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Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

The platform collision has really bothered us, but it was a choice between pretty bad clipping into walls or "floating" off of platforms until we could engineer a more complicated solution that makes it behave differently when on edges. Definitely would be one of the first few things we would fix if we decided to continue this game past the initial 48 hours.

Neat concept. Took me a bit to figure it out, but once I did was able to get through all the levels in a couple of minutes. Would have liked to see some more complicated puzzles. Reminds me of Zelda Oracle of Ages puzzles.

Wow, thanks so much for the help! Don't think I can fix it at this point until after the game jam, but I'll throw a disclaimer up for FireFox users.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

Are you talking about the camera jumping when you throw the hammer? Because that is a bug I wasn't able to fix. Otherwise it should be smooth, so if it's not please let me know, thanks!

Thanks!! Yea, the mid air hammer drop was actually a feature I didn't have time to get to, so it was cut. Would have allowed Timmy to throw the hammer down mid air and send him flying up to reach new places.