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Submitted by felres (@piperanci) — 6 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline




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The left mouse button serves 2 purposes:
1. Launch the player around the room
2. Turn into a ghost, if player is in mid-air

Launching does 2 things,too:
1. Do damage to enemies
2. Move around the room

Killing enemies does multiple things:
1. Refills ghosting-meter(which is the time window in which the player can turn into a ghost)
2. Get a powerup. Depending on the enemy’s color
3. Get some HP

Turning into a ghost means that:
1. Not only you can reach high places by defying gravity, but you can
2. Dodge enemies. In case they have powerups you're saving for later
3. Go through yellow walls
4. Be able to change direction a bit
5. Go slower. Like how on Downwell shooting stops your descend

Third-party resources
The game was made with Game Maker Studio. A tool made by PixelatedPope for managing Finite State Machines was used. It is avaiable on reddit and on youtube for the public:

The music was made by Alek Fleischer.

Sounds were borrowed from Credits to: for the slam1 sound for the thud1 for the swooosh for powerup for thud for ghostly sounds for caw1 for caw2 for caw3 for frog sounds for frog sounds for frog sounds for crunching sound

Fantastic OST by Alek Fleischer

Coding, art and testing done by me(felres)

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Edit: Had to press Alt-Enter to get rid of black screen upon booting game. I'm on Windows 10. Seems to be happining with other games on Contruct or GameMaker, can't remember.)

Very thought out mechanics for the theme! Really fast paced and music matches it well. The idle animation is a bit misleading since I thought I had to wait to shoot in the direction my character is currently facing until I realized it went towards my mouse cursor.  Looks like we thought alike with drills and going through solid walls haha. Cool stuff!


I'm so glad you enjoy the mechanics. Thanks for playing!


This game is freaking insane! Off the walls high speed action with a pretty trippy aesthetic and lots of screen shake. Very well done!


What you just said is the message I wanted to transmit the most. Off the walls. Thanks for playing!