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Lumps Plays - Visual Let's Plays

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A subscriber told me to check this game out on a different Lumps Play, so I did and I really liked it! Normally I'm not into the survive-the-night genre, but this one was surprisingly approachable and fun. Nice work!

Glad you made a sequel! I'll have to check it out. Keep being awesome. 🍻

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it now!!!! :D :D :D

I finally got around to making a Lumps Play! The updated version worked much better than the other one I tried and I was able to finish. Great work, you all! Did you get a good grade? I thought it was great for a studen project! I graded it as a B myself, but if I was a teacher and not a gamer I would have given it an A (I play way too many indie horror games lol)

Thanks you guys! Hope you all are still making stuff in the future. Let me know what you think of the video! 

Sorry it took so long, a couple game jams finished up and I had to cover them. But now it's here. 


Cute game! Interesting controls :D Made it 3 levels in or so, nice work!

Great little game :D

Very silly. Very fun. Very nice on the eyes! Good colors everywhere. Not really sure what happened exactly, but it seemed like a good thing so hooray! 

Thanks again for making it.  Cheers! 🍻

Wow! Really liked this one. From the minimal look to the meta-trippy conclusion, one of the more complete and quality indie games I've played in a while! You guys did great work, and I really liked all the references and things too. 

Made a Lumps Play for anyone who may need help with some of the symbols and things. Hope you enjoy it as much as I liked the game!

Cheers. 🍻

Fantastic entry! Honestly one of my favorites, and I don't really understand how only 9 people have rated it so far, I think it's the gem of the Game Jam! 

It was complete, creative, meta, nice to look at, nice flow, etc., etc., etc. I really liked it all over the place. I've been playing games by this developer for a while now but haven't Lumps Played one yet, and it was an honor to finally do one! 

It's a complete playthrough. All symbols and a bonus conversation that only happens after playing  the separate game *A Weeks Passing* before this one. If you like the vid, maybe sub! Cheers. 🍻

This was a nice surprise! Confusing as all hell, but a very enjoyable romp through a demented industrial building. 

I always really like this graphic style, especially for minimal games like this, and it fit perfectly. The environments in some of the rooms were truly impressive for such a quick project! Good work. 

Made a Lumps Play for it! Hope you enjoy. 

Cheers and good luck in the competition! 🍻

Aww, thanks! I agree ;)

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It's not even windows 10 detecting it, it's Chrome failing the download. 

I really liked this idea. I actually don't like the FNAF franchise, so this was better IMO lol.

Nice work, cheers. 🍻

For some reason I couldn't get it to run at more than 5fps 0_0

I'll abstain from voting--it looked cool!

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Just uploaded my compilation video for the Meta Game Jam with 4 games! I couldn't play or record them all, but out of the 40 or so that I checked out, these 4 stuck out to me for one reason or another. There's also a couple more longers I'm going to make separate videos for, so keep an eye out.


EDIT: Here's another :D

EDIT: And another!!!

See ya later, Lump-kin! <3 

Cheers. 🍻

I tried this and included it in my showcase because I liked it (especially the weird intro sequence?) but I am so terrible I admit I didn't even get past the first level!

Enjoy my struggle, give me some slack. I don't play runners -_-

Cheers and keep making games!🍻





Cheers 🍻

An incredibly weird game, full of glitches and trippy things!

Which made it pretty fun for me. I get a lot of fun out of breaking games for some reason. 

Cheers and keep it up!🍻

I included this in my showcase video for the game jam, but I downloaded it and didn't realize it was supposed to be played with the laptop overlay! That's a nice touch, too. 

Wanted to share my Lumps Play video here, too. Keep making games! :)

Lol. What is this even!??! XD I liked it! It was incredibly interesting to push my box around through (sounds dirty). The "meta" aspect went completely above my head, though, and I nearly broke the entire game I think! Or maybe that was supposed to happen? And what was the ending? It was like the whole level exploded! 

I was so confused by this entry I included it in my compilation video for the game jam. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your game! Please keep making stuff—despite how confusing this game was, it was still fun for me to explore. 

Cheers. 🍻

5/5 all across the board. (for the pure meta-ness alone.)

I don't really have much else to say! 

Excellent Meta entry. Pat yourself on the back :) 

Included it in my showcase video! Haha. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.🍻

Great take on breakout! I don't think I've ever seen a breakout game quite designed like this before, and it was a nice twist! And, can we PLEASE bring back phrasing?! :D :D :D

I included your game in my Meta Game Jam showcase video, check it out and enjoy <3 

Thanks for the game and keep it up, cheers!🍻

That's not true. The game clearly has many other motives and "cheap animation is creepy" doesn't help the confusion as you said you're trying to address. Just offering my two cents! Cheers.

I know I didn't finish so didn't see everything, but since it's something you're working on I have a few suggestions for balance!

-Perhaps a reward for getting the questions right? Too much of the game feels like a punishment, so it's a bit of a bummer answering the questions correctly doesn't provide any benefit (I don't really count NOT increasing the difficulty as a benefit).

