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Replied to brum in GunMetal comments

Nice, will try it out!

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The concept is fun so far. The main wave mode is a bit boring because I feel overwhelmed with so many enemies coming at me, so I know I have to kick them to keep building more ammo, but kicking them takes so long and I end up getting hurt easily. Having a weapon count as life that you can pick up if dropped when hurt is a good idea.

The kick should just be the space bar while you're in the air. There doesn't seem to be any use for space bar while in air so removing "e" as kick should be much easier to control. I recommend a wave system that goes: Wave 1: One enemy. Wave 2: A few enemies. Wave 3: 5 enemies. Wave 4: few enemies. Wave 5: more enemies. Repeat Waves 4 and 5 with slight increase on both each time.

This creates that tug of war of kicking enemies one wave, and shooting them when there are a lot in the next wave, that the rules seem to cater to but is lacking in the demo. Also, waves should either last a bit longer or only start once the enemies of the current wave are dead so that it is more fair. Currently, they pile up a bit too quickly. And it should take maybe 2 kicks to kill a bat. It was hard to tell if that is the case currently but just putting it out there.

Either way, I'm loving the visuals, music, vibe and gameplay concept so far! Would love to see this fleshed out more!

Damn, I really enjoyed this! I want to give some suggestions if you're looking to work on this past the gamejam. I'm sure these are all stuff you already had in mind but:

  • Spatial sfx for zombies so I know if one spawned behind me. Got hit from behind by 1 zombie. Luckily you added a vff and sfx for getting hit.
  • Run button
  • I'm told I unlocked the door before going through one that required the key I got for it. This would also go with showing un/locked doors in map.
  • More visuals in hallways and rooms like unique looking portraits or furniture. This would help with remembering which door in which room needed unlocking once the key is found. The visuals would help me remember a room better and the door that was locked in that room.
  • Extra effect to let player know whether the zombie is close enough to attack or not. Maybe more sprites in between the 3-5 far to close zombie sprites. Wasn't to hard to figure out how long it takes a zombie to attack once they're super close though.
I really like the fact that the mouse is used for weapons/interaction as it made me feel like my hand was the avatars' hand. Sometimes I would try to move the mouse to aim like a shooter. I wonder if there's a way to tackle this issue but I was doing it less and less as I kept playing, so it wasn't so bad. The music was pretty eerie and the more it kept replaying, the more the soft and the intense parts of the music would creep me out. I like the references to RE like the "Itchy tasty" note and the sfx are reminiscent of the old RE as well. Reached the last note! Will be following you for more cool work like this!