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A jam submission

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GMTK 48 Hour Game Jam Submission
Submitted by JoshBurleson (@Josh_Burleson) — 7 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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How does your submission match the theme?
The mouse controls all the games mechanics a) thrust, b) weapons, c) shield, d) energy recharging, and e) maneuvering. Specifically left clicking will control the rockets thrust, weapons and shield control. Landing serves as both a way to slow the player down and recharge energy. Energy controls ammo supply, shield strength and thrust supply. Etc.

Third-party resources
Platforms: Desktop
Engine: Unity
3rd Party Tools: DoTween, TextMeshPro, SceneLoaderSystem, UniversalSFX, Adobe Illustrator, Logic.

Creator: Josh Burleson (Design, Programming, Art, Music, etc)

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That was a pretty fun little game, albeit a little bit infuriating but still fun.

I do think that a few enemies did way too much damage when your shield was down, and that made it difficult to maneuver into the right spot to fight them.

However the game was good and does have some potential for going beyond the jam.


Thanks for playing the game and your detailed feedback Kahz. You're not the only person to give me feedback about the difficult controls. I'm currently working on a "Post Jam" update to address that and much of the other feedback received. Really appreciate you thinking it has "real" game potential. Makes me want to keep working on it :) Cheers!


Feels like this would be a fun mobile game. I could see myself pretending to get things done at work while climbing to new heights.


Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to try it out.


Good game! I'd like to echo what some people have said about the shooting being difficult to control, but you nailed the theme and the game is pretty fun. Great job!


Thanks for giving it a go man. Appreciate the feedback and if I work on it further that'll be one of the first things I address. Cheers!


Good game. The only issue I had was the shooting mechanic was a bit tricky to control.


Ya it can be a bit finicky. Something I hope to work out. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.


Really nice! At times reminded me of the constant dance between firing & healing, flying & falling found in luftrausers. It was a bit too easy to lay invincibly next to enemies and wail on them until they died, but beyond that a really solid game! Good use of the theme as well!


Thanks for looking at my game. I'll look into balancing that "easier" aspect. Cheers!


Nice game, the level design really felt built to the game's movement system. Aiming was a bit tricky but aside from that this was quite fun.


Thanks for taking the time to play Rickety Rocket Fraser. I left feedback for your game in Discord and also left rating.