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Ah, thank you so much!!

Thank you very much! The only track we didn't aim for that is the heavily Doom-inspired track #2, but I guess the cute energy just seeped into that one as well hehe

Love the aesthetic and use of dual purpose. Wish there was more to force you to make meaningful choices between turning and speeding up to balance the meter while maybe avoiding something?
Turning was a bit confusing from a side scroller perspective but still, cool stuff!
Lol scored arbitrary points

Small levels that teach basic mechanics/behavior one by one would be useful first, and then having the main level here be the last one to test your skills. Love the aesthetic though!

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Need to tie the spiders/highscore more into the dual purpose stuff. I feel like it would be better if boxes could only be moved by gun shots but otherwise, the system of how it all works fits the theme well. Cool vibe!

The stronger mechanic is the abstraction of actions having to be pulled off by the theme of a combo- a string of different inputs pressed in succession. It still fits the theme of dual purpose a bit but I think this combo aspect overshadows the fact that certain keys are technically re used for other actions (the only small semblance of multi purpose). If something else fed into the dual purpose theme in a systematic way, then it would flesh out the theme more. (ex. doing a dash has a default speed but killing an enemy makes you do the action again upon impact).

Regardless, I really like the combo aspect with the music. Dashing across gaps is hard since I would fall down more often but I really like how the keys that were re used for different actions make sense that they're re used. Interested how this might get expanded!

Clever design with the mechanic. I found out how to stun the enemies (dual purpose design, woo!) and make it a bit further than my first playthrough. Can get a bit annoying when you land at a spot that is technically a dead end for progressing further with the grappling hook, making me grapple to a previous spot to progress further. 
Really nice ambiance, visually and audibly!

Thoughtful gameplay. Maybe switching to other weapons could be tied a bit more to the shooting input or another input only to fit more with the theme, although I can see that getting annoying. Visuals are very Downwell influenced ;)

Design reminds me a lot of Hoplite, which I really enjoy! Cool, thoughtful design with the layout and enemy types and simple mechanics! While I understand why, it felt to not be able to turn left/right in one space. Maybe having a better visual reason for not being able to turn to the side could help. Can't think of a good one, but it's minor. Cool puzzle/action game!

Love your approach of the theme, cooldowns and how the sword can be harmful to enemies when moving it while only red. Tying this more in with enemies dropping something that feeds into the system and mechanics would flesh it out more!

Good use of mechanics and rules to fit theme. The feel is really smooth, it's so nice. Would love to try with sfx, music and more visual feedback.  The enemy types are interesting too!

Really liked the mechanics (they fit the theme well) and level design! Magnet box (player avatar) moves a bit slow when trying to move quickly but that's probably my only complaint.

There was a glitch in the first level where I placed the box on the last spot(switch) for the door to next level but from the left side. The glitch is that I walked into the box and it flew up and fell back down in place after 5 ish seconds but the door didn't stay open.

I think you excelled on every front with this game! Still don't understand exactly how the power button switches between inputs since it didn't always switch upon entering/exiting ground with power source. Really clever idea!

Was a bit difficult figuring out exactly what could get rid of the homing missiles and other dangers that randomly come out of the weapon. Wish I could walk diagonally and sometimes it felt like the projectile was a bit too random but it's an otherwise cool idea, mechanically and systematically!

Solid use of mechanic for the theme! Feedback feels great and game has a nice style. Not sure if in but requiring shots for certain enemies would be interesting. Like a shot to open vulnerable spot that needs to be melee attacked with your body. Cool stuff!

The simplest of all the games I've tried with a solid look and feel for the theme and gameplay!!

Really like the character and enemy designs. Would love to find out about the lore of this world and why they're all like that ;)
I feel like you could've done more with the theme, even a sprinting while holding LMB, since it took a while to figure out what to do because I was exploring other areas and running felt a bit slow at times. I found the gold one though and escorted them to the sun spot!

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Edit: Had to press Alt-Enter to get rid of black screen upon booting game. I'm on Windows 10. Seems to be happining with other games on Contruct or GameMaker, can't remember.)

Very thought out mechanics for the theme! Really fast paced and music matches it well. The idle animation is a bit misleading since I thought I had to wait to shoot in the direction my character is currently facing until I realized it went towards my mouse cursor.  Looks like we thought alike with drills and going through solid walls haha. Cool stuff!

Very strong dual purpose mechanic! Love the sfx when Timmy gets hurt, how he drags the hammer, the level design, how the hammer has a face and launching myself up when the hammer lands. The arc for throwing the hammer is not as intuitive but still a cool extension of the mechanic. Was not expecting this, cool stuff!

Reminds me of And yet it moves! Clever use of the theme. I didn't really find myself using jump at all. Enemies shoot a bit too fast (fire rate and speed) which makes me peek out from hidden spots in order to defeat enemies. Rotating in one direction for too long makes me get a bit dizzy. I'm not sure how to get around that but maybe more camera ease could help. Cool mechanic/dual purpose rules and music too!

Had to use alt-enter as well. Thanks for posting that! Almost didn't play this because of the black screen at start.

