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It has been a pleasure to walk and listening to you!

Keep up the good work, I'm sure you will be able to make an amazing game! Good luck!

Will we ever know where are they?

I like the graphics, the story it's nice, but the gameplay needs to be fixed and then this could be a very good game!

Created a new topic Gameplay video

I really enjoyed this walking sim... but I want to know more of the island!!

Great art, music and story! Good Job as always!!

Nice fun game, but I don't have good enough reflex to get the 999 999 999 score...

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Really nice atmosphere, good job for the first time! Can't wait for future developments! Keep up the good work!


Another great horror experience! Keep it up!

Nice game, I solved the puzzle just fine so I think it's quite fair. Good Job!

I like the premise of the game and I wanted to test myself and see if I could get jumpscared, you got me a couple of times, but I found the game more funny than scary. It's still a great experience and I hope to try an improved version of this game. Keep up the good work!

Great creativity,  good job!

It has an interesting plot, but we don't know anything about gameplay. Are you going to keep developing this?

I tried to do a Speedrun of the Demo

This game is good at building up tension, but I want to know if it's possible to actually reach the end in v2.0... but since you're still making changes and perfecting the game I will keep track for future updates! Keep up the good work!

This was an awesome experience! Thanks alot for this game!

It's looking very promising, some work on the sounds for better jumpscares and maybe take away all the symbols that leads you to the objects to encourage exploration. Keep up the good work!

I liked the game a lot but I had some issues with the Jetpack, I find myself to accidentally press up and during the fight with Angel it got me killed more then once. I like the design of Angel as it looks like a small Anubis from ZOE, but I couldn't beat him, during the third phase I always got killed... anyway I still want to play the game again! Good luck on your Kickstarter!

This game it's crazy! I had a blast playing it!

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I think that this is a really nice puzzle game. With checkpoints or a faster boat it will be a little less repetitive if you need to restart the level. Nice Job.

Very funny game! I liked all the kind of obstacles you've chosen. Nice Job!

All the mini-games were fun... maybe the one where I have to type in the letters a bit less... I had a lot of fun! Nice Job!

It took me a while to understand the game mechanics, but in the end I managed to bring my crew to safety! It was really fun to play, nice job!

I liked this game overall, but I think that it's a bit too long as a demo since it's a bit repetitive. I loved the cave section, but the boss fight it was too long for my tastes.

It feels alot like RE4 which is great.

I hope you will be able to make the game!

Good luck.

I had a lot of fun playing it! Nice job and good luck!

Amazing game! I like the atmosphere and the retro feel. It would be amazing to see this in a bigger facility. Keep up the good work!




SYSTEM SHUT DOWN....................

The presentation it's amazing, it was a bit hard but you've fixed it. So many outcomes! Good Job!

Very nice walking sim, the forest it's very beautiful! Well done!

I had a nice experience playing it. Only the menu system it's kind of clunky, but overall it's a good game!

You've finally uploaded the demo on itch and gamejolt, I hope the best for your game. Keep up the good work!

This game it's mind bending! I've only discovered it now and apparently it's going to come out soon! Can't wait!!

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Really good game, nice references scatter around that makes you question yourself. I think the end could be a bit better.

Any news on the Steam Greenlight / Early Access?

Keep up the good work!

Performance could be a bit better, I'm running slightly above recommended and I had some stutters. I had to unplug all my controllers because controls didn't work, after that everything was fine with mouse and keyboard. The game looks interesting, I want to know what's going to happen next!

It's absolutely ok for you to ask for money, don't worry about it! I can't wait to play this, it's a that bit I'm following your updates and I'm really curious to see your work.


Really nice, I like the art and the levels, we need more levels! Good Job!

I liked this game a lot! It would have been great if you did add something to read, so that we could understand better what is going on and maybe consider to make it more dark next time (less light).

 Good job and keep it up!

Very well done, I've enjoyed a lot playing this!

I think that if you introduce farming it should be very easy and quick to do, there's already the shop to take care of. Maybe you can build a robot to farm, but automation like you mentioned it's a good thing.

Can we have this automation in the shop too?