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Scan and drill to get treasure!
Submitted by EonNomad (@eonnomad) — 8 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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ScanDrill is a puzzle-action game where Scoundrel must find all the treasure underground, protected by roaming robots. Scoundrel can scan for treasure by tapping the space bar.

Scoundrel can go underground by holding spacebar, which makes Scoundrel travel faster, able to collect the treasure below and changes the perspective to a top-down view.

Release spacebar to pop back above ground, changing the perspective back to angled view and killing any vulnerable robots that may happen to be directly above you. The same input is used for multiple functions, which are all linked to revealing the treasure, increased speed movement to get treasure and bypass obstacles above ground, go back above ground which can also destroy any robots directly above you.

EDIT: I realized that the edges of the level are cut off. Depending on your screen resolution and the one you choose when starting the game, you should be able to see most of the treasure and portals to the next level. I will try to fix this soon, along with other bugs I've encountered.

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Unity 2017


Propellerhead's Reason

Edgar Castro @eonnomad - Code, Design, Art

Edgar Castro Sr @Mazin_Ed - Music (and soon to be sfx)

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The mechanic was a great idea, however it feels like you could just stay underground and forage for all the hidden gems. The delay in burrowing might be intentional but could be animated better, and i think it gets stuck animating that burrowing loop if I press it not too long. Think this majorly needs some player feedback with animation/sound/juice e.g. when you defeat enemies, collect gems and die. Also some of the game can happen offscreen in the underground phase, and the z-ordering is a bit off. Cute burger enemies though!


Yes, it would be boring collecting them all aimlessly but it is possible. I'm thinking of requiring the player to gather energy to collect a gem successfully, or something to that degree, so even if you know the location, you still need to do something extra. Hopefully, something that is fun haha! Drill animation does take a bit too long at the moment, animation could be better, and I'm aware of the bug too. Sfx are all ready, just need to update the game with them and I need to fix the edges of the level being cut off from the camera along with the z order. I'm cool with the enemies looking cute (and burgery)!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I liked how your game required me to think on my feet and I think your level design did a good job of fleshing out your mechanic. Out of the five categories in the rating I think the feel needs the most work: the jumping animation to reveal the treasure felt too long and the lack of sound effects definitely took away from the feel. Despite the lack of polish, I think this is a good take on an excellent idea.


This game has a lot of really interesting ideas going on and is an excellent interpretation of the theme. I particularly like how some obstacles are above ground while some are below ground, making each space very different to navigate. That being said, this game could use some more polish. There really isn't a lot of audiovisual feedback and hitboxes can be pretty unclear at times. Despite the game's unpolished nature, I really enjoyed it. Great work!


Thank you for the feedback! Sfx are ready to be slapped in and definitely kicking around ideas for better hitbox legibility, whether it's a sprite swap of the enemy overhead or something else. Also need to fix some bugs that I've noticed and others have encountered as well.


Neat game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Already replied on twitter but again, thanks for the vid!!


I like how you used A link between world's idea and made an entire game out of it.

A bit of indication would have been nice though, like sound effects for when you kill enemies or get gems. Also I found a small glitch where the main character gets stuck in his diving animation.


Thanks for the feedback! I'm cool with the comparison to A Link between worlds. I already have sound effects made and just need to slap em in for an update. The diving animation glitch was one I was aware of before pushing a build out for the jam. I should get that fixed amongst other bugs before getting more people to try it out haha.


Well my game had a lot of bugs that I knew were there but couldn't fix because of time constraints, so I understand your reasoning completely.

Still a pretty cool game by all means.