Having different behavior for the +- states makes sense for dual purpose! Lack of feedback makes it feel empty (understandable with it being a game-jam game) and the design for levels 3-5 work, but feel a little too open. There's too much room for error that shouldn't be possible yet. If there were a few more levels before the 5th one (couldn't figure it out) that would help me understand how to work around the moving object, then it would be better. But still, clever idea and level design!

Yes, it would be boring collecting them all aimlessly but it is possible. I'm thinking of requiring the player to gather energy to collect a gem successfully, or something to that degree, so even if you know the location, you still need to do something extra. Hopefully, something that is fun haha! Drill animation does take a bit too long at the moment, animation could be better, and I'm aware of the bug too. Sfx are all ready, just need to update the game with them and I need to fix the edges of the level being cut off from the camera along with the z order. I'm cool with the enemies looking cute (and burgery)!

Simple and nice use of the theme but I'm able to hold in one direction and keep attacking since there is not attack cooldown. You combat this with the red squares that fall in the next level but there should definitely be a cooldown for the attack state when moving. Maybe you need to stop and move again to attack after the cooldown finishes or maybe it triggers again if you're still moving when the attack is in cooldown.
I like how the progress of attacking enemies also doubles as your health. Visuals are crude but understandable for a game-jam game. Cool, simple mechanic!

Such simple and great use of the theme! I like how you can hit an already hit enemy from underneath, extending you hyper movement and I like how the longer you hold jump, the higher you go. 
The level design is well done, letting the player choose their difficulty based on the route .The 2nd level makes you think about timing and placement, keeping in mind that the hyper mode doens't allow you to change your direction.
On thing that might make it feel better is if you can jump if you drop from a platform. I would like to see better post-jam art and music if you decide to work on it more. Otherwise, really thoughtful gameplay!

Thank you for the feedback! Sfx are ready to be slapped in and definitely kicking around ideas for better hitbox legibility, whether it's a sprite swap of the enemy overhead or something else. Also need to fix some bugs that I've noticed and others have encountered as well.

Nice use of dual purpose design, with the back shield absorbing projectiles into ammo, protecting you, to feed into your shooting, which propels you back. Unfortunately, even the easy difficulty is gets too hard quickly. Would like to try it out with a more fair challenge!

To be clear, when it resized, it snapped back to only showing the text "Level 3" (Top half of the screen while staying wide in width). Hope that helps you replicate it to fix if you're still working on it. And of course, I enjoyed it!

Cool use of dual purpose design, both mechanically and in rules! I beat the game but not sure how. The bird boss looked like it kept getting hurt by the white egg looking things that would feel. All I kept doing in this area was getting the feel for reaching higher and higher with the dash mechanic until the boss died. I liked the aesthetic(both visual and music) and would like to see more! I'm a sucker for Metroidvanias!

Nice multi purpose use of the shield. I feel like there should be some input changes for certain actions. Like pressing down to bash downwards should be down and shield button at the same time. And gliding should be holding shield and up button while in mid air. It's a bit more complex but makes more sense with a button being dedicated to using the shield. Otherwise, really nice aesthetic, animation, level design and shield use!

Really cool idea! Got stuck in level 3 since extending window down too much caused it to go under the taskbar (I'm on Windows 10) and dragging the game window caused it to resize, making my character disappear when I extend the window back to normal. Chill music, simple visuals, and nice jumping feedback.

Liked the option to carry boxes overhead or in front of you.  The aesthetic reminds me a lot of the Klonoa and Treasure games like Silhouette Mirage. Would like to see what other ideas you had in mind. Kept dying in the level with the stacked staircase boxes. I would walk into the staircase boxes but die. I had to be careful to avoid getting stuck in there and dying. Cool stuff though!

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Wow, this is a great use of dual purpose design when it comes to rules/systems tied to a mechanic. The only thing I would maybe change to reinforce dual purpose more is having one button like space bar be attack. So you either attack in the direction you're currently moving towards or in the last direction moved towards before stopping. Moving diagonally would prevent you from attacking in this case.

Otherwise, aesthetic(visual and music) feels very cool. Reminds me of Invader Zim. I like the attack sfx for the player too. Some different enemy types to change how you balance moving/ stopping and attacking and this would be even better!

Fun core, dual purpose mechanic! Art is soo nice and music matches the vibe. I got stuck at the 3rd stage boulder but I had fun figuring out how to use the fire and in what order to burn stuff!

The dual purpose design sounds interesting but didn't get to encounter it during my playthrough. Or at least, I didn't notice it. The game felt stiff/slow and it could've used some more visual/audio feedback but I understand its absence with it being a game-jam game. Still interested in what it could be with more time put into it!

I didn't notice some stuff you state in the description but definitely is fun and relaxing. Aesthetic is amazing and maybe some light semblance of a challenge like getting collectibles as the goal could work as another mode. Nothing too crazy hard, just something that doubles both as a playground and a goal. Really cool!

Starts a bit too difficult but still fun. Starting with fewer obstacles at the beginning and the water going up slower would be good. Uses dual purpose design well and the music and art match. Fun for as far as I could get! (When enemies started appearing haha)