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Lumps Plays - Visual Let's Plays

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Great first entry into a cool idea for a series! I love short indie games, so I'll follow you and look forward to the next stuff you make for this 5 minute thing you're doing!

I'm not sure if I finished this one or not, but I couldn't find anything else. I enjoyed what I saw, though! Keep it up :D (Loved the enemies movements lol)


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Great work on this demo! I had a really good (albeit incredibly frustrating!) time getting through this! I won't rehash all the other bugs mentioned in the other comments, but I hadn't noticed anyone mention how the camera still moves when you're using a save point. It made me die AT LEAST 6 times just because there was an enemy in front of me and I was trying to save my progress but ended up looking backwards because of the menu. 

Other than that, I really liked the game and thought you did really well! It didn't remind me very much of half-life 1 at all but inspiration doesn't mean copying, so I thought it was still fun. I gotta mention that staircase, though—after struggling so much with the bugs/weird enemy mechanics/insantely long elevator rides, etc., that entire staircase sequence had me questioning if the game was a serious game, or actually just a troll upload. After beating the whole thing I don't think you were trying to fool people into doing annoying things, but the only reason I didn't quit at those stairs was because I was trying to make a full recording. Maybe reconsider those types of moments for chapter 2, because otherwise it was a great start to a series, and I look forward to trying out the next installment!

I made you a Lumps Play and I hope you like it—I was a little bit harsh, but I was INCREDIBLY frustrated while trying to get through this so forgive me and keep making games! Cheers :) 🍻


Silly, short, nonsense physics, and I managed to win! I had a good time, thanks and keep making games.🍻

Video incoming (eventually :D)


sh*t—with all the objects?! i had already flung them miles away from me with the physics hahahaha

.....HOW IS THIS DONE??!?!?! 

I would have loved to figure this out, but I lost patience after 20 minutes of restarting the same 3 minutes of gameplay to impatiently wait for wonky elevators,  fall in all the empty pits with no way out, and be confused why following the given instructions to solve the roman numeral puzzle didn't provide a solution. I'm not even sure if it's finished? I couldn't even get anything to respond at that point, and I was pretty sure I understood the clue? The only thing I could make happen is let the clock run out after I got to that blue room. 

Apart from all that though, I really liked it! 

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I really liked this! I'm sure you've heard all the praise by now, though. So just know another Lump out there appreciates what you did here! I didn't quite understand the story, though...it kind of felt like two stories were going at once, but sometimes I'm just dumb!

Enjoy the video! Lumps Plays uses POP UP COMMENTS woot! You'll dig it. 

Cheers and keep making games! 🍻

Of COURSE I had to replay this! The original game was one of my first Lumps Plays I ever made, and my first game I ever played made by you! So I only have fond memories and was super amped when I saw you did a Redux.

Anyhow—it's a great expansion. It expands and improves, without altering. It was also really neat for me to compare my original video and this video to see how I've improved myself. Thanks for this all around, I really enjoyed it and as always can't wait until your next thing :D Cheers!


I played it and saw the wall thing and the floor box thing.


That was truly...something!

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I played this and liked it :D

Simple little thing, but pretty great for 40 hours! Well done. Hope you enjoy the video! Lumps Plays use pop-up commentary :O :O :O See: 


You have so much more patience than I do :D

I died 5 times from bugs and quit. Kudos to making it through!

Boy, was this ever hardcore!

I liked it :D  Short, sweet, to the point. I particularly liked the level design.

Made you a Lumps Play for it! Pop-up comments, FTW!

Cheers and keep making sweet games 🍻

Really cute :D Hope you guys got good marks on it and keep making games!

Enjoy the Lumps Play!🍻

If you're curious how the game wrapped up, I just published a video I managed to get the ending without bugging out in. Cheers

p.s. stalked your channel a bit and dig it :D

Between the ending bug crashing the game and unexpected life things this took way long to make than I wanted, but it's FINALLY ready! A complete recording, ending and all. 👍

I thought it was great. You know I've been playing your releases for a long time now, and love your 2D games, but it was really awesome to step into a 3D world you built this time and I really enjoyed what you did with it. It's essentially still a walking simulator, but it's a very memorable that doesn't spoon feed you the story like they typically do. 

Anyways, here's the Lumps Play, if anyone is here that got bugged out at the ending be sure to watch it, it puts a whole different spin on the game!

Cheers, world. 🍻

Sorry—but is there any gameplay or is it only an environment you modeled? It looks great! Just wondering if I'm missing the activity part....

