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Lumps Plays - Visual Let's Plays

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Sure thing. Me and my friend made this in our spare time and its a much better game


I did the pixel art! Thank you so much for playing, your comments were great to read. 


Is it only 2 screens? I REALLY loved the style and despite only seeing two screens I think there's a lot of potential and hope you do more.

Cheers and good work! 🍻

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Loved it, just like everyone else!
I made ya a Lumps Play jam packed with thoughts & jokes. I hope you like it as much as I liked your game—can't wait until you guys expand more on it, what good news! Keep me posted :D

Cheers. 🍻

Great game! Really happy it's getting so much attention for you guys, you deserve it. Lot of work to do in 15 days! 

I made a Lumps Play for ya. They're visual with pop-up bubbles instead of reaction videos like normal let's plays. I hope you enjoy it like I enjoyed your game! 

It's cute :D Reminded me of an indie game I Lumps Played before called The Juice of God's Future. I lost a couple times on day 3 because the symbols didn't match up visually when they were supposed to (the inner part was rotated but it was supposed to be the same), but other than that I had a lot of fun passing judgment on all these people :D

Great entry, and creative take on a "point and click" type gameplay style without using all the typical tropes! Really enjoyed this :)

Excellent entry! It's a shame it's short but pat yourself on the back for me for making such a nice experience in such a short time. I'll follow you for future stuff 🍻

I admit I didn't spend much time playing it, but I thought it was cute and I'm glad I checked it out for a few seconds :D Gotta love Rick <3

This brought back awesome memories of the kitten canon shooter back in high school on flash game sites! Nice reference too, and pretty well done overall for a game jam crunch! thanks for making it, keep it up 🍻

Pat yourself on the back for me, 'eh?! 

This was a nice little journey through some strange, somewhat familiar, locations! Really glad you bothered to "Finally finish something" with this one, I enjoyed myself :)

Made ya a Lumps Play, too. Hope ya enjoy!

Cheers, and welcome to the Discord Server :P🍻

This was a cute little surprise!

It was fun seeing all the situations you programmed. Where can I get a dinner-cooking escape pod of my own???

Lumps Plays = pop-up commentary, like text messages on the video! Give it a try <3

Thanks for making this. Cheers! 🍻

This was a nice little romp through a different perspective, thanks so much for making it! Sorry I was a little late to the party, but I made you a Lumps Play. 

Pop-up commentary! Give it a shot:

Thanks again for the game, hope all is well. Cheers! 🍻

I'm a little late to the game with this video, but I am pretty happy I didn't spoil it for myself before playing it.

P.s. My videos are POP-UP COMMENTARY! Give it a shot. 

Thanks for making this, I know it didn't take long but I'm very happy it exists. Cheers

This was cute and well done :D

Just finished checking this out, and I was quite impressed! The subject matter is dark and serious, but the tone and approach are very appropriate and really draw you into the narrative. 

Definitely a good one to try if you're a fan of the genre, or even just someone looking for someone to relate to!


I'm not very familiar with chinese horror culture, but this was a wonderful introduction for me and got me Googling. I really liked the way you presented the story, from the paper mario-esque art style to the general ominous tone. It's definitely far from a proper 'game', but whatever it is, I think it's a success and hope to play more from you in the future! 

Hope you enjoy my Lumps Play. Cheers and keep it up! 🍻

This was pretty good! I see you've gotten plenty of feedback already, though. Just wanted to say this was a great little narrative you all put together in such a short time, and it says a lot of things very quickly. I was a little confused about the actual death, though...

Congratulations on the well received release, I look forward to playing more. I hope it's okay for me to add my video to the "pile" you've collected! Hope Lumps brings a little something fresh, though. 

Cheers & enjoy! 🍻

I died 3 times in a row literally within 1/2 a second each time before I even got to turn 180 degrees. Maybe make it so the enemy doesn't spawn right on top of you? 

I couldn't get past the very first question because blinking twice in a row gave me the same outcome as blinking just once, like it didn't give me enough time to blink again before it triggered the response. 

Where is the download link...?

It was cute, but nothing happened when I won!

This was quite good! The story really confused me, I wasn't really sure what literally any of it meant. But I really liked the entire building design and the puzzles were not challenging (minus that painting puzzle, wth?) but they were all super satisfying to get through! I can't wait to see what else you do with this, you're going to finish it, ya? Please do!

Thanks for the game. Here's your Lumps Play! 


HI! I really liked the game you guys made! I was really impressed with everything that you guys put together in such a short time span, and had fun running through the level. Are you going to finish the whole thing in time, or was this it? The only thing I thought needed some tweaking was the story, I was a little confused what we were doing there and why so many ghosties were roaming the halls, but I suppose that'll be fleshed out in the future. Thanks for making the game, and I hope you like my Lumps Play enough to consider me for a full key because I'd like to record that, too :D 


I liked what was here! Definitely short, but I hope you keep chugging away on developement!

Only real criticism apart from the early stage of the project is that particular model of the's REALLY over used! I've played at least 5 games that use her for the enemy. Otherwise, great job so far and keep it up!

Cheers. 🍻

This game was coot!

I made this vid last week, but I went camping and forgot to post it :)

Thanks for making this! A nice break from the usual Indies I play <3


You did good work with this brief piece of nonsense.

Thank you for the experience! Make more? :)

Hope ya like the video, cheers. 🍻

Great game! I found it here before the Steam version so I didn't get any trophies :( But I had a really good time exploring this room and fleshing out the story! You did great work, thanks so much for the experience.

I hope you like the Lumps Play I made for it, I use pop-up commentary so it's a little different than the usual ones. 

Cheers! 🍻

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Great first entry into a cool idea for a series! I love short indie games, so I'll follow you and look forward to the next stuff you make for this 5 minute thing you're doing!

I'm not sure if I finished this one or not, but I couldn't find anything else. I enjoyed what I saw, though! Keep it up :D (Loved the enemies movements lol)



Silly, short, nonsense physics, and I managed to win! I had a good time, thanks and keep making games.🍻

Video incoming (eventually :D)


sh*t—with all the objects?! i had already flung them miles away from me with the physics hahahaha

.....HOW IS THIS DONE??!?!?! 

I would have loved to figure this out, but I lost patience after 20 minutes of restarting the same 3 minutes of gameplay to impatiently wait for wonky elevators,  fall in all the empty pits with no way out, and be confused why following the given instructions to solve the roman numeral puzzle didn't provide a solution. I'm not even sure if it's finished? I couldn't even get anything to respond at that point, and I was pretty sure I understood the clue? The only thing I could make happen is let the clock run out after I got to that blue room. 

Apart from all that though, I really liked it! 


I really liked this! I'm sure you've heard all the praise by now, though. So just know another Lump out there appreciates what you did here! I didn't quite understand the story, kind of felt like two stories were going at once, but sometimes I'm just dumb!

Enjoy the video! Lumps Plays uses POP UP COMMENTS woot! You'll dig it. 

Cheers and keep making games! 🍻