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Lumps Plays

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I've just uploaded a Lumps Play for this. I had a really nice time! As everyone has said, the atmosphere/sound/pacing/tone were spot on, and the hunger mechanic/end twist made the entire thing as a whole engaging and worthwhile. Voxels are often seen as toy-ish, but you show here that you can make a really effective atmosphere if you do it right. 

I can't believe this is your first attempt at a game, that's so refreshing from someone who's played hundreds and hundreds of repetetive indie games (specifically horror)! Please keep making games? Please? Following you.

Cheers, hope you like the vid!🍻

Love that you're giving 3d a shot! This was sure nutty xD

Created a new topic Wtf?

This was real weird.

That's all.

So this was a real dream?

Did you have a heart attack and jump yourself awake when the 'planet' hit? 

I enjoyed this little experience! Thanks for it.

Enjoy my Lumps Play: 

Cheers 🍻

Very good!

Fun puzzle game full of trial-and-error. It was really satisfying getting that little fella over the finish line. Took me 40 minutes! I did it in 11 commands, but I was only trying to finish not set any records :D 

Thanks for making the game, and congratulations on getting first place! Well done :)


This was really nice!

The best part was how you switched up the ending as a sort of tongue-in-cheek response. Loved it! It was great on the eyeballs as well, and perfect choice of music.

Included your game in a short showcase for a few games from the gamejam. Enjoy!

Nicely done, truly! 

I honestly had a fun time playing this little puzzle game. I'm not sure if you were inspired by a different games mechanics, but I thought it was all incredibly clever! Really good work, and I liked how you were able to work in multiple xkcd references in with the different panels as well. 

I included your game in a small showcase I did for the gamejam. Enjoy!

It's crazy how you made the comic strip come to life!

I bet this is really trippy for Randall to see. Good job!

I played your game in a short showcase I did for the gamejam, enjoy!

I was a little hard on this game during my Lumps Plays, but I didn't mean anything in bad taste! I thought this was really good for a group student projects (group projects alone are a nightmate) so I think it's great you all pulled this off! I didn't experience any bugs or anything. 

I didn't quite understand the purpose behind anything that was happening, but the experience itself was fun to flesh out and explore. 

Hope you got a good grade! Enjoy the Lumps Play I made (pop up commentary? wtf??) 

This was a surprising little gem!

It reminded me of this anime series of short horror stories I binged on Netflix one day. I don't remember what it was called, though. 

Anyhow, great job with suspense! There's a nice little eco-system of creepy here for a game made in 48 hours, and the ending was both a let down and made the game WAY better at the same time, I really liked it. At first I didn't, but I think it was much more effective than a janky cliche jumpscare! Good work and I hope you keep making games. <3

Made you a Lumps Play, too! Pop-up commentary bubbles are a refreshing break from reaction cam videos. I also edited the chat so it's a big larger, because it was very small when I recorded it in 1080. Enjoy!

Cheers 🍻

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What a surprise treat!

I played this free off itch.io here and then I found it on Steam for 99 cents so I bought it because I was so impressed.

It's no Outlast, don't get me wrong—but it sets out to tell a tale (a very demented one) and succeeds at it! The puzzles were entertaining enough and the atmosphere was varied and interesting and fun to explore. Thanks, dev!

Here's part 1. Part 2 and 3 up this week. Cheers!

EDIT: Part 2.

EDIT: Part 3.

Cheers. 🍻

I liked your project! Did you get an A? I hope so. 

I thought the story was great for such a short experience. The level flowed and played well, too. Nothing groundbreaking occurred, but I wasn't expecting anything bleeding edge for a project meant for learning. I hope you guys keep working with unreal!

Made a Lumps Play. They're let's plays with pop-up comment bubbles. You'll dig it. Cheers! 🍻

Welcome, Lump-kin! 🍻

I did run it with nvidia, so sounds like that was it. No reason to apologize, at least I didn't fall through any floors :D

As for the drives....maybe you could collect 'em before you unleash the red, and be required to put 'em in a computer or something for a little backstory and ultimately a code that allows you to unleash it. Brainstormin'!

