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puzzles with magnets
Submitted by osiahene (@nsiahene) — 8 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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The polarity beam can push objects and pull you towards objects

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Interesting idea. The puzzles are pretty nice and I think the concept could be expanded upon. I do agree with basically everything said by the other comments so I won't repeat it.

Good job though.


I have a couple ideas for new puzzles but fixing the bugs comes first! Thanks for playing!


Thoughtful concept, and with enough ironing out of what can and cannot happen in the game (many times I was like "wait, CAN I just change directions while being repelled by a magnet?), and fixing the bugs, it has a lot of potential!
And I agree with EonNomad, now that I think of it, Game Feel might be the biggest thing it needs right now!


The game feel is super lacking and I'm currently kicking myself for not adding sound effects. Thanks for the kind words.


Having different behavior for the +- states makes sense for dual purpose! Lack of feedback makes it feel empty (understandable with it being a game-jam game) and the design for levels 3-5 work, but feel a little too open. There's too much room for error that shouldn't be possible yet. If there were a few more levels before the 5th one (couldn't figure it out) that would help me understand how to work around the moving object, then it would be better. But still, clever idea and level design!


I could have definitely made the levels a little tighter so players don't get the wrong idea about how to solve a puzzle. The fifth level is possible but it has a very specific timing which may be a little too punishing. Thanks for playing!


Seems like Zelda magnet item. Needs some sound fx and to reset upon death (exiting the screen). Cool puzzles.

Developer (1 edit)

This is the second time someone said it reminds them of Zelda! An automatic screen reset upon death is a great idea! If I decide to finish this I'll be sure to add sound effects and even more levels!


Hey, we made a magnet game as well! It was really cool to play yours (I love puzzles). Play ours if you'd like and see how they compare! It's called Magnetic. Maybe leave a rating and comment?


I'll give it a try!


Neat concept. Took me a bit to figure it out, but once I did was able to get through all the levels in a couple of minutes. Would have liked to see some more complicated puzzles. Reminds me of Zelda Oracle of Ages puzzles.

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks! I have a bunch of other puzzle concepts in mind so I might end up updating it after the jam! The idea of this game actually originated from Phix the Adventure.


A pretty clever puzzle game, surprisingly~ Has promise, just gotta explore the concept more!


Thanks! There are a few ideas I want to explore but first I have to fix those collision bugs!