-One of the biggest things that threw me off is how quickly it turned from tutorial to enemy-is-chasing-you-better-run-horror-game. The sudden flip is nice, but it was confusing he was teaching me how to play one second and running at me the next just for opening doors. The first time I played, I literaly ran right into him and killed myself because I thought he was my friend :-\

-I think the way he 'works' would be more intuitive if his motive was more understood. It could probably even be simple like "I'M A STRICT TEACHER MAN KEEP QUIET AND GET GOOD GRADES OR I'LL FIND YOU AND MAKE YOU".

That's about all that came to mind. Thanks again for making the game and sorry I suck haha. Cheers. 

Sure thing:

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That's it for the gamelog.txt

game_errors.log had same info as before

Lemme know how it goes, good luck!

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I REALLY liked this, but the difficulty is preventing me from recording a Lumps Play and that's a bummer, because I liked it! (I don't upload if I can't finish).

I play mostly horror games on my channel, so it wasn't that I wasn't used to the format. I just couldn't get a clear idea of how to win. I couldn't hide, I was attacked both inside and outside classrooms, forced to get questions wrong making him faster (I think), and worst of all, it resets you at the very beginning when you get insta-killed trying to figure things out. After 30 minutes, I had to switch to the next game to sample (there's over 100!). 

Keep up the great work, though! I'm going to follow you and keep an eye on your future stuff. Cheers. 🍻

Great game! I'm looking for Lumps Plays and this one is a bit too wordy to record for me, but I wanted to drop by and say how good I thought it was anyways! Cheers. 

Is it bugged, or am I missing something?
I can't get anything to happen, on the download or web version. Tried finding the "pause" button on my keyboard as well as on controller...not a single button I have does anything besides alt-f4.

Download gave me a trojan alert :-\

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Got a trojan alert from Windows when I downloaded....

EDIT: I played through the browser version and really liked this game! It was really great for a gamejam game and the art was fantastic! 

I picked the 'life' ending and I sort of wish I picked the 'death' one, but oh well :)

Good work! 

Dang, I'm really late to the party! I hope you're still paying attention to this feed, because I really liked your game! I'm not insanely familiar with UK politics, but I dabble, so I was able to pick up on a bit of the snark here, and I really enjoyed it! The frying pans were amazingly satisfying, too. Great work on the game, keep developing please! I'll follow you :) 

Enjoy the Lumps Play! Cheeeeeeeers 🍻

Well. That was....something!

Very fun for a quick playthrough. Creative enemies, and the gunplay was surprisingly fluid and fun. Enjoyed making this vid!

Thanks for developing it. Keep at it, and enjoy the Lumps Play <3. 

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This was...something else! And I mean that in the best way possible :D I'm sometimes critical, but in reality this is my favorite type of indie game—weird, non-sensical, trippy, and compact! It was a really fun experience despite not having nearly anything that an actual "game" has, and I commend you for that because I really mean it in the positive way! I'll follow you for more games, please keep making 'em. 

If you're reading this because you're on the fence if it's worth a download, then just grab it. It's a short experience and well worth it! 

Then watch my video haha:

Enjoy the Lumps Play—cheers! 🍻

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I liked what I played a lot, but I couldn't finish because the inconsistent jittery framerate kept making my head feel bad. :( I really liked it, though! I'll follow and keep my fingers crossed for a performance update or a future game. Cheers!

I liked it, but think it would have benefited from a concrete endgame scenario. The way the text was presented cryptically was a creative way to prolong the 'understanding' of the situation, and I didn't run into any bugs. Cheers :)


I'm proud of my 400 subscribers and get loads of encouragement and feedback. For somethings that's literally nothing but a fun hobby that I do to promote people LIKE YOU...I think 400 subs is pretty good.  Are you proud of your 1/5 star rating for this game? Because that's what YOUR approach has gotten you.

This is my last reply. Cheers and good luck being more approachable in the future!

I didn't catch this when it first came out, but I caught it now, and I'm glad I gave it a shot because I really liked it! You have a great atmosphere going on here and there was a lot of weirdness which is always great in a game! I'd much rather see this strange stuff than another "collect 8 items and run from the enemy" game, so kudos to you for that alone!

I had a lot of fun wandering around and getting to know the people. I saw your development log go into what you're going to change, and I just want to say I know your team is small, so don't expand the project too much! I don't think it's bad the way it is, and adding all those back stories and things could easily quadruple the game and it's much better to release a mediocre finished game than it is to release a great game that's only 50% done. Just my two cents!

Thanks so much for making it, I'll follow you for your future stuff. Cheers and hope you enjoy the Lumps Play. 🍻

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It was good!
Too short for how good it was, but you've heard that a number of times already.
Well-deserved 1st place. Pat yourselves on the back. Keep making games! (Following ya now!)

Cheers. 🍻 (hope ya like the Lumps Play)

Everyone is playing this!

So now I'm Lumps Playing it.

It was great! Made me very curious for the story. The puzzles were  really good. The intro felt a bit out of place, though? The surprise camera mechanic at the end made it really interesting, but I was confused about how it was functioning  within the context of the game world.

Great work though, I'll be following you! Cheers. 🍻