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Glad to see people still enjoying the game after all those years !

Thanks for the video !

Thanks for the video !

Mmh, really odd. The build is really old now but it should work on modern systems. Maybe it has something to do with your  firewalls, or something else blocking the program ?

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Sorry to hear that.
On what system are you playing on ?

Making it a bit tough is kinda by design :) 
Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless ! 

Yeah we need to make a proper exit option.

Thanks for the comment !

Content que ça t'ai plus ! 

Malheureusement la fin des votes est arrivée super vite, mais on testera quand même pour essayer :)

It happens :)

Fun and challenging. The art is so clean and polished, I really like it, well done !

For the text at the beginning, we wanted to be sure the controls are clear and available in the game. We made it like that the time we got. There's definitely a better way to do it for sure !

We're planning to add sounds in an update, we hadn't the time and staff for that ^^

But glad you enjoyed it !

If it's predictable, it would be an awesome feature pulled the right way.

Excellent idea fitting the theme! But some crabs are clearly cheating. Is it part of the game or a bug ?

The art is really polished, colorful and all, I like that !

Good job !

Wasn't expecting the game to get out of control like that, good work on that !

Extremely good level of polish ! The screen shake is a little exaggerated sometimes but I had fun nonetheless.

Great job ! 

It's a happy dog, it should make everyone happy when playing with the sheep !

Thanks ! The giggly eyes are the game, without it there's no fun :)

Thanks you ! Glad you had some much fun with the game !

We can and a WASD setup at least for an update, but in our opinion, the game is best played with a controller. Nice if you like the art style, I had a lot of fun creating it !

Thanks !

French keyboard setup :) This is what we had for the development.

Thanks for the comment ! 

It wasn't really intended to be easy when we had the idea ^^ But the wobbliness makes up for everything !

Thank you !

Mmh, we didn't encountered any crash during our tests. When exactly does this happen when launching the game ?

Controls actually really good :) Really a fun little game !

Good job !

Great job for doing a narrative game during a jam !

Feels really polished! Art and sound are really well done.

Good job !

Another sheep game ! I like the fact that you almost always need to sacrifice some sheep to have a chance to save some.

Nicely done !

Thanks ! We had lot fun working on those sheep :)

I'm kicked out of the space ship every time I hit an asteroid ^^ This is total lost of control indeed.

I really see this game as a multiplayer one, could be more fun this way I think.

Anyway, good job on the game !

I don't know if I like the music, its... special ^^

But the art is really clean !

Good job !

Cool concept and challenging !

Really well done !

Really cool music :) Nice little game and easy controls.

Wouldn't mind a little bit more feedback on the ball timer to better know when it's going to disappear.

Good job !

Yeah it's way better with a controller, but we wanted to give the option anyway for accessibility.

Thanks for the comment !

Had a fatal error right at the beginning when clicking randomly in the level. After that I figured out how to play, there's potential for a fun little Lemmings Like game.

Just, I didn't found any exit or am I not looking correctly ?

Great job !

Good level design teaching correctly the mechanics of the game. Maybe the goat movements are a little bit slow but overall, it controls greatly.

Great job !

I like the limited color palette. It's a fun little game !

Good job !

Cool concept ! Adding a slider for the visuals is an interesting idea !

The Level Design is a little bit too big to understand where you can go. I wasn't sure what was going on.

Good job anyway !

It took some time to understand where the fire was at first, but after finding it, it's a nice little challenging game I think.

I don't completely get how it fits the overall theme but good job anyway :)

Really well done ! The art, the feel, the controls, everything feels good to play and is challenging !