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Lumps Plays

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I just Lumps Played this, and I quite liked it! It was a really good quickie, perfect for a break from mediocre horror games and whatnot. The plot was simple but it was great for how short the game was, and I can't help but imagine how awesome it would be to play a full 30-60 minutes of this exploring different villages on different planets! Hmm? *hint hint* :D Thanks for the game, and keep it up, the hard work payed off!

Lumps Plays is pop-up commentary, me (Lumps!) commenting witty remarks and opinions vis-a-vis unique pop-ups a la Vh1's Pop-up videos from back in the day. Check it out, you'll love it :D

Well. I really liked it! I was a little unimpressed up until the ending because it seemed like a quick-time event simulator with no point, but then there was a plot twist with explanation that put everything into perspective, and I loved it! Good work, look forward to more stuff from ya.

Lumps Plays = Pop Up commentary. Love silent let's plays? Love commentary? Lumps Plays is the best of both worlds!

Something fishy about these games.

I've seen 4-5 of these exact games, with different skins, uploaded on this website. Sometimes they ask for money, sometimes they're free.

But each time they're barely different, and they never get updated. It's weird. I don't get it.

Created a new topic Review & Lumps Play video!

I really liked this! I always immediately forgive indie games for not being 100% fleshed out, and the only thing that confused me in this one was the story. It just sort of forces you to except the circumstances, without explaining anything. That's fine for a short indie horror game, but it did leave me confused and curious by the end. Why the monster? Why anything? Why?

That being said, graphics looked great! It played wonderfully, I didn't experience any bugs, and the monster looked really good for what you were going for. The action sequence was a nice surprise too, good work on the animation/screenplay for that train scene! It was probably the best moment, I thought.

Thanks for making it, really look forward to anything else from you! Hope you enjoy the Lumps Play, cheers :)

Lumps Plays are let's play with pop-up commentary. Check it out, you'll love it :D

Pretty cool game. Short, to the point, not complicated. Perfect for a short Quickie.

I gotta say that I sort of figured out the ending the literal SECOND the game started, so that was a little bit of a bummer. Just a little obvious. But apart from that, it played well and was interesting. Thanks and I hope you continue making stuff!

Check out Lumps Plays^^^. My commentary is silent, but with pop-ups!

Hey man, I played your game and enjoyed it. I thought the voice overs were really good for such a low budget game and it made it much more entertaining. The monster was pretty funny, and I don't really understand what happened, but at the end of the day I liked it and hope you keep making stuff :D Cheers, man!

Lumps Plays = silent pop up commentary. Check it out.

I really liked this!
It's more of an interactive visualisation than a game, I was really confused going into it, but once I realized it was more of a set piece than a game I started to appreciate it more.

Really good work on the graphics, looked very nice and fitting for the music.

I was able to beat it, but I wasn't too fond of it in the end. I appreciated that it was stable and had no bugs/etc., but when I finished all it really left me with was being 40+ minutes older than I was before I started. I didn't know why anything happened, what the point of anything was, and it felt like a museum of everyday artifacts with unrelated fortune cookie wisdome dispersed in between. That's just my two cents, though, I'm not trying to be mean, but constructive. I realize these game jam games can be hard considering the time restraints, so good work and I hope you keep making games :D


Created a new topic RUIN, Lumps Played.

I played this! Wasn't bad, wish it went on a little longer. I hope it doesn't get abandoned.

I enjoyed this so much :D I love cheesy acting. It wasn't that bad, really! And the whole thing just in general totally ruled. A great way to spend 15 minutes :D

Lumps Plays = pop-up commentary. Check it out!

I beat it! Yup, just had to wait in line a little longer. Never was patient in a queue!

I was thinking the game would be more...accurate? But I surprisingly enjoyed what it actually was. The environment was really neat, and the message was a bit depressing, but as a whole the game worked well for what it sets out to do. Hope you keep making games! Cheers.

Lumps Play commentary = Pop Up commentary. Check it outttt, yo.

Really dug your game! The premise was really cool, the phone idea was really cool, there were funny parts (I thought), and the story was simple but enough to justify the gameplay. Good work, for sure! I sure hope you keep it up.

Lumps Plays = pop-up commentary.

