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Thank you a lot for taking the time to make this playthrough, I really enjoyed your commentary style. Keep it up it's great!

Watching you, I discovered many more rough edges in that thing. For one, I didn't know it was even possible to resolve the pond scene this way, and it's not a very fun way as your 4x speed shows.... A bug on my part :). The intented solution was (but keep it a secret!!) to go to the middle with the wind and then full right to freeze the water.

Right now I'm working on an other project... But you're right, there's room for a lot more variations, maybe one day I will head back to develop this game further. Cheers!

Thank you! You're right about the difficulty, I updated the game's page with more details. 

Regarding the last screen with the glider, I would have loved to add a few atmospheric effects (snowstorm, thunder... that kind of stuff) to add an interest to the contemplation, but unfortunately with the time running out :).... Still, there is a little something hidden in this last-but-not-last screen.

To precise a bit how it all works, I've just added some details in the description. Notably on the screen with the parachute : no puzzle on this one, but there is a small secret to uncover!

- This game feels like playing a tale

I really like the way you're phrasing this... And indeed I tried to aim for a specific mood by tweaking the presentation, the mechanics and the pace of the game. Happy to hear it succeeded in some way :)

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for those kind words! I agree that it clearly lacks some explanations, I've added some hints on the game's page to clear a few things up.