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yea, it's all about balance! :P

More comming thought!

yea, hadn't had lot of time to do everything (like 32 hours of programming to do everything)

That's why we keep updating the game, to demonstrate where we wanted to go!

Noted and the work is in progress!
The boss is killable, we just doesn't have the animation to see him getting killed over bullets (he gives a lot)

He is the reason why normal zombies are easy, they are juste there to make you bullet to kill him

We have mostly increase most of the feeling, but we still have a stuff to do to.
Thanks for the reply! :D 

Gonna try to do a fullscreen in futur updates, noted :)

For the unbalanced version (jame one), yea we hadn't took the time to make it harder, that's why we released an update version to demonstrate where we wanted to go :)

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Which version have you tested? :)
The first one was unbalanced, like a little prototype , but in the update we fixed that. Or most of it, since there is now a kinda boss that appear, hardcore to kill! 

Thx for the reply, today we made an update to show all the mechanics with more challenge. Hope you'll like if more!

Thx :)

We were already working on a much larger map, but we didn't had enought time to implant it. Thx for the comment it will be shared to the team! : )

Thx!  We didn't had much time to balance the game a lot, but we had the time to do at least the mechanics! Thank you for your comment! :D