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Lumps Plays

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Damn, yo! That was really great. I'm a little sad I missed this one when I was checking out games for my videos, but maybe I'll still make it sometime in the future because I really liked it!
I gotta admit I didn't realize where the inspiration was from until I read the description after playing it, but the game itself was so good I don't even mind. Well done. 

Great game!

I wish I played the menu version, but now I'm an original fan. Woop!


I gotta admit I was thrown off the whole time what movie this was supposed to be for (I downloaded these games in bulk haha) but I really enjoyed what it was! I had a little trouble with the platforming but that could just be me being awful. It was surprisingly long and consistently entertaining for a game jam game, and I really liked how the magic worked and wished there was a bit more to do with it. Overall one of my favorite games from the gamejam, so thanks a lot for it and please keep developing stuff. Cheerrrrssss 🍻

Wow! Congratulations! Embuscade really deserved it, it was definitely in at least my top 5 most memorable games I Lumps Played last year.

Cheers and keep it up. 👍🍻

I was going to make a video for this game but I got tired of playing it :( 

Not that it was bad, but redoing things is a big pet-peeve of mine, and tbh I didn't understand what the point of having "lives" at all was if you just get started right back at the beginning with no check point? To save time picking up the notes/gems? Cuz that's like 40 seconds vs. the 5+ minutes it takes you to get back somewhere because you walked off a cliff by accident.  After 30 minutes of repeating the same journeys, my final life was lost while I was reading a note by the toy factory and a Santa killed me and I couldn't move. I just couldn't bring myself to walk up that mountain again, so I quit :(

I really loved literally everything else though, so major props and I started following you for future games! The village was awesome and it honestly almost felt Mass Effect-y conceptually, but with a demented santa, and man that geeks me out. Great idea! Cheers to you and sorry I'm not more patient with redoing things <3. 


This was great! Very well developed for a gamejam game, with a few more features I could honestly see this as a mobile game (I've seen worse mobile games for sure at least, lol)

Included it in my Lumps Play for the movie gamejam:

Enjoy! Cheers and please keep making games. 👍🍻

I liked this one a bunch! I was pretty horse-sh*t at it, but it was really well made so take some mad props for the (+23451 mad props)

Included your game in my Lumps Play compilation! You're the very first one, sorry I wasn't better at it :D Cheers, and keep making games! 🍻

Great game addition to the movie game jam!

I only played 30-ish percent of 'em so far, but this was one of my favorites :D

Thanks for making it, cheers. Enjoy the Lumps Play:


Included your game in my vid, it was quite fun! The bowling pins were a funny surprise lol

Keep making games, please! Enjoy the Lumps Play. Cheeeeeeers. 🍻

I hope your proud of yourself!

Cuz this was good :D

Really. Great all around, and a close to perfect entry for a "movie" game jam. Props!
Cheers. 🍻

Well, this was just great. I've only checked out maybe 40% of the entries, but this one really stands out. Great job, dev! 

Your game is third :D Cheers. 🍻❤

Loved it :D That iceberg was adorable and the second half was unexpected and satisfying!

Starts at 1:15. 

This was lovely :D

I didn't see the second half coming!

Titanic starts at 1:15! Enjoy the video, cheers and keep developing! 🍻

Great games! Got a couple more vids in mind for the gamejam, I'll add 'em to here when I get 'em up :)

Cheers to all the developers! Great jobs 🍻👍

Short, sweet, not exactly to the point, but still a good experience. I really hope you got a good grade, this was great for a student project!

Made you a Lumps Play. It's POP-UP COMMENTARY WOOOOOOOOO (give it a chance, you'll like it!)

Cheers. 🍻
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Played it and liked it! Had a few issues (story, context, consistency, etc), but for a short little game you showed off a number of skills, good job! I hope you keep making stuff

Made you a Lumps Play, lemme know what you think—cheers!


Played through this and loved it.

Thought it was just going to be obscure puzzles but then stuff got weird. I should have seen it coming :D 

I actually played it with my SO and they really enjoyed it, too. They usually play action platformers so it was fun seeing 'em tackle puzzles.

Cheers, good sir! 🍻

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Short and good!

I liked how the kid just stayed in that closet doing nothing for so long XD

I'm going to follow you! Please make more int he future, this was pretty good for being so simple and made so quickly! Kudos and cheers to you, I hope you enjoy the Lumps Play:

Created a new topic Lumps Plays Knock Knock

I played this and liked it!

Rough around the edges, but I really appreciated the complete lack of jumpscares with no "Oh hey I programmed a monster to follow you so you better be scared" monsters. Truly! 

The house was a little on the empty side, and the plot was decent but it really didn't get interesting until the very ending. All in all though, for such a small project I thought it was great.

I hope you keep making stuff! I made you a Lumps Play for your game, I only promote the teeniest of indies on my channel so sub if you'd like, enjoy. :)

Cheers. 🍻

I wanted to make a Lumps Play really bad, and I got alllll the way to the lockpick, but it doesn't do anything! 

I've been fiddling with it trying to get it unlock for so long my meter completely depleted. The only thing it does is move when I move the mouse left to right. Not up or down, E doesn't do anything, space doesn't do anything, the mouse buttons don't do anything.

What I played was pretty cool though! If you patch it I'd love to give it another shot. Cheers!

I really liked your game! It ran great and the graphic style was different and appealing. I wished there was a bit more content, though! I hope you "extend it someday" as well :)

Made you a Lumps Play for it. Lumps Plays are Let's Plays with pop-up bubble comments, you'll like it :)

Cheers and thanks so much for making the game and I hope you continue. 🍻
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I'd love to check it out again if you plan on adding more content to it! (I don't do VR but it already supports keyboard/mouse)

Lumps Plays are unique, give 'em a try: www.youtube.com/lumpsplays (it'll make more sense why I didn't make a video without there being more story lol)

Dying for an English version!

