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Very entetaining, I'm defenetly going to check all your games now :)

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The black screen maybe it's the night? Looking back at the recording I made while playing I think it's that, but it's really dark even the flashlight it's useless. This is a screenshot http://imgur.com/a/m3vG1

How do I know I finished the tutorial?

Who's development going, I really enjoyed the demo. Keep up the good work!

I never thought that catching cows would have been so fun!!

Created a new topic Version 0.15 questions

Hi, I played the game and I noticed right away that it's more stable, you can easily talk to Claire, take items... but if I go down the mountain where there are the dead wolves after a while everyting around me turns black, then I tried to reach the other side of the plane but I couldn't. Is that normal?

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Nice experience, I made a story while playing. Hop you like it. Thanks for making the game!


I'm glad you had fun! Thanks again for making the game!

I had problemes with fullscreen, but I was able to fix it.

If you have problems displaying the game in full screen press alt+tab to exit full screen, then if you have installed the itch.io app click on "Show local files" in the right corner and a folder open up (the folder it's in user(your username)\appdata\roaming\itch\apps\EVALUMATIC) open the options.ini file with a text editor and change AlternateSyncMethod=0 to AlternateSyncMethod=1.

When you launch the game it should work properly!

I passed the evaluation, but I noticed that i haven't got the perfect score... now I have to get back again!

Amazing game, I had ablast playing it! Good Job!!

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I found your game using the random button! It's really nice, good job!


I found your game using the random button! It's really nice, love the music and the concept even if I'm really bad at playing it!

If you see strange things happen don't worry, it's alright! I like the crashes and the external references. I've just started... he is still waiting for me...

Thanks for making the game ❤

Love it!!

Great game! I really hope it gets funded!!

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Thanks for making such a great expirience of a game!

Good game, from level 6 it's a pain but it was still fun to play!

I agree with what Vanilla said about the things to tweak, I'll be waiitng for un update!

I made a video too if you're interested.

I'm sorry, I don't have it anymore.

Nice game, but I fired myself!

Created a new topic Amazing Experience!!

Thanks for making this game!

Nice to play even if I don't know how to type...

Can't wait!!

Thanks for making the game! I Will play it again!

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I played your game, it's really fun! Can't wait for the updates!!

I had so much fun playing this!!