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A great game, the mood is fantastic and eerie, the mechanic is interesting and there's a lot of potential with the concept. I could see this doing very well if it gets fleshed out more.

Very well done. The game was simple, fun, and rewarding to play with a neat concept to boot. Everyone on the team did a great job with this.
I agree with most of the suggestions seen in the comments, I'll also add a few suggestions I have for balancing the difficulty to be a bit fairer on the player:

It'd be useful if the player was given a bit of leniency when moving around corners, slightly shifting the player towards the nearest opening, so that when the player is running around the level, dodging and weaving between corners, they don't find themselves frequently stopping whenever they are just barely grazing a wall.

Bob's hitbox could probably be tweaked a bit, especially for a game that requires this much fast paced precision. Perhaps if his his hitbox didn't cover his Afro and was just based around his body, it'd make the area on the character you're trying to protect immediately clearer.

An addition that might be nice is to have an indication on the edge of the screen to show that an enemy is close but just outside the player's vision, and what direction they're in; giving the player the opportunity to plan ahead slightly. (Whether or not this could fit into the visual style of the game, I'm unsure).

I hope you do some more work with this because it's a great foundation with a lot of potential that is already very well made.

I think you did a great job in pretty much every aspect, the game was fun, the graphics were great and the music was groovy to say the least.

I played both the jam version and the post jam version, you have definitely improved the tutorial and game mechanics between them, and it makes the whole thing easier to understand. However I still find it a bit difficult at times to activate a dash/flip, and sometimes I get damage that feels kind of cheap as a result.

It's an excellent game in any regard, and was improved even more post jam. Fantastic work! Perhaps we might even see this game go beyond the jam?

(To be clear, I did rate the game before playing the post jam, just to be fair)

Interesting idea. The puzzles are pretty nice and I think the concept could be expanded upon. I do agree with basically everything said by the other comments so I won't repeat it.

Good job though.

That was a pretty fun little game, albeit a little bit infuriating but still fun.

I do think that a few enemies did way too much damage when your shield was down, and that made it difficult to maneuver into the right spot to fight them.

However the game was good and does have some potential for going beyond the jam.

Great work on this game, the fact you managed to make what is essentially a rogue-lite in such a short time is quite impressive.

I do feel like combat could've been a bit more fluid, as it was very easy to get cornered and killed since you couldn't charge the sword at all. Also the mages who summoned bones felt a little bit too powerful in corridors, where you would have to wait for their attack to disappear before you could finally attack them.

All in all, you did a good job with this one!

Nice job here, the gameplay seems pretty fun overall.

I do believe that the reload mechanic was fairly redundant, and that the little gas clouds that formed from explosions were a bit tedious to dodge. However the game was fun and think you did a good job!

Great job with the puzzle design on this game, there were some very cool tricks you needed to use to beat each level and every tile had a purpose!

I don't think this game incorporates the theme too well, however the mechanics of the boat were still very interesting to use.

In any case, this is a solid entry and you should be proud for what you've put out.

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That was an awesome game! The main mechanic felt fluid and like it belonged, the slowdown felt well executed (although it can get a bit annoying with the music constantly changing tempo) and combos felt meaningful and satisfying to get, I even got to 21!

Since I always like to give at least one idea of how people can improve, I do think charging in rapid succession felt a tad bit annoying due to how getting to max power worked, and I found combos would occasionally end for me due to me not being able to build enough power to kill an enemy. Perhaps if max power didn't require your cursor to be at the edge of the screen? (I admit my game had almost exactly the same issue xD)

Despite this, the game is really solid, and perhaps one of the best in the jam!

Quite a cool game here! It felt satisfying to use the dash mechanic into large groups, and the game had a few interesting level layouts.

I did feel like the physics were my main gripe, it didn't feel tight enough to pass levels without a lot of difficulty, although I understand how difficult good platformer physics are and won't hold that against you. The other thing is that some type of signal of when your charge is about to end would be nice, as I died a few times to my charge ending right before a pit or enemy.

It's definitely a concept with a lot of potential, if you added smoother physics similar to Mario, perhaps also something to make it more seamless (like walls that you could bounce off of) I think you could really push this idea forward.

I didn't actually know someone had done the mechanic before. Also yeah, physics are a pain to get right at times. But thanks for the feedback, it really helps!

I appreciate the advice, it's definitely something I will consider.

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely something I would try and improve upon if I continue the game.

I swear if this thing shuts down one m- Oh god dammit!

Great job  on this one, the mechanics are pretty awesome and are definitely unique. Also the sound design and general atmosphere was amazing!

Unfortunately your game will probably get a few people bitter due to how easy it is to get stuck, however it is a great concept either way, well done!

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That was a fun game with an amazing concept! You could seriously push this idea further, it doesn't even have to be a tower climber, the idea is really solid in almost any context.

Onto the actual game, I did find it hard sometimes to actually get the enemies to shoot at me, which got me into a few tricky situations where I found myself without a weapon.

Either way, well done and good luck if you take it further!

I guess the best suggestion I can give is adding some form of preparation for the chaos that might ensue later. Perhaps having things such as sprinklers and auto-seed planters which could become fairly important later on. Also giving them their own issues such as the sprinkler needing to be watered multiple times, and the auto-seed planters needing to be reseeded.

However that's just off the top of my head, I'm sure by testing a few different ideas you could come up with an even better method.

Good luck! :)

That was a really fun game, and had some challenging puzzles with it. The only real issue I have with it is that some puzzles tend to rely on the villagers odd movement pattern , which makes thinking ahead a little bit difficult. However once you get the hang of it, it's a great game!

This is quite a nice little game. It felt a bit slow paced at the beginning but it picked up the pace and was actually quite fun! I'm not entirely sure if this game fits the theme that well but that's alright. Overall good job!

That was a really cool game. The mechanics and idea around it definitely has potentially to go beyond the jam and become part of a full fledged game. One issue I did have was the fact that it was pretty difficult to tell when you were being hit, and how much health you had. However pretty solid otherwise. Great job!

Really great job here, it was satisfying and fun to play! Also it fit the theme really well. Although I found the grapple to be a little bit hard to handle with how far it launches you when you stop. Either way, this would be a great mobile game!

That was a really fun little game, and I was hooked till the end. Well done!

It's an interesting concept. With more polish and obstacles I think it could actually be pretty fun.

One bit of advice I would recommend would be to make it so the player doesn't move backwards while in the air, as this makes it fairly difficult to time a jump after dashing (since the blocks on the ground move at the same speed).

Either way, good job!