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Fantastic atmosphere! Spooky forest, evil piles of something, light mechanics, everything. Tts too bad it was so short.

I had alot of fun! There was a bit too much constant peril from falling but beyond that was a interesting experience and a fun game. The controls were pretty neat once I got the heand of it but still the game felt just a bit too many nails tough. Good job!

Really cool! It was a difficult balance to strike with needing enemies near but also being endangered by them. Unfortunately my terrible tiny computer ran into lag issues when too too many enemies appeared but overall a solid game!

Really cool! Interesting idea and seeing all the effects was pretty fun. Perhaps a bit slower than it needed to be but not necessarily, it fit with the aesthetics and the rest of the game.

Really fun! The constant need for blood and to outrun the screen really kept me on my toes. I also really liked the music, it felt like some kind of somber story (regretful vampire even?) and fit well with the aesthetics. Good job!

Not bad! Once I was getting attacked by constantly flowing hoards of zombies and slipping around on the pathways of blood I had been constructing it was a blast! It perhaps, however, took a bit too long to get to that point, and maybe it was a little too easy to completely refill your health. I stopped slipping around after I realized if I just waited for them to group up around me and slowly shot at them I would never lose. Still, not bad!

Really cool! Great visuals, soundtrack, and gameplay! I would, however, have preferred to survive more than one hit, especially with so many enemies coming from behind. Trying to hit the tall guys in the back was always an exciting challenge, however!

Really nice! At times reminded me of the constant dance between firing & healing, flying & falling found in luftrausers. It was a bit too easy to lay invincibly next to enemies and wail on them until they died, but beyond that a really solid game! Good use of the theme as well!