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No, right now it's just a prototype we're considering for further development. We'll definitely keep those in mind though, thanks for the feedback!

A good sense of humor and a lot of room to expand on puzzle variety simply by adding different materials for the "flashlight" to interact with. I do think the darkness could have been amplified to make the light more important.

Very fun, super cute and crazy hard. I really enjoyed this little game and thought it was a perfect fit for the theme.

A fun little top down shooter. The slippery blood dash was a subtle but effective use of dual purpose design.

Fun and challenging with a great creepy-cute art style. I think the execution of the theme could have been stronger.

I'm a sucker for any game where you throw your character around to maneuver. I think the controls could have been a bit more responsive but this is an excellent prototype. Loved the creepy-cute art style.

Great artwork, and the multipurpose dash maneuver and freeze spell were a strong execution of the theme.

A fun premise with a cute art style. Using the skillet and ingredients for both offense and mixing up powerups was a strong execution of the theme.

Using the light for both navigation and defense was a strong execution of the them, contributing to a very effective moody atmosphere.

I do think the untextured bit at the very end took things a bit too far though, even with the shaders disable it was giving me a bit of eye strain to make out the platforms.

Overall high marks!

Looking past some of the bugs and lighting issues, this was a really interesting and well executed premise. I could see this leading in a lot of interesting directions.

Thanks for the feedback, we completely agree!

I really loved this idea, the combination of movemenet, sight, attack and music was perfectly elegant.

The jumping could use some refinements. It seemed delayed by a a couple of frames after the input, and the auto jump while holding the input made the character kind of bouncey and difficult to control when trying to get up corners.

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A really distinct vibe and a great execution of the theme. With some combat and gating refinements, this has a lot of potential!

Simple, fun and a great match for the theme.

Footage of the whole prototype level.