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Toothless VampireView game page

The vampire without teeth
Submitted by DerJulien — 16 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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How does your submission match the theme?
Your health is also your movement "energy"

you have to kill to get health back. to kill you need to move. to move you need your health.


Your jump serves as a transformation into bat form

Third-party resources
Game Maker Studio 2
Music :

DerJulien (Julien#2376)
Jacob (Jacob bocaJ ſɐɔoq qoɔɐſ#1744)

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Really nice graphics, fun game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


sure checking it out !


The game has some good game feel. The ground pound in particular is very satisfying. I love the very fast pace and how hectic it can get. I would say that binding attack to left mouse click is questionable, as the game doesn't really use the mouse movement for anything. Other than that, a very solid entry.


So I take it he sucks blood like Lord Dio from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (using fingers).  It was kinda difficult to get the hang of the controls, but I was able to figure things out after a few deaths. The music is really somber, which is good for atmosphere, but it doesn't quite harmonize with the fast-paced gameplay that's intended.

If you would like to see my submission, please check out Napalm Town:


I love the concept, but I just couldn't quite get the hang of the gameplay.


Really fun! The constant need for blood and to outrun the screen really kept me on my toes. I also really liked the music, it felt like some kind of somber story (regretful vampire even?) and fit well with the aesthetics. Good job!


Good game, i like the way you implemented the dual purpose theme with the vampire mechanics. The movement felt great, although i feel like either the attack moves shouldn't move you forward as much or make the levels a bit wider so it becomes less annoying to deal with enemies.


no thats on purpose, to force you into using the more beneficial, but harder to master downwards dash :P


Nice game =D
The first time I saw the transformation, I thought the vampire exploded, and everytime I transformed near an enemy, I thought they had killed me xD
It was easy to get used to that, though, so no problem about that.
I like the art and the game being procedural is nice as well =D

Submitted (3 edits)

Man Toothless Vampire is good, the game-feel is excellent.  I may or may not have just spent 10 whole minutes just flying around squashing archers, racking up to like either 5,000 or 50,000 points I think.  There's a couple feedbacks I'd like to give though.  For one, the music felt really out of place.  The 8-bit style obviously fit perfectly, but the music sounded more like it was supposed to be in a flashback rather than actual gameplay.  And the second is that, in my opinion, the score should reset each time you die.  In a game like this, one gets satisfaction from seeing how well they did compared to how they did before.  Since the score stacks, it didn't really show how well I did, just how long I played for.  Awesome game though, was a ton of fun!

Second developer here.

Yea we are aware of quite a few small bugs we didnt fix in time. We prioritised fixing all the game breaking bugs, and some of the bugs were first fixed up to 30 minutes  before deadline which lead to some bugs we could not fix in time. The score is simply because we forgot to reset it upon restart. To fix this you can hit space to fully restart the game, which will reset your score aswell. 

Glad you like, we will most likely update the version when the jam voting is over to fix the bugs and maybe add a few more features.


yep, the score not resetting was one of those bugs that showed up last minute :/ couldnt fix it in time, just press space and you're good

Took me a second to figure out what was going on.  Tap up repeatedly to fly after turning into a bat.

The attacks moving you forwards made playing on small platforms really difficult.

The art was good, but the sound could use some improvement.

Nice job!


The sprite-work in this is really good! The lighting effects add a lot of polish. :)

I thought it was a little hard to see after turning into a bat at first. But still, nice job!


It's pretty fun when everything goes as intended but i agree with everyone here and sounds would also improve the game. Good Job Overall =)


yep, would definitely tweak controls, pushing one more update including sounds and better controls soon o/


I got 5000 points =D


welp, we get around 30k each try :P






Interesting concept! Simplifying the controls further would benefit this game greatly, e.g. limiting attacks to one sort. 


A really nice-looking game! Controls are a tad wonky, though, and you have to tap up twice really fast to begin flying, otherwise you just hit the ground again. The attacking is odd, too, as sometimes the hits don't register when standing in the enemy, not to mention your character's orientation is retained from BEFORE the jump. Which leads to weird moments where you fly left, and land facing right, and accidentally attack the wrong way and scooch over the ledge. Still, it has promise~

The controls could use some refinement, namely that spacebar is easily pressed so having it reset the game accidently is really common for me. Also having a mouse involved when you can't even see a cursor is a little weird and results in clicking off the window more often than not. A double tap in a direction to attack could be a way to remap it.

The music was a little piercing, but with some tweaking it could be enjoyable. 

Bugs: When you die (in bat form?) and respawn (without using spacebar), the camera is already moving up quickly.

Overall great job. It fits the theme fairly well, though is certainly difficult game for me.


yes, if given maybe 30 minutes more, we would have changed controls, but sadly we didnt have those 30 minutes :P


The music was moody but super loud on my system.

Fun little game :)


yeah, we didnt have time to create an audio menu ... it was super quiet on my system btw :P

Quite fun to play, the only thing that I don't like is that the level starts way to fast.


A bit hard to find controls and restart by pressing space. Gameplay is fun and simple. Good graphics. Good job!