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Pierce the Clouds, Dive Underwater and Surf The Ocean
Submitted by Sprawl (@Alexis_Lessard)
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How does your submission match the theme?
To go fast and score a lot of point, you need to manage the heat of your ship.

Boosting Increases your heat and make you go faster.
Turning Decreases your heat and allow you to manoever and score points.
Environment also change your heat.

This forces you to alternate between the two at all times.

Third-party resources
I used Unity as a game engine. I made all the code and most art assets. The other assets I used are assets on the Unity Store.
The most notable one is '2D Sky Free', which has multiple image of clouds that I used to create the dynamic sky that you see ingame.

The font I used is Asgalt by Rémi Lagast (

Developer : Alexis Lessard (
Font : Rémi Lagast (

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Love the aesthetic and use of dual purpose. Wish there was more to force you to make meaningful choices between turning and speeding up to balance the meter while maybe avoiding something?
Turning was a bit confusing from a side scroller perspective but still, cool stuff!
Lol scored arbitrary points


This is a pretty neat concept and looks sublime. I think it'd be pretty cool if you added some things into the environment to aim for to give you a score boost or multiplier.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Awesome look, I like the free feeling and responsive turning. Cool use of the theme too (I'm sorry). Can't wait for sound effects!

EDIT wait I just tried the Post Jam, sounds great! Good job.


Nice, thanks for the feedback on the audio ! 


Oooh I had my eyes on this one! This is pure eye candy and the pink blue combination is so cool!

Wiggle-wiggle and boost ftw. 


I recorded while I played and commented your game: (still uploading at the time of writing).
High score: 3 291 948 arbitrary points!

Developer (1 edit)

Awesome, thanks for the video !

Lot of good ideas about tweaks for a post-jam version :)


Are there no sounds? also agree with reBTF =)


Unfortunately, there are no sounds. I planned poorly and encountered other issues that prevented me from having good sounds so I just cut them all instead of having a audio mess. sorry !

I'll try to upload a version with sounds some time this week. Thanks for trying it out !


Lovely aesthetic and some fun moments with balancing heat, it was a bit limited but that's really always gonna be the case with a game jam. Some obstacles or goals would make balancing the heat around them more interesting I think.

Again, just a beautiful looking game.


Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed it.

I wish I'd had more time to add obstacles and more interactions with heat too, but sadly I didn't have time.