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Submitted by Techsec with 6 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
My submission matches the theme in two ways. First is the way you control the character. When you move you create a charge attack which when you run into the enemies cause them to despawn. However when you do that it leaves the direction you didn't charge in open for attack. As your attack is also your move you need to use it to both dodge and attack. One great example of this mechanic in play is when a red square falls down you need to dodge it while also making sure you attack in the right direction and don't get attacked by a box the other way. The second way is by having the health bar and the progress bar the same thing. What I mean by that is whenever you despawn an enemy it fills up that bar and you beat the level when it gets filled up to a certain amount. However, if an enemy successfully attacks you then this bar goes down effectively making it as I said before a health bar and progress bar.

Third-party resources
-Unity Engine
-All sprites were made by me

Developed by: Me

Tested by:

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This game is really intense. I love the fast pacing and the really quick level intro text. It's simple, but enjoyable, and I like all of the different twists you throw in as the game goes on. The visuals are somewhat basic, but they at least communicate their function well. All in all, a very solid entry. Good work!


Simple and nice use of the theme but I'm able to hold in one direction and keep attacking since there is not attack cooldown. You combat this with the red squares that fall in the next level but there should definitely be a cooldown for the attack state when moving. Maybe you need to stop and move again to attack after the cooldown finishes or maybe it triggers again if you're still moving when the attack is in cooldown.
I like how the progress of attacking enemies also doubles as your health. Visuals are crude but understandable for a game-jam game. Cool, simple mechanic!


Colors are a little hard to make out and kind of harsh on the eyes. interesting mechanic though!


yeah I'll probably make the game more pleasing to the eye  if I chose to continue. I was think of doing the progress bar colour and the background colour complementary colours.


if your confused how to play look at the description of the game