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​Atmospheric Simple top head shooter... with a lot of blood
Submitted by Deltaspace42 — 14 minutes, 35 seconds before the deadline

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Health = Ammo
Blood left = Move bonus
W, A, S, D to move
SPACE when bar is full to get rid of every ennemies
Mouse to Aim and Shoot

Third-party resources
Godot, art made by us

Mathieu Carreau
Manuel Verville-Farazao
Maxim Payette
Dominic Dubeau-Viel

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

i think the game can get pretty boring at times due to the fact that there isn't really much to do other than shoot a couple of zombies (GJ version)


yea, hadn't had lot of time to do everything (like 32 hours of programming to do everything)

That's why we keep updating the game, to demonstrate where we wanted to go!


it's slightly better, the challenge is greater and dosen't just consist of camping


yea, it's all about balance! :P

More comming thought!


Since there is a flashlight mechanic, I'd suggest maybe removing the circle of light around the player or at least make it smaller, it would make the game more tense as you have to check behind you all the time.

The gun is also really piddly like a pea shooter, it's lacking game feel.

I wasn't entirely sure how the mechanics with ammo worked either, I just shot enemies and sometimes ammo comes back, idk. 

The enemies are also really easy to kill, I had a horde of like 10-15 at one point, and killed them easily. The boss is a challenge, but he's just a bullet sponge, nothing really special about it it seems.

 the atmosphere of the setting was nice though and fit the theme well!

it has some potentially mechanics here, you just really need to add some juice to the game.


Noted and the work is in progress!
The boss is killable, we just doesn't have the animation to see him getting killed over bullets (he gives a lot)

He is the reason why normal zombies are easy, they are juste there to make you bullet to kill him

We have mostly increase most of the feeling, but we still have a stuff to do to.
Thanks for the reply! :D 


Referring to the game jam version now - there's not much incentive to move around and its just easier to chill out in a corner and shoot enemies that might drift by. Needs a full screen mode too as its a bit too tiny to make out the action on my screen. Nice creepy music!


Gonna try to do a fullscreen in futur updates, noted :)

For the unbalanced version (jame one), yea we hadn't took the time to make it harder, that's why we released an update version to demonstrate where we wanted to go :)


I like the atmosphere of the game, and the music totally sets the mood. Unfortunately, it is painfully easy. There was never any tension,  and the lack of a consistent flow of enemies made it feel more like a waiting game. Maybe more enemies came later on, but it takes way too long to get to that point. Definitely throw more enemies at the player, and hopefully a little variety in enemy type eventually.

I like the blood stain mechanic. It reminds me of Dead Alive. :P

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Which version have you tested? :)
The first one was unbalanced, like a little prototype , but in the update we fixed that. Or most of it, since there is now a kinda boss that appear, hardcore to kill! 



There's is something interesting going on with blood that make the character going faster. Too bad the game is too easy to use it effectively. But the potential is there.

Another improvement would be having ennemies that must be killed with 2/3 shoots so you have to regenerate by killing smallers ennemies.

If you ever do a better version, you should definitly add more juice. It's a revolver ! Go with screenshake and a loud and clear BAAAAAANNG sound :D

Oh, and i like the music, and the light system is rad.

But anyway, it's a nice entry for a 48h made game.


Everything Lucas said is what I was about to write as well. Wish the blood mechanic was highlighted a bit more with more challenging enemies/situations but otherwise, was fun to play despite being a bit easy.


Thx for the reply, today we made an update to show all the mechanics with more challenge. Hope you'll like if more!


A fun little top down shooter. The slippery blood dash was a subtle but effective use of dual purpose design.


Thx :)


I liked this one and think there's definitely a lot of potential for cool gameplay here.  (I may sound a bit critical with my thoughts here but I did like it!)

The speedy blood is cool, but I feel like it could have been better appreciated if more of the game design encouraged it.  For example, maybe a bigger stage would have encouraged painting the screen with blood since it'd be necessary to get around.  Perhaps bigger blood splats would also make it easier to fill up the screen and get into the core gameplay of dashing around the level.  Also, maybe enemies could get faster over time, which requires you to use the blood splats, not just use them for a bonus.

Yeah, seems like all I have to say is could-have-beens, but all that means is that I liked the idea a bunch and wish I could have seen more! :)


We were already working on a much larger map, but we didn't had enought time to implant it. Thx for the comment it will be shared to the team! : )


Not bad! Once I was getting attacked by constantly flowing hoards of zombies and slipping around on the pathways of blood I had been constructing it was a blast! It perhaps, however, took a bit too long to get to that point, and maybe it was a little too easy to completely refill your health. I stopped slipping around after I realized if I just waited for them to group up around me and slowly shot at them I would never lose. Still, not bad!


Thx!  We didn't had much time to balance the game a lot, but we had the time to do at least the mechanics! Thank you for your comment! :D