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A puzzle game about managing secondary consequences to your actions.
Submitted by l2tdak (@eltdak) — 1 hour, 48 minutes before the deadline

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Crosswired is a puzzle game about managing secondary consequences to your actions.

The main gimmick is the strange terminal you control the protagonist through. It designates certain direction keys to have certain (usually troublesome) secondary effects - such as turning the lights out if you move to the left.

The second main mechanic is the charging areas. To maintain battery life you must enter these areas - however doing so will add to or change the secondary effects bound to your movement keys (depending on the key being pressed when you enter them). Also these charging areas temporarily disable any secondary effects bound to your keys - use this fact to your advantage to navigate the game.

I've also tried to use the space in the game as effectively as possible. Areas you think you may just be passing through become often visited in order to re-configure your 'input effects'.

Third-party resources
RPG Maker MV

Galv's Disable Mouse Plugin - free for commercial use -

Some sound samples from, under the creative commons license.

All music and artwork by myself.

Ellis Teesdale (myself)

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I encountered a bug where it fails constantly to load img/faces/Actor1.png when I trigger certain events like interacting with a key. But it seemed really cool, wish I could play more


I think you excelled on every front with this game! Still don't understand exactly how the power button switches between inputs since it didn't always switch upon entering/exiting ground with power source. Really clever idea!


Wow, thanks!

The key the input effect binds to is determined by the key you press to enter the charging area. So if you move left to enter the charge area, the left key will be assigned with the effect - removing that effect from any other keys.  

I don't really want to explain how this works to players in-game - working out how the old machine works is half the game! So I'm trying to work out a way to teach the players with some silent tutorials... I think some of the new areas I've made for the game will help with this. They're a little more linear to begin with and introduce mechanics and ideas at a bit more of a staggered pace. 


I really love this concept, and the execution is not bad. The art style and sound design are pretty good considering the time constraints. I think there's a lot of potential to explore and probably a long game's worth of excitement and exploration in the concept.

I think for a game like this to work, though, you're really gonna have to spend a lot of time making sure  that players can't easily get themselves into situations they can't get themselves out of. You can't really know what's in the next room, and given that one of your movement keys can be taken away from you pretty quickly, it can't really fall on the player to just know that he's going to need the movement key that he no longer has in the next room. It only took me four or five rooms to get myself stuck for good.

Also, I think I may have circumvented the battery by just shutting down around the time I was running out and powering back up? I never actually tried to just run out of battery, so I'm not sure what is supposed to happen, but I was running around on empty battery for a while before I stepped on a charge pad.

Anyway, excellent game, make more of it.


Yeah - what you say here is spot on. I'm making a new, larger version of the game and spending a lot more time planning the areas and routes through them. With some clever level design I think I can avoid most of the annoying issues people are having. I'm also going to introduce some items which can help you out of tricky situations (like an item which will re-charge your battery and clear your input effects - it can be used as a 1up as well as effectively letting players skip difficult areas).

And yeah the battery is my mistake - it runs on empty for a while longer than it should. =/

Thanks so much for the review! 


I swear if this thing shuts down one m- Oh god dammit!

Great job  on this one, the mechanics are pretty awesome and are definitely unique. Also the sound design and general atmosphere was amazing!

Unfortunately your game will probably get a few people bitter due to how easy it is to get stuck, however it is a great concept either way, well done!


Yep, the game even leaves ME bitter when I get stuck! 

I think I can remedy most grievances with some better level design though. I'm working on a new, longer version and hopefully it'll play a bit smoother than this...

Thanks for the feedback!

Love this one, I hit an error eventually but up til then I really enjoyed accidentally shutting of the screen when trying to go in a certain direction.  Definitely one of the more creative entries I've seen. 


Yeah, I really tried to make that shutdown button as jarring as possible. I really like how much people hate it, if you know what I mean!

What error did you find, if you can remember? 

I know that hitting escape once the game starts will cause a ctd, oops.  And I imagine quite a few people back themselves in to a corner so that progress becomes impossible...

Thanks for the feedback, anyway!

I think I was supposed to be putting the other robot head onto a robot body and something failed to load and I couldn't proceed. Sorry, I should have screen shotted it for you.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Absurdly frustrating and cumbersome, but equally mysterious and intruiging!  The chunkiness and quirkiness of the controls makes you really feel like you're controlling some old unreliable ancient machine!


Never thought I'd be happy with a review of 'absurdly frustrating and cumbersome'!  

Thanks for the feedback!