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A jam entry

Vintage FlashlightView game page »

Submitted by dylsdestiny


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Your (mouse controlled) torch provides light while simultaneously burning away obstacles, but beware, every action has a reaction

Third-party resources
Unity 2017

Janek Winkler, Nick Bulchak, Andrew Williams, Corey Conrad, David Bulchak

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Fun core, dual purpose mechanic! Art is soo nice and music matches the vibe. I got stuck at the 3rd stage boulder but I had fun figuring out how to use the fire and in what order to burn stuff!


Thanks for checking it out! Yeah there is only one puzzle left after that. So close yet so far away. We are working on some post jam refinements now and working out how ot add some well thought out puzzles that take advantage of that one mechanic. Burning stuff is fun! Just remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires.

Funny and fresh!  Good job!


cool thanks! Had fun making it


I played your game on my Twitch channel www.twitch.tv/zedkraze You can find a replay of the stream here: Check the description on the video to jump to your game


wow thanks for taking the time. We’re going to have to send some people your way!

A good sense of humor and a lot of room to expand on puzzle variety simply by adding different materials for the "flashlight" to interact with. I do think the darkness could have been amplified to make the light more important.


yes indeed, a dark minded individual after my own blackened heart :-) more darkness he says. Very helpful feedback actually.  The whole fire mechanic is going to open up a whole gambit of possibilities to experiment with. Thanks for the input, and I hope you follow as we learn to navigate the world of game dev in a dark place, hopefully not setting everything we love on fire along the way :-)

This was a delightful entry~ Great art, interesting mechanic, smart level design! Only gripe is that the wood blends in with the hallway wallpaper, so you don't notice it until it's too late... Other than that, great game!


indeed an oversight... or was it... yeah :-) it was. Thanks for the feedback, that will really help us refine it.

Really nice, I like the art and the levels, we need more levels! Good Job!

Developer (Edited 1 time) (+1)

Dude! our favorite dyl youtuber comes through! Thanks for checking it out

And more levels you shall have my good man, more levels indeed


Great game and art style! Just controlling the torch is kinda difficult other than that good entry ;D


Thanks, we are experimenting with another option for torch (sorry vintage flashlight) that seems to give better control. Excited so many people have checked it out

Great game, great art style, great humor. My one addition would be a health indicator, because I couldn't tell how close I was to dying unless I counted the number of times I'd been hurt.


Thanks, great point. Its frustrating enough burning your house down looking for an iPhone. Really appreciate the feedback!

(Edited 1 time)

The idea is nice, it fits well the theme. But controlling the torch is pretty difficult sometimes especially when you turn around and the torch gets up but your mouse is pointing down.

The rest works well, cool game !

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Cool thanks! Yeah playing myself I notice how tough it is waving that torch around while also trying to move through the game. Also find out the hard way that running around with fire while navigating the real world is kinda of tough... Don't play with fire kids! GI JOEEEEEE

You damn right !

It was impressive. The lighting, the fire spreading mechanics. The aesthetical integrity really pleased me. It's a shame the joke pool for a death screen was so small as i couldn't get enough of them :D
Overally, great job!


Thanks! I think we just may develop this further, there's a bunch of puzzles we never got to integrate. Plus all kinds of fixes we want to do now that we got such great feedback.  


I recorded myself playing and commenting: https://youtu.be/kt8AMPUu-Yw (still uploading at the time of writing this comment)

A sum up of my thoughts is at the end of the video. Well done, and thanks for the game! :)


Thanks for taking the time to do this! Watching someone played it helps so much to know where to fix things. 

You're welcome! Someone once did it for me, and I just felt what a huge difference it made and decided to pay it forward since :)

Nice aesthetics and amazing end scene! The keyboard setup makes it a bit difficult for people who have big keyboards however, hope there is a setting to set up arrow as the jump key O(∩_∩)O


Good call! When we add some levels, we will have to think of better ways to handle controls

took me a little bit to figure out to use the mouse to control the torch, maybe out controls somewhere? otherwise, fun little game! and the theme is really nice!

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Yeah, for now Im adding controls to the description page, until we can update after the jam. Thanks for the feedback!

One feedback would be fire animation on the log to communicate how the fire travels, rather than have it burn the entire log immediately, (however that might be challenging to implement) otherwise a very cool idea and loving the interactions in this mini chemistry/physics engine!


Read my mind! That is exactly how I would love for it to eventually be. If we ever find time to refine this game into a truly playable title, I think we need a robust fire system. Something that naturally catches and burns the objects in a more natural way. Would make it so much more satisfying!


Thanks! This is our first time as a team finishing a game for a jam. (Artist Nick: for me personally the first completed game lol) So exciting to be a part of this. 

I liked the game. Nice work you all!


Cool appreciate you checking it out!

Love the lighting effects, nice job guys!



This game is super cool. It has everything you would want from a game, and it is based around a single mechangic, Great job:)


Thanks, kinda ripe for all kinds of puzzle ideas

This game is a mini masterpiece, it's subtle, yet direct humor along with funky, old-timey saloon music perfectly encapsulates the visual theme the team was going for. Along with having 1 mechanic do everything in the game, and then turning around to subvert that very mechanic is amazing. Good job :)


Wow! So humbled. Thanks for your glowing review. The music was the skilled piano work of my brother David Bulchak, by the way. Corey Conrad is to thank for all the creative influence that made this game, including naming Kyle Vonhipster. And making the mechanic work was the programming genius of Andrew Williams and Janek Winkler. So truly thankful for all the great feedback we have recieved