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Nice if you had fun, thanks for the video !

Thanks for the video !

Thanks for the video !

Thanks for the article !

He he nice ! Glad you liked it !

Glad to see you had such fun playing the game !

Thanks for the comment !

The break is kinda useful I thought, I think you can leave it in the game. The "one use per jump" balance it quite well.

If you improve the game I would love to play it again !

But ? But ? It's to short !!! I want more !!! There's so much more to do with such a mechanic !!!

The idea is really cool and it needs some skill ! I think the character is little bit to floaty, even with the break. It's sometimes complicated to go where you want to go because your character is flying in an almost uncontrollable way.

It needs more feedback too, for example something that tells you what you can grapple and what not at what time, I died many times because I wasn't able to grapple for whatever reasons.

But overhaul, The game can be something really interesting, the art style works very well with the gameplay. Good job for 48 hours ! 

Thanks for the feedback ! And glad to hear that you and your dad that got no problem with the controls !

Implementing an AI was impossible in such a short amount of time, but it would be a nice feature for a bigger version of the game !

So cute ! The mechanic is great and good job on the visuals, you nailed it in 48 hours !

Nice little game with a cool art style, but keyboard controls for an isometric view puzzle game is not the best fit I will say. A controller will be more intuitive I think. It was hard for me to navigate safely.

First of all: great visuals and great idea, works very well !

One thing really that can be problematic (despite the absence of sounds, but you where alone and it's a Jam, so it's not a big deal) is that the camera in centered on the ball and not on the two elements at the same time. You can lose your cursor like that, and, obviously, kill yourself.

But hey ! The game is good despite this, nicely done !

Ha ha this is actually really fun ! The idea works well, nice job !

Maybe it needs something more to make the "shots" more punchy, more juicy. Sometimes I didn't know if I was shooting correctly. 

I like the music by the way.

Yay ! The new Unity version is really cool, we made our Jam game with it !

Controls need to be updated yes, it's one of the main problem with the game.

It's cool to see that you liked the visuals, thanks !

Yes, the controls need some work to be more enjoyable. With the visual feedbacks  and that, these are the main problems of the game for the moment.

Glad to see that you still enjoyed the game and liked the art style, thanks !

Your welcome ! Any chance to see an updated version of the game one day ?

Oh woah ! Thanks, it makes me happy to hear that !

You damn right !

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The idea is nice, it fits well the theme. But controlling the torch is pretty difficult sometimes especially when you turn around and the torch gets up but your mouse is pointing down.

The rest works well, cool game !

I like it !!!

The mechanic work well, it's just sad that you lose momentum when teleported, but it's still fun to play though.

And the art style is very cool !

Cool art style, really ! Cool use of colors and post process !

One big problem for me are the controls, it doesn't respond well, I think it will be better to dash directly with the arrow keys and not combined with space bar. Like that the player will more focus on the game rather than trying to understand the controls I suppose.

But when you understand the controls, the game has a great feel when dashing on ennemies !

WTF was that ! Don't really know if it fits the theme but was nicely done, was cool to play !

Hey, thanks for the feedback ! Glad to see you still had fun playing it alone.

Cool concept ! Needed some time to understand how it work, but at the end, it's really interesting and relaxing. And really cool aesthetics ! On a big monitor it's not that easy to play, but that's not a problem for the game itself.

Glad to hear that ! Thanks !

Thanks for the video !

Actually, there is no jumpscare in the game technically. You walked straight into the monster most of the time, it's not because you can't see the him, he's not here (same goes for the objects btw) :)

Okay, I wasn't sure. Too bad You Tube isn't good enough to make a good translation by himself on the video. If you have feedbacks for us in english, it would be really usefull and awesome for us !

We understand french and german too. Maybe it's better for you ? :)

We can't understand your language, but it's look like you liked the game, that's nice ! :)

Thanks for the video !

Thanks for the video !

Thanks !

It's a bit short because we made the game in a short amount of time (48 hours exactly) ! :)

(Maybe there is easter eggs too)

Thanks ! We hope we will be able to make a bigger better game, such comments is good motivation for us !

Thanks for the nice comments !

Glad you liked the game ! We didn't had the time to create a real AI for the monster in only 48 hours, so for for the moment it's pretty easy to overcome his pre-determined path. Hope it will be better in a bigger game. :)

We had the one button press in mind for a moment, but it takes away a part of the stress you can get from changing frequencies. Actually we want to lose the player a little bit in the environment with such a mechanic. :)

Nice video btw !

Nice video ! Losing a little bit the player by figuring out the environment and where the monster is, is actually the whole point of the game :)

The game was made in 48 hours, so yeah, the level design is not the best you can get, it can be tight sometimes. If we make a bigger game, it won't like that we think.