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Free labour! Help a good cause!

A topic by DahrunXO created Mar 26, 2018 Views: 610 Replies: 7
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I have a game dev class at Edinburgh College. One of the class assignments is to contribute to a jam team. I am here ready to contribute to your jam project in any way you like, either by joining your team or completing a single task.

Not only will this help your project, it will also give a future game dev some experience of remote collaboration and production practice, so you'll be doing a good deed! ;)

Reply if you want help with:

  • 2D art, from sprites to logos to backgrounds
  • Non-game art assets such as website content, promo images, icons
  • Making or sourcing free textures
  • Basic coding in C# for Monogame

Anything you want help with, ask! (But also, please don't be offended if we take up your request.)

Not very experienced however willing to try!

Thank you.

Hello, Ok would love it if someone could help me out with some pixel backgrounds! I'm a team of one though. 

Edinburgh college! Nice! I live in Edinburgh :)

I don't have a solid enough idea yet to know exactly what I would request, but I'll definitely keep this in mind for when the jam starts - maybe a title logo? Of course I'll fully understand if you're busy at that point. :P

That sounds perfect to me! Im not sure what your preferred platform of communication is however if you'd like to work together or even have me do the title logo. You could add my discord "Dahrun#4871" and message me when you decide!

I want to contribute with game Design I had an Idea where you mix chess with randomness to give the piece a certain power maybe I can make a concept sketch you check it out, can contribute with sounds.

That's kind of interesting.

hey man, how you doing??? Im a musician and sound designer, I can make the noises for your game, or just a background music, if you're intertested, call me on discord, EmmanuelPCP#4235 =D

Hi! Is anyone still able to help me out for a project we want to submit to this game. We need an artist in order to create different chess pieces and some variations. Might be pixel, or just 2D graphic, animated or not? 
You can contact me here. We would really like a hand on this :)