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I really like the general idea and feel of it except for one thing: you gotta figure out how to make the player slide along walls.  I certainly found that being stealthy/fast was the best way to handle playing.  I'd be happy to see this game go further!

P.S.  If you add an (!) above the enemy's head when they notice you, it will help a lot with the player understanding the AI.

I liked this one!  Nice job with the difficulty.  The mechanic works pretty well, and what it encourages is interesting: I realized that I needed to use enemy hordes to get magic more so than the light beams.  At one point I was being mobbed by tons of enemies and was able to fight them all off because they kept giving me magic back.

The magic shots drove me a little crazy because they were both slow and didn't move with my momentum; I tried several times to shoot just before I ran into an enemy, but it was useless.  It took the pace of the game down a notch, but that really just makes it different.  I had to play at a more deliberate pace.  

There were some odd performance issues - I blame Unity - but overall, this was fun to play!

Took me a second to figure out what was going on.  Tap up repeatedly to fly after turning into a bat.

The attacks moving you forwards made playing on small platforms really difficult.

The art was good, but the sound could use some improvement.

Nice job!

If you had XBox controller support, I think it could help a lot.  The keyboard controls aren't my favorite.

The concept is cool though, and fits the theme!