I liked this :D It was charming and the colors made the incredibly simple plot incredibly simple to follow (it's red, you're blue!") 

I wished it was a bit longer because I really liked what you did. I wasn't sure if I was able to look at or read the disks (is that what they were? Old floppies?) so if that was a thing I missed it.

Ran into some graphical glitches, too, but it didn't break the game at all and I thought it was entertaining :D 

Cheers! Hope you like the Lumps Play (What's that????? It's Let's Plays, with pop-up commentary! Text! Give it a shot :D)

Cheers. 🍻

This was quite good, wasn't it? At first I was like "Oh, there's absolutely no story and there's some hallways. Cool." but then the game got pretty interesting with all the ghostly business!

I did wish it had a bit more story, though. But for what it was, I thought you did a really great job! 

Here's my obligatory video—but it's different than the others! Try out Lumps Plays for a new way to let's play with pop-up comments. 

Cheers and happy halloween!

Replied to moiboi in Seed comments

Caught your comment in passing and wanted to say I agree!

I try to make this point when I can, too. Usually I point towards Layers of Fear and more recently Cuphead as examples. Unity gets its bad reputation from being so easily accessible making it a great choice for indie developers...which aren't the most experienced ones. That's nothing against the engine, though—open up any engine to the public for free and you'll get the same result.

Posted in Seed comments

This was...something!

I liked the environments, and the entire premise was good fodder for Lumps Plays jokes and riffs. There wasn't too much to it, but for a game this short I didn't think that was too bad! The end did seem a tad abrupt, but so did The Blair Witch, to be honest...

Anyways, hope you like the Lumps Play and thanks for making the game!
Cheers. 🍻

This was incredibly short! 

But I liked it.

It didn't run very well, but I am a big sucker for narrative adventure games and this was a pretty decent one, albeit INCREDIBLY short. The setting was really cool though, and the story made an attempt at something somewhat meaningful, but was sabotaged by the short time limit. I forgave it, though :D Good times. 

Perfect for a Quickie! Lumps Plays are game focused let's plays with pop-up style comments. You'll like it, it's something new :D 

Cheers and thanks for making games.

Played it, liked it okay, wished there was a little more! The beginning was good, the end was okay, but the middle didn't exist. It had a nice Lego style, though and the concept was neat. 

I made a Lumps Play. Pop up text commentary is what I do, it's a nice way to shake up your let's play viewing! 


Replied to SlumpedGaming in lol @ 2$

No. Lol @ because it runs at apparently 15fps and costs 2$ and has models and things popping out all over the place and looks like an unfinished mess. 

No ones mad. People don't laugh when they're mad.

Good luck making money!

Created a new topic lol @ 2$

You can't be serious.

Posted in Breath comments

This was a really good idea! It looked nice and controlled nice. I have some suggestions, though.

Right now, it's essentially a 3D pixel hunter "find the object" game. That's fine—but when you can only move backwards and forward...can't reorientate yourself...have low visibility....and objects surrounding you you can't move...it makes it not *difficult*, but frustrating. 

Despite REALLY liking the game and really trying hard to beat it (spent 25 minutes in the game, which is short) I only made it to the red door lock with the room with the plants. The controls, the nauseating camera movements, and now with the shrubs obstructing my view  made the game physically difficult for me to continue LOOKING at. My eyes were straining, feeling dizzy, etc. I had to shut it off. I'm not normally very sensitive to motion sickness, either. 

I played this and liked it enough! I'm not so into arcade games, but I love dogs and have been to my share of house parties, so I had to try it. It was fun for what it was! I made a quick little QUICKIE! to show off my good times. 

Lumps Plays is POP-UP COMMENTARY! It's your new favorite thing!

So I've had my channel Lumps Plays for quite a while, now. Maybe over 2 years, over 250 indie games played. 

This is one of the best ones I've ever played. Not because it's a great game, but because the dialogue and voice acting alone were so great it just makes everything else not matter, and all that's left over is a fun quick time. I REALLY enjoyed this! I'm sure you know it's good by now from all the feedback, and I was shocked when a friend told me you make those cat videos (good gig going on there!), but I saw you made another game before this one and I'm looking forward to trying that, too. Make more stuff, how about?! Cheers!

