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The art style is really cool! I had a little bit of FPS problems in the web version, but overall a cool game!

great game! I really like the 2D/3D art style and there's a lot of stuff to explore around with! the combat is also cool with the double boomerangs, good job!

Fun game! the shop mechanic is cool, but I think it would have been good to have the gun be automatic, my finger was getting sore from spamming so much. Other than that, combat felt good

Nice game! It got a bit laggy for me though, and it was easy to get trapped by enemy collisions. The upgrades and enemy designs are funny though, good job!

Nice Vampire Survivors game! I ended up playing it all the way until the end. Extra points for the pururin reference!

Nice little sandbox game, very cute!

Interesting game! I like the boss-rush style game and the use of these guys as boss characters is pretty funny

Interesting concept, nice calming game!

I didnt expect coots to suddenly get laser and possession powers lmao, very funny game

I didn't expect to find an ascii roguelike in this jam, but it's great! The art looks great, the music is good and the gameplay was fun, good job!

Cute game, I like the multiple endings and exploration approach. My favorite ending was probably making coots get fat 

attacking in the direction coots walks made it a bit hard to avoid getting hurt on the boss fight, but it was fun dashing around and killing all the rats!

I like the retro style! thought i got stuck on one level, the idea of this type of puzzle game is good!

The little stream view of coots is cute!

I liked the glitch-style art, it's really cool! I kinda wish the attack was in the direction of the mouse instead, but the controls were pretty smooth overall

the music was great, but I am sore from mashing lol

Controls were a bit hard to get used to, but I liked the introduction of new mechanics in levels

The soundtrack goes hard! took me a little bit to understand what each item did, but I had fun with the grappling

I really like the animations in this game! The controls were really hard at first until I found out about the crouch punch and ground pound, I think the tutorial should mention that. But punching the marble around was really satisfying when I figured it out

really caught me off guard with that megalovania in the music lmao. The fighting part would take a really long time sometimes and needed a lot of waiting, but the game works well otherwise!

This is a funny concept being inside of coots, didn't expect that for the theme. The spritework is also really nice!

Interesting concept with the stream going on while you break things, unfortunately I got stuck in the back of the scene

Interesting game! I'm not usually very good at these multitasking games, but I had fun playing this!

fun warioware type game! The art is funny, especially the pounce one. The game really matches the theme well!

A little scuffed but I ended up having fun lol, the shotgun shooting after every time you touch something can be crazy sometimes

I really like the mix of 2D and 3D in this game, the style overall has a really cohesive theme with the art style and music! I would have liked a mouse sensitivity option though, it was hard to play without changing the DPI on my mouse. A bit of a challenging game, but the mechanics are a lot of fun, and I like how there are multiple ways to go through levels!

Nice and polished game overall!

The art is cool, and goth coots was an interesting choice. I was very confused at first because I couldn't jump very high, but then I accidentally found out you can go higher by holding space. Once I figured that out, the controls were pretty good, started feeling like a puzzle game trying to figure out how to skate around the place

Fun game! the art is really cute and I like the use of easy levels at the start of sections to teach new mechanics. Ended up beating the game and then it just went back to level 1 lol, could have used an ending screen or something, but fun game overall!

Neat game! I like the art style it's really cute. It took me a little bit to understand how to play, but then I ended up quitting my art career to become a rich poop collector lol

Nice concept! The twitch chat on the side is pretty funny! The gameplay seemed a bit slow and I felt like I was just waiting most of the time, but trying to manage the stamina while dodging and countering was an interesting challenge!

This game broke for me on firefox, so I had to switch to chrome for anyone having the same issues!

The artwork is really impressive in this! I really like the pixelart style. it seemed like the game kept just freezing during the livestream section and I had to wait a while for the round to finish. You've done a lot of work in adding unique characters to the game and emulating the SAP gameplay style though, and it seems fun!

The art style is great and really cute! The combat felt a little floaty though

The art style is really great! It's a really interesting approach with the cardboard cutouts. I think if the camera was a bit more zoomed in it would help though

Interesting concept! It really uses the theme of the jam well, the main problem I was having is that the mouse sensitivity is painfully high and was hard to control

Congrats on the release of the game! I really enjoyed this in the jam and it's great to see that it got made into a full game!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll have to investigate that slowdown, not sure what it could be

yeah, I didn't have much time for the level, but wanted to make sure there was a good tutorial. Thanks for the feedback! I hope I can make some good open levels for it in the future.