Didn't this used to have a different itch.io page?

Oh, well! I'll repost my Lumps Play :D I really liked this! Not fantastic A+++, but still really good! 

Cheers! 🍻

I absolutely loved making the Lumps Play for this game, it was one of the most memorable titles in the whole year, I'd say. I'm so excited you're going to make more things in the universe! Please don't lose that charm <3 

Eagerly waiting :D



What a great approach to the game jam challenge! Perfectly blended incompatible (supposedly) genres. Well done!

I made a video for it, enjoy!

Cheers. 🍻

I couldn't get it to run past the intro comic :(

Really excited to check out all the work you've been putting into this! Looks like you've changed so much since my first Lumps Play when I found this game. Keep going, you're doing great!

Well, dang! What did I just play? This game was a great surprise! Full of varied ideas and stimulating visuals, I didn't even mind that I couldn't piece together any sort of meaning. Confusion can be fun too! I liked it so much I made a Lumps Play for it:

Enjoy the video -- Cheers! 🍻

I randomly found your game and had to give it a go cuz it looked so freakin' weird, and it was! What a nice treat, it made me nostalgic for some ant-based stuff from my childhood like SimAnts and Honey I Shrunk The Kids :D :D :D

Thanks for the sweet game! Keep making stuff peez. 

And enjoy the Lumps Play! Cheers. 🍻

A subscriber told me to check this game out on a different Lumps Play, so I did and I really liked it! Normally I'm not into the survive-the-night genre, but this one was surprisingly approachable and fun. Nice work!

Glad you made a sequel! I'll have to check it out. Keep being awesome. 🍻

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it now!!!! :D :D :D

I finally got around to making a Lumps Play! The updated version worked much better than the other one I tried and I was able to finish. Great work, you all! Did you get a good grade? I thought it was great for a studen project! I graded it as a B myself, but if I was a teacher and not a gamer I would have given it an A (I play way too many indie horror games lol)

Thanks you guys! Hope you all are still making stuff in the future. Let me know what you think of the video! 

Sorry it took so long, a couple game jams finished up and I had to cover them. But now it's here. 


Cute game! Interesting controls :D Made it 3 levels in or so, nice work!

Great little game :D

Very silly. Very fun. Very nice on the eyes! Good colors everywhere. Not really sure what happened exactly, but it seemed like a good thing so hooray! 

Thanks again for making it.  Cheers! 🍻

Wow! Really liked this one. From the minimal look to the meta-trippy conclusion, one of the more complete and quality indie games I've played in a while! You guys did great work, and I really liked all the references and things too. 

Made a Lumps Play for anyone who may need help with some of the symbols and things. Hope you enjoy it as much as I liked the game!

Cheers. 🍻

Fantastic entry! Honestly one of my favorites, and I don't really understand how only 9 people have rated it so far, I think it's the gem of the Game Jam! 

It was complete, creative, meta, nice to look at, nice flow, etc., etc., etc. I really liked it all over the place. I've been playing games by this developer for a while now but haven't Lumps Played one yet, and it was an honor to finally do one! 

It's a complete playthrough. All symbols and a bonus conversation that only happens after playing  the separate game *A Weeks Passing* before this one. If you like the vid, maybe sub! Cheers. 🍻

This was a nice surprise! Confusing as all hell, but a very enjoyable romp through a demented industrial building. 

I always really like this graphic style, especially for minimal games like this, and it fit perfectly. The environments in some of the rooms were truly impressive for such a quick project! Good work. 

Made a Lumps Play for it! Hope you enjoy. 

Cheers and good luck in the competition! 🍻

Aww, thanks! I agree ;)

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It's not even windows 10 detecting it, it's Chrome failing the download. 

I really liked this idea. I actually don't like the FNAF franchise, so this was better IMO lol.

Nice work, cheers. 🍻

For some reason I couldn't get it to run at more than 5fps 0_0

I'll abstain from voting--it looked cool!

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Just uploaded my compilation video for the Meta Game Jam with 4 games! I couldn't play or record them all, but out of the 40 or so that I checked out, these 4 stuck out to me for one reason or another. There's also a couple more longers I'm going to make separate videos for, so keep an eye out.


EDIT: Here's another :D

EDIT: And another!!!

See ya later, Lump-kin! <3 

Cheers. 🍻

I tried this and included it in my showcase because I liked it (especially the weird intro sequence?) but I am so terrible I admit I didn't even get past the first level!

Enjoy my struggle, give me some slack. I don't play runners -_-

Cheers and keep making games!🍻