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Lumps Plays

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It was pretty good for a first game.

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I definitely will, looking forward to what you do with it. Thanks for checking out the vid, too


I played it, and I liked it! The story was more interesting than the gameplay, but the story was VERY intersting, and I really look forward to playing more for that alone. I'm sure you know the shortcomings of the gameplay, so I won't bother going into them (pure key fetch, etc).

I hope you like the vid, Lumps Plays is pop-up video style commentary. If you're over 25--you know what I mean :D


This was really good. It was like the cannon kittens game taht I used to play way back in high school in computer lab, but with some actual gameplay mixed in other than "shoot and wait".

It was really fun! I was pleasantly surprised, good work.

(Normally I make Lumps Plays for comments, but didn't think this would fit Lumps Plays very well—but I wanted to let you know it's quite good!)

I quite like your games.

Had to re-up the video, youtube cut off the first few minutes—apologies for the double post. Cheers and keep being rad!

Created a new topic I Lumps Played this.

I liked it!

Quite a refreshing take on the topic. +100 points for making something different, and avoiding a simple jumpscare simulator. Well done!

I liked your game!

The plot didn't come through very clearly...Maybe I'm dumb, but I didn't get it. But I thought the events where really neat, the knife part was my favorite.

If it were a little longer, and the plot were more concise, I think this would be a really cool little game! I'll follow you for future stuff, keep up the work <3

This game was so different from your last one, Dead Loop! I was surprised by the tone, but I really enjoyed play it, it's one of the best Stanley Parable-inspired games I've ever played. You did a really got job keeping things fresh and fun, and the narration was on par with Stanley Parable itself! Kudos to you across the board, really fun experience.

Only gripe I would have is the lack of plot. After the introduction it's sort of...forgotten it seemed like, in favor of just silly antics. I'm sure you have more in mind for the full version, but that's just something that stuck out. Apart from that, it's pretty hard for me to find stuff to complain about!

Watch my Lumps Play! If you're new, Lumps Plays = pop-up commentary like VH1 from back in the day. Check me out for a fresh take on the Let's Play formula, you'll like it :P

Squeezed in a fresh Let's Play of Chapter 1! Can't wait for the release, and so soon! Only 6 days, woooo! Are you giving out any review copies for let's players? If so, I'd really like one if it'd be ok!

Really like this game, can't wait to see how everything turns out in-game and with development. Congrats on all the positive feedback, you deserve it. Great design and really interesting concept. Cheers :)

I don't murder things and I hate poetry. So I guess I don't agree. Hahaha.

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Just because Pixar did it doesn't mean all fish talk now. One of my favorite things about this demo was how the gameplay mechanics themselves were derived from actual characteristics of real fish—female anglers can't see, fish really swim by flapping, etc. plus I like the charm it has now, they could make voice overs for games like Animal Crossing too, but they don't for a reason.

Created a new topic This was my 50th [QUICKIE!]

To be honest, it wasn't the best game. But being so short, it got away with it, and at the end of the day it was an enjoyable experience!

You did a wonderful job in 72 hours, damn!

The only thing I didn't love about this was that it was so short. I've seen another commenter say it, but I agree—you have something really special here, and I hope you consider fleshing it out a bit more. It's a wonderful experience that isn't bogged down by too many mechanics, and I love the premise of the entire thing. You can tell you took it seriously.

Anyways, thanks a lot for making it. I saw you plan on finishing the level at least, I'll definitely play it, but please consider expanding a bit! Even a 15 minute experience would be a better taste of this neat underwater world.

Here is my Lumps Play, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your creation:

Lumps Plays is pop-up commentary. No voiceovers, but pop-ups. Remember Vh1 videos? Check it out—you'll like it :D

Not trying to step on your toes, but I think the game would suffer from voice acting! Fish don't speak.

This isn't a good game, and I was offended it costs 5$.

There are only 2-3 textures in the entire thing. The environments are trivial. The enemies are trivial. The enemies all behave the same. There are no puzzles. There are literal 2-3 minute sections where nothing is happening but walking. The sound design is atrocious. The story is abysmal. The gameplay mechanics are laughable. The conclusion was unsatisfying and confusing. Literally every single thing about this game was terrible.

Apart from how I beat it without running into any bugs. Good job on that. But seriously. Try harder if you're going to chage 5$, ESPECIALLY if you're audience is mostly children! Shame on you!

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It was made well on the technical side, but as far as "fun" or "interesting" I don't think it really made the mark.

