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an inspiring story, glad you joined us at the top 😌

no way!! I loved those games...

Please tell me this is inspired by cult classic masterpiece Het Huis Van Muis voor cd-rom

hey! just use the arrow keys to do up up down down left right left right, then type B and A, and that should do it!!

This game is much, MUCH bigger than the dread x 3 version. So you'll have to buy a copy, sorry! Thank you for your support :)

GOD this is so smooth, I feel like the levels are so satisfyingly fine-tuned to the arc of the jumps. excellent stuff

I should do an update for this one and add it! The full game will have WASD support tho ;)

you can check out the game on steam, releasing soon! Just look up "spookware steam" on google

cool as shit, love the incremental music!!

Thank you! I'm glad to know someone else has these kinds of unsettling dreams that are not necessarily nightmares, but just very ominous in retrospect. I agree tank controls work so well for walking sims! Adds like an extra layer of depth to the walking, you know?

The game is made in Unity btw, I used Modus Interactive's PSX shaders, but I recommend using the Haunted PS1 Render Pipeline! The skyboxes are just tiling images put on a canvas at the far end of the camera's render frustum that rotates when you turn. The PSX shader also had the option to only render things from a short distance and cut it off per polygon which gives it that nice crusty low render distance feel. :)

Yes, great to hear! I really think it'll open up a lot more options for developers and pretty pages :)

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Given the tight 3mb limit for animated gifs, we could really benefit from wepb support. Webp is super tiny, so we could make our pages a lot prettier! It can do regular images, transparency and animated images, it's basically the GIF of the future. Especially for a GIF, 3mb is not a lot, and it has always been my greatest pain with publishing my games. Often having to spend half an hour ultra-compressing my gifs as much as possible to get it just below that 3mb limit.

WebP is open-source, developed by Google and pretty much every browser supports it! Ezgif can also convert video to it and it's supported by most major image editing software such as Photoshop and GIMP.

Here's more info:

Thanks for listening!

i'm working on a full version with hundreds more :)

THANK YOU AUDRIE!! she's right by the way, it's just microsoft being a meanie :(

fucking awesome

Yess that's great news! Looking forward to it :))

thank you :))

ahh thank you daniel!!

we're making a full, bigger version of spookware :)

Hey! It's hard to say, but it's mostly just a lack of feedback and not a lot of room for error I think. Maybe helping the player along in some parts. (eg: slow the ball down when it's in range, adjust the aim a bit in your favour, etc) to make it less precise and more fun :)

I agree with the controls being a bit difficult, esp on keyboard. Maybe arrow key up to jump, z to dash and x to throw would be good. With the current setup I have to think of 3 different inputs just to do a simple jump and throw. Adding some grace to the jump (when you input before landing that it counts to the next jump) would be good as well. Perhaps having a stronger visual indication when the ball enters your reach would also be nice.

Awesome game, though! The AI felt very human-like to play against. Good luck with the thesis!

hey, someone copied it! wasn't me, but I don't mind that much (only a little bit)

this is really beautiful, thanks for sharing!!

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THE BEST! This is definitely a masterpiece. It's honestly the most impressive piece of minimalist design I've played in a long time. It's crazy how much this game does with just a ball bouncing against walls. You need to play it to believe it, tbh.

weirdly reminds me of bernband, very nice :)

thank you

thank you! used unity for this :)

it's an image rendered behind everything that wraps horizontally, if you look around it scrolls horizontally :) it's really very simple and it adds so much for a little bit of work. all the images are based on images, except in the last area which is actually made from a screenshot of the area!!

thank you so much for the thorough write-up! it might not seem like much, but it really is super appreciated you took the time to address each game! <3 thanks for playing

oh for sure! nothing will ever beat the Wet Dry World skybox...

very epic

I used Unity for this! Along with some modified PSX shaders by Modus Interactive based on the dsoft20's ones:

haha, it's more true to the feel of a ps1 game, that didn't have a joystick. I also feel like it's slightly more claustrophobic feeling not being able to look around that easily

hey! it's from a picture of a japanese train :)

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that's interesting! heard the same from others. I wonder what having a tsunami dream means?

sorry! I was rushing to make the deadline and forgot to add an escape button, will update

you found the secret area!! thanks for playing!

thank you so much!! means a lot coming from you <3

windows never trusts unsigned exe's, it's really dumb. the game is safe though. just ignore it