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A Short Odyssey in TimeView game page »

Find balance in the Nature in a single move
Submitted by Dayko with 12 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline

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Short version: where your character stands on the screen has an influence on a few weather conditions (more hints available on the game page ;) )

Four interactions are tightly agenced to be managed simultaneously and at any time with a single movement:
1/ Position (classic input) >> where the character goes
2/ Seasons (level design variations) >> for instance a certain scene can show or hide some tricks depending if it's seen during summer or winter
3/ Wind (interaction 'deus ex machina') >> can help the player influence on movable parts
4/ Time of day (luminosity) >> some stuff light up only at night, and it also add a nice visual touch

To keep things rather pure I forced myself to get everything working only with mouse control. There is no additional key nor special cases, rules always stays the same throughout the game. Level variation and complexity is tweaked mainly by the chosen camera orientations.

Third-party resources
Engine >> Unity3D
Sound effects >> from
Font >> from

Exhaustive references here :

Code/Art/Music >> Damien 'Dayko' Le Guen

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(1 edit) (+1)

I loved this! I thought everything about it was pleasant and refreshing, I only took a star off in the "overall" category because the puzzles were a little wonky, but I understand the time constraints! The puzzles were great in practice, but it was difficult for me to get them to "work" how they were intended sometimes, which made recording for a playthrough a little tricky. But I did it, and hope you enjoy it as much as I liked your little gamejam game. Best of luck, and please expand on this concept or continue to make awesome games, cheers!


Thank you a lot for taking the time to make this playthrough, I really enjoyed your commentary style. Keep it up it's great!

Watching you, I discovered many more rough edges in that thing. For one, I didn't know it was even possible to resolve the pond scene this way, and it's not a very fun way as your 4x speed shows.... A bug on my part :). The intented solution was (but keep it a secret!!) to go to the middle with the wind and then full right to freeze the water.

Right now I'm working on an other project... But you're right, there's room for a lot more variations, maybe one day I will head back to develop this game further. Cheers!

*You can freeze the lake?!?!?!* Ha! :D That's a much more elegant way to solve it than what I did :D

I'm giving you a follow, look forward to your future stuff!


Hard to tell what I meant to be doing. Got on the boat and got stuck in the middle then went back and walked round the pond. The same thing happened with the glider. Looked good though!


Really pretty and relaxing! I had a great time just moving around and see the different look of this little space. Great camera angles too.

Getting to one scene to another was sometime a bit hard though. At moment the game plays like a puzzle, at other it's purely contemplative. This has made me trying to "solve" screens that just needed to be enjoyed.

I still enjoyed it. It's a really pleasing ballad.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you! You're right about the difficulty, I updated the game's page with more details. 

Regarding the last screen with the glider, I would have loved to add a few atmospheric effects (snowstorm, thunder... that kind of stuff) to add an interest to the contemplation, but unfortunately with the time running out :).... Still, there is a little something hidden in this last-but-not-last screen..


I love:
- This is weird
- This game feels like playing a tale (I don't have the words to express correctly this feeling I think)
- Graphics are pretty

I would have love if:
- Goals were more obvious (2nd screen in front of the windmill / 3rd screen with parachute). I felt like I stumbled upon solutions rather than finding them by logical thinking. This was quite frustrating because I didn't understood what to do and the game advanced anyway.


To precise a bit how it all works, I've just added some details in the description. Notably on the screen with the parachute : no puzzle on this one, but there is a small secret to uncover!

- This game feels like playing a tale

I really like the way you're phrasing this... And indeed I tried to aim for a specific mood by tweaking the presentation, the mechanics and the pace of the game. Happy to hear it succeeded in some way :)

Thanks a lot!


Really weird and beautiful!  I didn't fully understand it, but it's pretty nice!


This game is beautiful, if a bit abstract. The controls can be a little janky, and it's not always entirely apparent what you're supposed to do. However, it is definitely one of the most unique and beautiful games from this jam that I've played so far.


Thank you for those kind words! I agree that it clearly lacks some explanations, I've added some hints on the game's page to clear a few things up.