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Rated by 19 people so far
A jam entry

Timmy's Big Bad HammerView game page »

Help free the Demonic hammer!
Submitted by Kaboom242, zrrz111 with 3 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline

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Use Hammer to smash things and jump.

Third-party resources
Unity, Pyxel Edit, Photoshop, Audacity, ChipTone, BeepBox

Zack Rock - Programer
Garrett Priddy - Art, Design, Sound, Music, Voices.

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This was excellent and one of the better examples of the dual-purpose theme that I've seen. The art style and flavor of the characters is pretty great. There game feel is pretty decent, too. The hammer really has oomph to it. The only part of the game feel that's off for me is the collision on the platforms. I know it's usually a good idea to leave the player a little extra space, but there is a hell of a lot of space past the edge. Other than that, my only complaint in the music. At first, it's off-beat and interesting, but it kinda grates by the end.


Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

The platform collision has really bothered us, but it was a choice between pretty bad clipping into walls or "floating" off of platforms until we could engineer a more complicated solution that makes it behave differently when on edges. Definitely would be one of the first few things we would fix if we decided to continue this game past the initial 48 hours.

Yeah, I didn't think about how abnormally wide your sprite is. That's a conundrum.


I'm a sucker for any game where you throw your character around to maneuver. I think the controls could have been a bit more responsive but this is an excellent prototype. Loved the creepy-cute art style.


Everything about this game feels good to play. Great job! I'd love to this expanded on.


I love:
- The hammer actions are great
- The puzzles are simple but demonstrate the potential of this game

I would have love if:
- The camera movements were smoother. I still have a doubt if it's my Firefox bugging or if the camera is effectively jumping a bit to stay on the character.

I would definitely play more of that game if you expand it!


Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

Are you talking about the camera jumping when you throw the hammer? Because that is a bug I wasn't able to fix. Otherwise it should be smooth, so if it's not please let me know, thanks!


So after testing again:

I'm on Windows 10 x64
Using Firefox 54 x64 the camera jumps every 1.5 - 2 scds, I captured a video of it: www.sylvain-maurice.com/misc/timmy_camera_jumps.flv
Using Chrome 59 x64 the problem disappears completely.

So at this point I don't think it comes from the camera but rather that it's due to performance consumption spikes in firefox.


Wow, thanks so much for the help! Don't think I can fix it at this point until after the game jam, but I'll throw a disclaimer up for FireFox users.


I like it! the feel of the hammer is quite nice! would be nice to have a mid-air slam attack though, it just feels like it should be there, and would make you able to kill enemies from the air instead of falling on them and taking damage.

would be cool to see more levels with more advanced puzzles!


Thanks!! Yea, the mid air hammer drop was actually a feature I didn't have time to get to, so it was cut. Would have allowed Timmy to throw the hammer down mid air and send him flying up to reach new places.

Really nicely done. The feel of the hammer is fantastic. Quite fun.

Nicely done, I enjoyed it. For some of the levels it didn't matter that attack/jump is the same action, but it would be fun to try more puzzles built around that mechanic.


God, I would have loved to have more time to make a few more puzzles, Focusing on that Hit and jump, I had some more great Ideas, but I thought it was more important to get more "simple levels" for ease of play, and teaching the player.