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A jam entry

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Submitted by PrownieBrownieSoft with 11 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline

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The player has a gun which acts as a means of propelling movement and attack.
The player also has a bouncy object which is triggered for a short amount of time, which bounces any enemy (and player) that comes into contact with it, destroys enemy projectiles and damages enemies.

Third-party resources
Unity with Tiled.

PrownieBrownieSoft (Hamza Salih) - Programming, Art, Playtesting, Designing and sound effects.
BUNN1E5 - Playtesting and Programming assistance.

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The art is really quite lacking, there's no real theme, and the SFX are sub par.

The gun didn't point in the direction of my cursor which made the gun kind of hard to control.

Shoot to move means when I try to shoot enemies I just fly away from them and can't see them, then they shoot me from off screen which isn't too fun. The only reasonable strategy was to just sit in a corner and shot enemies that come near.

The enemies were just complete bullet sponges, you shoot them a tonne and they just never die, and there's no interesting mechanic to make them better, just point the gun at the enemy and hope it dies before it slowly walks towards you.

you put screen shake on the gun, but it still lacks juice because the sound effect is really not good and there are no good visual effects to go with it.

My score also never went down after I died, which doesn't really make sense.

The player seems to have an invincibility timer after being hit, but there's no indication of when they can or cannot be hit, the player should flash or something when they are invincible.

Keep at it! this will be a good learning experience, and you can improve for next time!


i'd like to know how the art is lacking though, does it need detail? more animations? i did encounter a lot of problems with the mouse aiming.

the biggest problem i had with development was the fact that i had 2 days to make the game, so i had to rush some things (including not having the theme, bullet sound effect and giving the game some juicy stuff) 

i didn't even playtest much of the levels so i can see why the game gets a bit boring (due to the reason above)

still thanks for being heavily critical of my game

hopefully i shall resolve the problems with the remake of this game.

Think the game could be balanced a bit more, now once you see enemies with bullets its pretty hard to dodge, and with the timer mechanic it means hide in a corner and shoot at enemies until timer is up which isn't very exciting gameplay. 

Developer (Edited 1 time)

thanks for giving constructive criticism and pointing out the problems with my game. i too have found this a massive problem. there wasn't much playtesting gone into the levels due to time constraints.

these are issues i would like to fix with the remake of this game.