much! I have some ideas on what to add to this as well. Thanks for the feedback :D I might publish an update in the future who knows!

Thanks you so much!! The encouragement really helps 💪 :D

I love this, it's so contained and elegant. Difficult in a good way

Man I love this game. It hurts my eyes in all the best ways

Wow thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

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Wow!! So good! I loved this game from start to.. well I didn't find the end. But I enjoyed it none-the-less! I feel super inspired after playing this, there should be more games like this so please make them thank you :)

This game has so much to offer. I love that you did this write-up!

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Hey everyone!

So I've been making games for a while now, and most recently been taking on the one-game-a-month challenge. I've really been enjoying the past 8 months creating all sorts of games and becoming a better developer! Now, for my 9th game, I'm doing something different.

After careful consideration I've decided to release my very first commercial game! This is new territory for me and I can't wait to see what becomes of it. I made a demo as well that you can play in-browser so everyone can still try it out. :) I think it's my best work yet, so let me know what you think!
You can grab it here!


Mobius is a puzzle-platformer that's played entirely on a Mobius strip. Collect coins and solve puzzles while trying to wrap your head around the warped nature of the game. Shrink the mobius, twist the mobius and even play on two different mobius strips at the same time!

I had a lot of fun designing my page and even making a trailer, so be sure to check that out:

This is weird, I'll try working on a fix. It should display correctly in Chrome, if you have that. For now, I put up a downloadable demo, so you can grab that instead! :)

Wow, thank you!!

Thank you! I'm obsessed with trying to figure out how this game works haha, I'll let you know when I get around to beating it :)

So it has a victory condition, but is there any way to know when you've reached said victory condition?

Thank you!! :D

Awesome! Excited to see where you'll take it :)

This game was so much fun and hilarious. Your art is so pretty!!
Looking forward to any future games you might make.

Just randomly generated :)

I made this in Unity, so C# that is

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the idea! Your video was great, short and snappy, I like it :)