I was 2 minutes away from simply translating everything myself for a Lumps Play but decided it'd take too much time.

I'm following! Let me know when it's English if you want :D Cheers

I wanted to make a Lumps Play but I thought there was going to be a narrative :(

Other than that, I like the environment you made! I'm a big sucker for ancient ruins and things like that is why it caught my eye, it'd be nice if there was a little bit of story. 

....is it a chess game?

I can't get past 1% without it freezing. I'm so curious how it ends! Can anyone spoil it or post a vid?

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Loved it :D And really "mature" production wise! Very professional for a solo project. 

The plot was insane, as usual with your stuff! I can't say I grasped it 100%  but it was all so mysterious and interesting it was still a great experience. 

Thanks for the game, great work on it. Hope you enjoy the Lumps Play! Check that thumbnail art! I even gave her a "shadow" 😜

Cheers. 🍻

Honestly, this was really cute :D The whole computer portion of the game was silly and fun, that monster just basically "hanging out" was pretty funny, and our guy JUST WANTS TO GET SOME SLEEP, MAN!!! :D Nice work, I hope you keep making games! Enjoy the Lumps Play, it's a little different than your normal reaction video. Cheers!🍻

I'm super late to the party but I ran across this game in the suggestions and just had to play it. I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream / Half-Life references at the same time!? Of course I downloaded it!
It was simple and fun to play through, really good for a Gamejam game. Sorry I was so late to play it, but I'm glad I found it. Keep making games! Thanks for this one. Enjoy the Lumps Plays (with visual commentary whaaattt?!)

Cheers. 🍻

I missed the contest, but I played the game and thought it was champion and charming :D 

Nice reference with the title, too. Cheers!

If anyone is wondering—these literally are just empty rooms with only walking controls and a zoom on the right button. 

Nice mood, though. Ran smoothly, too.

Always something interesting in everything you make and this is no different <3. Keep 'em coming! Cheers. 🍻

I really liked this game! And the credits were pretty hilarious—until they gave me a copyright claim for it! I was bummed, the credits made me believe that the music was original :(
Anyways, apart from that, it was really enjoyable! It was much improved from some other games I've played from you guys that I didn't record before. I didn't recognize any of the assets and the atmosphere was great, so good job on the overall design. The puzzles were fun to run through, too. Nothing too hard, but they helped to break up the walking. 
Look forward to more stuff from you guys, thank you for the game. Cheers!🍻

I found this, played it, and liked it. Thanks for making it!
I really appreciated the voice acting, it always helps so much in a narrative like this.
I do think the end doors could have offered more "choice", though. The black one didn't do anything satisfying (or even really unstatisfying for that matter).
Everything else was interesting and fun to explore, and it'd have been nice to hear a more fleshed out story because I was a little confused.
Thanks again for the rad game! Cheers.

Wondering if there is any way to unlock those magic doors you walk by shortly after you get off the boat? There's 3 of them and a floating light in the same area, but all I can find to do is walk past to the rest of the game.

There's also two unlit pillars following two lit pillars at the end...is there a way to light all 4 for an extra ending or something? Just wondering if I got everything before I do a Lumps Plays.


This was adorable :D

I took the end of 2017 off, but I love Christmas and wanted to do a vid regardless of it already being 2018 and found this game. It was perfect!

Really whimsical and enjoyable. The laundry room portion was especially carefree and fun. I'll follow you and hope you make more stuff :) Enjoy the Lumps Play, it's visual commentary, something new!

Cheers and happy new year. 🍻

I just uploaded a Lumps Play for this because it was ridiculous??????

Nice work! Especially for 72 hours. Hope you like the video—my commentary is different! POP-UPS, BABY!

Cheers and thanks for the game. 🍻

This was quite good!

Very PT-esque (which isn't a bad place to start at all IMO), looked great, no bugs that I found, interesting hints at a deep story, and the 'puzzles' were relatively unique! Also, that wooden hallway? Super cool to walk down, really nice touch how it "traps" you into only looking forward.

Made a Lumps Play for it. My let's plays aren't all "OMG SCARY I'M HAVING A REACTION WATCH ME REACT AHHHH"—they're cleanly edited playthroughs with pop-up commentary. Words! Check it out, it's a lot of fun. 

You plan on finishing, ya? Please do! I'd love to play a full version. Thanks for being rad, cheers. 🍻

I liked this a lot!

It played well, didn't find any bugs, the story was a little nonsensical but it's just an early demo so no worries there, but I LOVED the camera! What a fun idea! As much as I enjoyed it in this context, I couldn't help but crave it in a more "puzzle game-y" context like a la Portal or something. 

Anyways, looked great, played great, hope you finish it and continue to produce, you seem like one of the good ones!

Cheers and lemme know if you like the Lumps Play

I've just uploaded a Lumps Play for this. I had a really nice time! As everyone has said, the atmosphere/sound/pacing/tone were spot on, and the hunger mechanic/end twist made the entire thing as a whole engaging and worthwhile. Voxels are often seen as toy-ish, but you show here that you can make a really effective atmosphere if you do it right. 

I can't believe this is your first attempt at a game, that's so refreshing from someone who's played hundreds and hundreds of repetetive indie games (specifically horror)! Please keep making games? Please? Following you.

Cheers, hope you like the vid!🍻

Love that you're giving 3d a shot! This was sure nutty xD