Here's my video. It's not your typical Let's Play.

I quite liked your game! The best bit was the quick time events for the enemies, it's rare you see those in a horror game! To be honest, it did make it a little less scary, but I thought it made it WAY MORE FUN! Snapped that ghosties neck! 

Hope you like the Lumps Play.

Text Pop-up Commentary FTW!

Well. This was...definitely some sort of experience!

I have no clue what just happened, but it was intriguing. Congrats on making an incredibly weird, obscure game here. Hope you like the Lumps Play. It's POP-UP COMMENTARY WOOHOO. 


For what it was, I liked this! The story completely confused me, but the gameplay was engaging and entertaining throughout for a small indie project, pat yourself on the back! Hope you like the Lumps Play, cheers!

Lumps Plays have POP-UP COMMENTARY. You love it.

I sure liked this! I wished it was a little big longer and that the story/message was a little more included in the actual game (it doesn't make much sense at all unless you read the quote), but I'm certain that was because of your time constraints so no worries! This was still a really great experience for a gamejam game, and as everyone else has said, INCREDIBLY nice on the eyeballs. Good work! 

Enjoy my Lumps Play!
Lumps Plays are NOT normal let's plays! Lumps Plays use pop-up text based commentary. It's the new cool thing, obviously!

English translation, please? (if you need some help, I could clean up Google Translations so they sound proper!)

I've been wanting to play this for a long time but for some reason I just hadn't yet. I knew exactly what I was getting into, and I wasn't disappointed at all. Congratulations! This "towel-the-naked-old-man-who-is-chasing-you" simulator is flawless. Well done!

Wonderful game! I sure liked that cat. And the environment. And the atmosphere. And the little "surprises" that were placed throughout the whole level (the shutting door by the house, all the monsters hiding around, etc.) Really good all over the plcae! I'll follow you to keep an eye on the full release, please don't abandon it! This was quite good.

Hope you like the Lumps Play! Check it out if you're new. Lumps Plays is POP-UP COMMENTARY OMG IT'S SO AWESOME AND DIFFERENT YOU'LL FALL IN LOVE! <3


Posted in Choke comments

I liked this little game! There wasn't much to it, but considering the length and the scope I thought you did a really good job crafting this experience. I'm not really sure what happened with the story, but it didn't really seem like you wanted it to be very specific so I'd count that as a success as well. Hope you keep making games, lemme I'll follow your stuff! Cheers.

(And check out Lumps Plays! Lumps Plays are Let's play with Pop-up commentary, it's the new way to Let's Play that all the cool kids are raging about :D)


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"In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 2.99€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:"

The game costs 3 dollars on itch.io. I don't care if you can e-mail them for two days trying to get the file as well. The game costs 3$ on itch.io, no matter how you look at it. A donation is not charging for a product. A donation is a donation. You don't get goods in return for a donation. 

I played through this game and made a Lumps Play (let's play with pop-up commentary cuz it rules!) years ago and forgot to post it...


Here's the first episode and full playlist :D

Demo's should not cost money. 

Especially when they're just key quests.

Sorry, man. I know game development is hard. But for real. 

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I thought this was nice.

The controls were a little wonky for me, but I'm not the best at platformers. It seemed sort of like the movement when you were in the air was glitchy and unpredictable, it's hard to explain. But that little thing aside, it was fun and I didn't have much problems beating it and the story was simple but I was really glad it was there :D

And it's nice to know snowmen can build rocketships, too. 

Made a Lumps Play of it, hope you like the pop-up commentary! Cheers. 

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What a chair-ming game!

It could have used a little more content, but for a Lumps Play Quickie! it worked out pretty well. Cheers!


EDIT: Damn, you already said "chairming" in a comment! dangit. 

Really liked this! At first I thought it wasn't going to be very good, but then it turned into something I really liked <3. Do you really plan on finishing this? Please do, I'm so sick of decent indie games get demos and prologues and then never get finished, and I liked this one! 
Lumps Plays = Pop-up style commentary, IT'S THE NEW RAD!