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Thanks, I'm glad you liked the idea! Your video was great, short and snappy, I like it :)

That's a hardware limitation I'm afraid! Thanks for playing and glad you like it :)

That's weird, which browser are you using?

Haha this was really fun to watch!! Glad you all liked it :)

Hey you actually beat it!! This was real fun to watch, thanks for checking it out! :)

Cute stuff and good sushi, would use this service again! <3

Hahaha I love this

Haha I'm glad it lived up to your expectations! :) Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for trying it out and making a video about it as well!! :) I'm glad you liked it

I really loved this. You captured the LSD aesthetic and feel perfectly. Every stage has so much depth to it and it really feels like you're experiencing small little narratives throughout the game. Some of my favourite parts was when the monster cat got released from his cage and when I finally figured out you could go underwater by standing under the droplet.

I usually get too scared when playing these type of games and quit preemptively, but I'm really glad I stuck through. When I went back to collect more cats I was presently surprised by just how much more there is to the game than on first sight. The random elements were very rewarding and I really enjoyed finding more stuff. I feel like there's probably bits I'm missing!

Anyways, I really like this game a lot and I look forward to what you bring out in the future! Kudos to you!

This game is super fun, great work! I loved the jump-after-falling mechanic, so smart.

I really like the aesthetic of the game and I applaud you for it, but the movement was immensely frustrating and when you get past the stair bit to the impossible part with the moving boxes it sends you all the way back which makes the experience very unpleasant. I also don't understand why you would even include a very delayed hop when you stand still.

Either way, it's still a nice looking game and it's obvious you put effort into this! Don't let the comments on the controls bring you down. It's a nice game and an interesting take on the cover! :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

Rutabaga would've probably been a better name haha.

lol thanks man :-)

Thank you so much! <3 That's strange indeed, I'll look into it.

Very nice puzzle design, nice build-up and just the right amount of challenge!

This is really great! You really nailed the scope of microgames, and the art looks good too! The painting was definitely the hardest one and the tweet was kind of confusing, though.

This is great! Awesome work as always. :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

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Hey, thanks for recording your gameplay! I'm glad you saw it through to the bitter end despite the difficulty. I'm sorry the game was frustrating, I've heard this from other people as well and I will definitely keep it in mind. 😊

A great mechanic and well executed to boot! I loved it <3

hella confusing but lovely all the same, art is really nice and the wavy background seriously gave me some yume nikki vibes. great stuff!!!

The music really contributed to the atmosphere. Really nice little game, I enjoyed it thoroughly :)

Brilliant stuff! Well done :) The movement felt very good and I really liked the overall aesthetic of the game.

This game is pretty sweet. The time it takes to do anything is just right that it all feels satisfying. Art is awesome, too! :)

Fantastic level design as always. I really like how you never had to explain any mechanic or controls but it all came very naturally through playing. Well done!

Thank you! I might make a level editor for this some day. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for trying it out! The first thing was intended, because I really wanted to capture the real experience of dominoes. Where one mistake will make you have to replace those dominoes. For the second part, that was the right solution to the puzzle! I tried to introduce people there to the concept of keeping a domino on a button and deleting the rest as well as deleting it later. In later levels this concept comes back like in level 9. :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Really brilliant idea. Gonna be using this, thanks!

Great game for such a short time. A few minor issues I had with it personally was that the pure black background in the cave was kind of jarring. The camera also felt very wonky. Good work!

Thank you! I really enjoyed your gameplay video. It's always interesting to see someone else play it. What strikes me the most of your playthrough is that it took you a longer time to realise you could just let a domino stay on a button and delete the rest. Like in the first level with two buttons you somehow managed to beat it in one trail. Very interesting! And yes, I will definitely revamp this project in the near future with some sound effects and music, because admittedly it is a bit too silent at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to play it :)

Really fun little game :) I'm a big fan of the UI. It kind of reminds me of the Hitchhiker's Guide menus. Just a shame there's no music! Keep it up!!

Fantastic game! I really enjoyed it through and through. It even got me to giggle a bit at some of your lousy jokes haha. My only complaint, and a small one at that, is that the jump sound is kinda annoying. Great work! :)

Really really cool! But really difficult. I feel like I'm more trying to guess what shape you want us to make instead of thinking about the length meter up top. Either way, incredibly polished and just masterful! :)

Haha nice! Thanks for checking it out :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it :-)

I love this. Great work!

Oh! I see, sorry! Sorry to bother you then, great game! :)