At the end of the day, it was a string of fetch quests. I know that's all most games really are at the end of the day, but something about this one made it feel very apparent to me. It could have been all the walking between points of making progress, since nothing ever happened unless I was reading a note or finding an item, it just felt like a slow chore getting through each task.

The main premise of the game is really cool, but it doesn't make much sense that the colonists can get NEW information from OLD simulations? A simulation is not the same thing as time traveling, you can't get NEW information out of a simulation, and if you do, it ONLY applies to the simulation, not real life. So what's the point?

I really hope you continue because with the pacing/story cleaned up a bit I think this could be a really awesome little game. Keep it up!

EDIT: I ended up doing a Lumps Play for this. Cheers!

That's so surprising, it has so many similarities! The anomalies, the creepy prison setting, all the procedure warnings, etc. If you haven't read 'em you should check 'em out, they're pretty well-known. The origins of the infamous SCP-173!

I hope I didn't come across as thinking you stole the idea or anything, that's not what I thought at all. I was actually really glad to see the game was playing so well because the "actual" SCP game that exists is so incomplete and bad :D

Thanks for getting back to me, and I can't wait to play more!

What can I say, it was completely ridiculous and I enjoyed the entire thing.

P.s. Watermelons are vegetables.

Very promising! The demo wasn't the best, but if the game is anything like how the new promotional material looks the demo was just the tip of the iceberg. Really looking forward to this, good work!

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I tried to play this, but the keys were bugging out.

The first 15 or so were fine, but then the keys starting "ejecting" more keys from the lock than I entered. For example, I would pick up a key, and try it. Then I would watch the lock "try" anywhere from 2 to 6 random keys that I didn't even pick up, increasing the pile of keys under the lock exponentially with each key attempt.

This completely ruined the game, as trying 293 keys is tedious enough without having to watch 5 imaginary keys conjured out of thin air try to unlock the door as well each time. I was down for the tedium, but with this bug, I just can't dedicate the time

Created a new topic Meh...

I thought the first half was okay, but the second I fell through the floor with no flashlight and was made to wander around in dark, featureless hallways for the second part of the game, I checked out and quit.


I think you definitely need a light source on night 3. The tunnels need more decoration so it's not so easy to get lost. It all really falls apart the second you get out of the bedroom, tbh. The jump scare one hit kill happened so quickly I didn't even get to see what the monster looked like. I'd say, expand on the beginning, and completely ditch the second half.

Keep up the good work, I don't mean to sound mean—indie devving isn't easy!

I liked this a lot :D I can't exactly call it "fun" but that wasn't really the goal, was it? I thought it was really well made, and although short, the point you were going for was clear! Really great entry, I hope you continue to make stuff :)

Lumps Plays = pop up cartoon commentary for adults. Check me out for a new take on Let's Plays.

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I loved this.

Games like this is why I play indie video games.

I don't think you'll EVER see a sequence like that in any AAA game....ever. What a shocker.

Keep it up, man! Hope you don't get my channel banned, I left it uncensored :P

I just Lumps Played this, and I quite liked it! It was a really good quickie, perfect for a break from mediocre horror games and whatnot. The plot was simple but it was great for how short the game was, and I can't help but imagine how awesome it would be to play a full 30-60 minutes of this exploring different villages on different planets! Hmm? *hint hint* :D Thanks for the game, and keep it up, the hard work payed off!

Lumps Plays is pop-up commentary, me (Lumps!) commenting witty remarks and opinions vis-a-vis unique pop-ups a la Vh1's Pop-up videos from back in the day. Check it out, you'll love it :D

Well. I really liked it! I was a little unimpressed up until the ending because it seemed like a quick-time event simulator with no point, but then there was a plot twist with explanation that put everything into perspective, and I loved it! Good work, look forward to more stuff from ya.

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Something fishy about these games.

I've seen 4-5 of these exact games, with different skins, uploaded on this website. Sometimes they ask for money, sometimes they're free.

But each time they're barely different, and they never get updated. It's weird. I don't get it.

Created a new topic Review & Lumps Play video!

I really liked this! I always immediately forgive indie games for not being 100% fleshed out, and the only thing that confused me in this one was the story. It just sort of forces you to except the circumstances, without explaining anything. That's fine for a short indie horror game, but it did leave me confused and curious by the end. Why the monster? Why anything? Why?

That being said, graphics looked great! It played wonderfully, I didn't experience any bugs, and the monster looked really good for what you were going for. The action sequence was a nice surprise too, good work on the animation/screenplay for that train scene! It was probably the best moment, I thought.