I liked your game :D I thought the art style was cute like fisher price, and the story was suprisingly interesting for only being 5 minutes-ish long. Thanks a lot for making it, keep it up!

Lumps Play is pop-up commentary. Try it!

I'm not sure if it's my favorite game of yours, but I think it's by far the coolest and most interesting! Very ambitious, and I thought it was so awesome you turned it into an interactive music album. Your games always remind me of the reason I like indie video games. They aren't flashy, fancy, or expensiveβ€”but there's loads of substance there. The way you portrayed objects in the 'dream' sequences was both effective and hilariously simple, really good work, man! As always, can't wait until your next one :D

Hope you like the Lumps Play as much as I enjoyed your tunes! Cheers, my friend.

I'll give it another try and look closer around that area, if I figure out the end I'll make a Lumps Play if ya don't mind!

This was cute :D

Created a new topic Navigation nearly impossible.

I play a lot of walking simulators, I dig 'em. This one is a bit sketchy, though. The colors/sky/setting/etc all change whenever you 'find' something. Since the entire landscape looks the same and the draw distance doesn't go far enough to draw most landmarks you run across once you walk away, I found it way too easy to get turned around and lost. The game *tries* to help you out a little bit by teleporting you closer to the middle of the map if you walk too close to its boundaries, but in practice this only caused me to get more turned around! BAM all of a sudden I'm teleported to a new location, and what little bearings I had are just completely gone. Sure you can use the moon as a waypoint, but there are only so many ways you can face so you can see the moon (one!) so you're still having to wip around constantly looking at all the sand trying to figure out where you are.

I got as far as the ruins at night time, with the broken down columns and things. I walked around the entire map including hugging the road and I couldn't find anything else to do, so I just quit...I hate not finishing games.

The environment LOOKED great, I gotta say! Definitely a secluded old highway for sure. I didn't quite understand the story from what I saw of it, but it seemed like one of those "this game is deep, right?!?!" stories, which I'm sort of tired of personally.

Haha, I just browsed around Bottomless Pits a bit, pretty awesome :D Did you ever play Journey? You can't fall through the floor in that game, but there are ways to get "inside" the various levels by glitching through stuff, it was pretty fun. Youtube has some vids of it if you're bored.

As for graduated cylinder, I don't think it "goes on" in any particular way in general, the level orders are random and I played through the whole game a second time after recording to see if I missed any levels, and didn't run into any so I figurd I got 'em all.

Hey there! I just uploaded my playthrough of your game. It wasn't super fun, but that wasn't really the point, was it? I'm not entirely sure if I "won", I sort of just quit because nothing was happening. Which I took to be the point, right? Anyways, I enjoyed the experience, thanks for making it. Cheers!

Lumps Plays uses 100% visual pop-up commentary. Try it at work! ;P

The game wouldn't run any higher than literally a frame or two a second! It was like watching a slideshow? It was unplayable. I don't know why. Anyone else have this problem? I tried changing settings to opengl, directx 9, and 11. Using my integrated card instead of my nvidia card....nothing fixed it. I really wanted to play this, too. Sounds really interesting.

....is there an end?

I "got in line", and then left line, wandered around for literally 20 minutes, nothing. So I quit. But I wanted to beat it :(

I thought it was cute, but it'd be neat if you could get out and check out a dimension or two.

I caused a whole bunch of glitches by spinning my scroll wheel wildly. At one point, I caused the whole game to display upside down.

Posted in DEMISE comments

I gotta say now that I've played it, I was a little disappointed I couldn't actually shoot behind me and in front of me at once...but I guess that'd be pretty hard. Perhaps this game was meant to be in VR.

This was essentially a slideshow of skimpy artwork. There wasn't a single puzzle anywhere, it was just an introduction to the story.

I like the idea of the game, but not if it's just a slideshow. Visual novels are fine, but packaging one in a point-and-click interface without providing puzzles or other gameplay like this is demonstrating isn't very fun.

Posted in DEMISE comments

Before I even play this, I just wanna say that I've fantasized about being able to see in genuine 360 vision ever since childhood. Thanks for making this!

TIMED* Labyrinth.


I sucked everything up....did I win?

