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Very nice and addictive, I tried my best to get a nice score of 16 but they are always cheating!!

This game only misses some sound effects, but overall nice job!

I wasn't expecting it to be so fun and challenging! Great job! Good luck with the jam!!

The game is fun, maybe a bit too much easy? I liked going around jumping and collecting coconuts! The ends was a bit sudden to, but now I want to jump on the volcano! Good Job!

Yeah! I had a lot of fun! Good luck with the jam!

I'm the ONE!!

Very nice game and great entry for the Movie Game Jam! Good Job!!

This game it's very well done, it has that nice balance where it's not too much hard, but it isn't easy either. I had a great time playing it. Great Job!

Maybe a bit short since I want more... guess I'll be going to watch the movie again. Well done.

Very nice entry to the jame. I liked a lot the title screen were you have to type the commands. The game it's addictive, but I only got 2100... Good work!

Very funny, the second part was very enjoyable to! I really liked the iceberg expressions. Nice Job!


Great Game! A bit too much easy...

Very addictive game, kind of rage inducing, but a lot of fun!

I had a lot of fun playing your game! I don't think that you can win at all, but I tried for a while :P

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Don't worry about it, I'm just a complainer 


Thanks :)

This was a very awesome game! I loved everything about it! Good Job!

Thanks :)

I had a lot of fun playing this! Really good game!!

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This game it's really nice, those sinkholes are very dangerous thou...

Very cute game! Good Job!

Very good game, I like the concept and I can't wait to see future developments!

Thanks! I was very lucky!

Very addictive game and so much fun! Nice Job!

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The notifications SPAM it's real!!

I had a lot of fun playing this! Good Job!

Awesome game Dan! I need to play it again to see the other ending :p

I've got your key Albi!

It was very fun to outrun the police even if fully loaded! Good Job!

Very cute game! Good Job!

Great game, so much fun! I really like how it gets crazy when you're surrounded by all the boxes and enemies!! Good Job!

Very fun game,  good job!

Oh yeah, you're right! I just didn't remeber what I did as I even opened the debug menu to figure out how to get out of there, but I'm glad it's been fixed!

Nice job Alex! I like how much is improved over the first game, I can't wait to finish it!! I run into a small issue, I reached the door with the num pad and after I pressed esc I couldn't move or type anything so I quit the game then reload but the num pad graphic was still there. I closed the game and everything was normal when I launched it again, but I didn't reached the num pad area yet.

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The atmosphere it's there, jumpscares are there even if I was expecting more of them but I think that is a good thing because it keeps you on the edge. I started to feel frustrated after a while so it's good, it means the maze it's challenging enough. Nice job!

I made a video of my experience if you want to check it out!

Don't worry about it. I'm glad you're still moving forward!

Very nice art and atmosphere, I've made a little story around it! Thanks for making the game!

Very fun to play, good job!

The screwed up controls aren't your fault, it was an obscure joypad converter I've forgotten plugged in and part of unity that doesn't makes you disable joysticks which is a known issue since it happens in a lot of unity based games.

I like the concept in this game, but I don't know what to do pretty much....

Nice game, maybe a bit too much easy, but the music it's really good!!

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I would have really liked to play the piano but the unity bug that detects a joystick in my pc it's screwing up controls for me...