Thanks for making it, really look forward to anything else from you! Hope you enjoy the Lumps Play, cheers :)

Lumps Plays are let's play with pop-up commentary. Check it out, you'll love it :D

Pretty cool game. Short, to the point, not complicated. Perfect for a short Quickie.

I gotta say that I sort of figured out the ending the literal SECOND the game started, so that was a little bit of a bummer. Just a little obvious. But apart from that, it played well and was interesting. Thanks and I hope you continue making stuff!

Check out Lumps Plays^^^. My commentary is silent, but with pop-ups!

Hey man, I played your game and enjoyed it. I thought the voice overs were really good for such a low budget game and it made it much more entertaining. The monster was pretty funny, and I don't really understand what happened, but at the end of the day I liked it and hope you keep making stuff :D Cheers, man!

Lumps Plays = silent pop up commentary. Check it out.

I really liked this!
It's more of an interactive visualisation than a game, I was really confused going into it, but once I realized it was more of a set piece than a game I started to appreciate it more.

Really good work on the graphics, looked very nice and fitting for the music.

I was able to beat it, but I wasn't too fond of it in the end. I appreciated that it was stable and had no bugs/etc., but when I finished all it really left me with was being 40+ minutes older than I was before I started. I didn't know why anything happened, what the point of anything was, and it felt like a museum of everyday artifacts with unrelated fortune cookie wisdome dispersed in between. That's just my two cents, though, I'm not trying to be mean, but constructive. I realize these game jam games can be hard considering the time restraints, so good work and I hope you keep making games :D


Created a new topic RUIN, Lumps Played.

I played this! Wasn't bad, wish it went on a little longer. I hope it doesn't get abandoned.

I enjoyed this so much :D I love cheesy acting. It wasn't that bad, really! And the whole thing just in general totally ruled. A great way to spend 15 minutes :D

Lumps Plays = pop-up commentary. Check it out!

I beat it! Yup, just had to wait in line a little longer. Never was patient in a queue!

I was thinking the game would be more...accurate? But I surprisingly enjoyed what it actually was. The environment was really neat, and the message was a bit depressing, but as a whole the game worked well for what it sets out to do. Hope you keep making games! Cheers.

Lumps Play commentary = Pop Up commentary. Check it outttt, yo.

Really dug your game! The premise was really cool, the phone idea was really cool, there were funny parts (I thought), and the story was simple but enough to justify the gameplay. Good work, for sure! I sure hope you keep it up.

Lumps Plays = pop-up commentary.

I liked your game :D I thought the art style was cute like fisher price, and the story was suprisingly interesting for only being 5 minutes-ish long. Thanks a lot for making it, keep it up!

Lumps Play is pop-up commentary. Try it!

I'm not sure if it's my favorite game of yours, but I think it's by far the coolest and most interesting! Very ambitious, and I thought it was so awesome you turned it into an interactive music album. Your games always remind me of the reason I like indie video games. They aren't flashy, fancy, or expensive—but there's loads of substance there. The way you portrayed objects in the 'dream' sequences was both effective and hilariously simple, really good work, man! As always, can't wait until your next one :D

Hope you like the Lumps Play as much as I enjoyed your tunes! Cheers, my friend.

I'll give it another try and look closer around that area, if I figure out the end I'll make a Lumps Play if ya don't mind!

This was cute :D

Created a new topic Navigation nearly impossible.

I play a lot of walking simulators, I dig 'em. This one is a bit sketchy, though. The colors/sky/setting/etc all change whenever you 'find' something. Since the entire landscape looks the same and the draw distance doesn't go far enough to draw most landmarks you run across once you walk away, I found it way too easy to get turned around and lost. The game *tries* to help you out a little bit by teleporting you closer to the middle of the map if you walk too close to its boundaries, but in practice this only caused me to get more turned around! BAM all of a sudden I'm teleported to a new location, and what little bearings I had are just completely gone. Sure you can use the moon as a waypoint, but there are only so many ways you can face so you can see the moon (one!) so you're still having to wip around constantly looking at all the sand trying to figure out where you are.

I got as far as the ruins at night time, with the broken down columns and things. I walked around the entire map including hugging the road and I couldn't find anything else to do, so I just quit...I hate not finishing games.

The environment LOOKED great, I gotta say! Definitely a secluded old highway for sure. I didn't quite understand the story from what I saw of it, but it seemed like one of those "this game is deep, right?!?!" stories, which I'm sort of tired of personally.