Oooh, that makes a lot more sense! For some reason I just assumed the note/explosives cames through the window like the food haha, sorry I derp out sometimes :D

It was short 'n' sweet and to the point, I enjoyed it! Obviously it was really hand-holdy, but you know that, and I don't think that's necessarily bad when you have a specific story you want to tell. I didn't understand what the 'coincidence' was meant to be, but I didn't hold it against it much, it was enjoyable :) Keep making stuff!!

Lumps Plays is 100% visual and utilizes pop-up commentary to provide consistent viewing whether you're hearing, deaf, at work, in a loud place, or simply just don't wanna listen to youtubers ramble and chant "uhm."

Finished, and just uploaded it!

Thanks for the game :) It was very sweet. Enjoy the Lumps Play, one of the few "emotional" games that I got into! Cheers, you guys.

Howdy! *Shouts "ECHO!" into the empty comment section*

This game hasn't gotten much love, probably because it completely sucks.

However, I thought the fact that it was complete and total garbage was incredibly charming.

Thanks for making it, man! I wish you the best.

Lumps Plays = 100% visual pop-up commentary full of witty quips & snarky quiffs. Say hi!

I liked this. The plot could have...existed more. i wasn't really sure what "What's inside?" even referred to, and the message in the mirror didn't make any sense to me.

Other than that, great atmosphere and the puzzles were simple and fun to solve.

Check out Lumps for 100% visual pop-up commentary & weird games & walkthrough:

Thanks a lot for helping out! I actually gave it another shot a couple hours after my post myself, and I figured out what I did!

It was only day 2 so I wasn't used to the game yet, and I ran out of the garage before the I could tell that the cans inside were pink (the white crossfade obscurred it, and I ran out before it fully transitioned). So I just wandered around not seeing anything colorful, wondering why none of the trash cans were doing anything at all.

When I tried it again later, I noticed the colored cans right away inside the garage and was less confused after having more of a chance to understand what the game even wanted from me.

Anyways, I wasn't going to make a video of it, but I may if you wouldn't mind? I can't say it was exactly 'fun' or something that'd be that entertaining to watch, but it is for a sure a positive message that people should see! If you'd rather not I'd understand, I notice your payment model and whatnot. Either way, congratulations on the Steam release, you guys deserve it!

Created a new topic Can't get anything to happen.

I've been wandering around reading notes and interacting with things for 20 minutes, and the only thing that's happened is I looked at a blue vase, it reset and started me back in the garage, and now the blue vase just turns the houses to colors but nothing else happens.

Cool neighborhood though.

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First thing the game instructs you to do: Match the photograph to the room!

First thing that happens: Photograph shows box on bed that is nowhere in room, so impossible to match to photograph. What you really do, is take the photo anyways, and the missing item magically appears in the room!

Other than that little miscommunication making thins unecessarily confusing at first, I thought this was a cute little game. Normally, I'd do a Lumps Play for it, but maybe not this time. Cheers man!

Other bugs: Items didn't maintain their rotation orientation after you drop them/pick them back up. This is annoying when you're trying to pinpoint the position of an item in a photo, and you have to continuously turn it alllll the way around when you just wanna turn it a smidgen.

"Dropping" items only drops them directly in front of you. I had picked up the book on the bed and had a lot of trouble getting it to line back up in the photo properly, because I kept dropping it on the edge of the bed because that's all the farther it would allow me to place it.

I tried it, but the hit detection was really off and I didn't get far. Felt like I had to point directly into their eyeballs in order for the attack animation to even trigger, which was silly since I was holding an axe :D

Why is this basically the exact same game as "travel" (also by game4), but this one is 7 dollars? https://game4.itch.io/-travel-

I've seen ANOTHER version of this exact same game tooβ€”how many times are you planning on re-releasing this same concept, man?


But I really liked it :D It was like a more casual, concise take on "Viscera Cleanup Detail". I could totally think of some ways this could be expanded into a pretty neat full game too, it's a cool idea, thanks for making it, keep it up please!

Check out my Lumps Play, my entire channel is 100% visual, so perfect for watching at school or work :P

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As long as someone gets shirtless :P

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I enjoyed your game a bunch! It's so gay and magical and whimsical and silly and convoluted and campy and enjoyable. Good work, man!

I made a Lumps Play. Check it out, my let's plays are 100% visual with pop-up quipping commentary action.

Cheersmake more games!