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This is a great idea. The original source code actually had mobile compatibility, so it should be fairly easy to do. If I ever return to this project I might do it. Thanks for your comment!

Thank you so much!

Thank u kind stranger

Woah!! Was this done with the bullet bill thing?

Good idea! Added to the To-do list. Thanks a lot for playing :)

Hi! Thanks a lot for playing it and specially for the feedback. The thundestorm will be rebalanced as soon as possible.

I agree 100% that the invisible blocks are VERY annoying. It’s also a very pesky bug that might even be the engine’s fault but it will be fixed in the next update.

This is totally me!

Hola, tendran version para PC?

Im exited! Played this with my partner a few weeks back and loved it!

Wish this was possible. talk about accesibility.

its a very based game


Do you think you can make it so the description of the game is scrapped too? Im looking for a specific kind of keyword/genre, which is anti-capitalism or something like that.


Hi, is this updated to 1.4.9999?

Yes please! Thanks!!

I just saw your pastebin for the racial bundle and 1)  love you so fucking much 2) HOW 3) You are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!

Non VR version please :)

Hey, I read your bio and I think its fantastic that you still appreciate the design potential of the WiiU. Have you considered developing for AirConsole? It's basically a browser console that uses phones as the controllers. I believe this has the same "individual screens" potential the WiiU has.

Best one yet. Loved the dog wearing clothes

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The main character is posing. Jojo characters are known for posing. I spent some time animating the character as Jotaro-esque as possible. Please re-ad as soon as possible. Thanks.


Games with anti-capitalist tendencies are always a 10/10 in my heart. I laughed, I learned, I got mad at Bill(ionaries). Thanks. 

Well, only one ball. Only one dev. Thank  you for your input!

Thank you very much for the reply. Also, thanks for the feedback.

So cute! I got 46 points

Hello, Ok would love it if someone could help me out with some pixel backgrounds! I'm a team of one though. 

It´s fine. It looked really interesting though

Thanks for commenting!

Not available for Windows? :(

Really nice looking game!

I'm so glad you enjoy the mechanics. Thanks for playing!

What you just said is the message I wanted to transmit the most. Off the walls. Thanks for playing!

Nice drawings!

It doesnt download! Can you give me another link?