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Suzy and the Magic Forest (GMTK Game Jam '17)View game page »

(GMTK Game Jam '17 Submission) A platformer where you help a little witch make it home through a haunted forest.
Submitted by camtauxe (@camtauxe) with 10 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
My game utilizes the theme by wrapping health,ammo and time limit into one mechanic in the form of magic power. The magic power decreases gradually and when it runs out you lose, you spend a bit to cast spells and defeat enemies, and it can be restored by standing in beams of light (which will also attract enemies to your location)

Third-party resources
Unity Game Engine, Music royalty free from Kevin MacLeod (Incompotech), Sound effects from the Adobe Audition Library

Just me (apart from music and sound mentioned in third-party resources)

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First: the art is cute.

Secondly, the balance between light and ennemies is interesting. Ray of light are both reliefs and source of stress. And while ennemies can be stressful, their presence is often essential. It's clever.

My main issue was the random position of ennemies that could make the platforming too challenging. Sometime two ennemies at the wrong place make a jump undoable, and waiting for them to go away isn't an option...

But still, the game is managable. The difficulty is well balanced, with a level design that has some original ideas.


Pretty challenging at the end, I guess enemies helping you is also a thing in this entry, nice BGM music!


Really cool! It was a difficult balance to strike with needing enemies near but also being endangered by them. Unfortunately my terrible tiny computer ran into lag issues when too too many enemies appeared but overall a solid game!

I liked this one!  Nice job with the difficulty.  The mechanic works pretty well, and what it encourages is interesting: I realized that I needed to use enemy hordes to get magic more so than the light beams.  At one point I was being mobbed by tons of enemies and was able to fight them all off because they kept giving me magic back.

The magic shots drove me a little crazy because they were both slow and didn't move with my momentum; I tried several times to shoot just before I ran into an enemy, but it was useless.  It took the pace of the game down a notch, but that really just makes it different.  I had to play at a more deliberate pace.  

There were some odd performance issues - I blame Unity - but overall, this was fun to play!


I'm glad you were able to figure out the idea of keeping enemies around and living off their magic drops. It's pretty much essential towards the end, and I was worried players wouldn't be able to make the connection. About the shot speed though, I actually noticed all those problems you mentioned and was planning on fixing them but got distracted by other things and then ran out of time. But oh well, I guess that's just how game jams go.