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This game was so nice! I loved every piece of it! It's really touching and encouraging! Thanks for sharing this ❤

Great atmosphere, I loved playing this so much! Nice work!!

I enjoyed the game a lot. I like the setting and how it changes every time you get a new page. The random horror stuff that you get on screen are annoying, but I love them!

The message if you die was a nice surprise! Good job!!

This game is so cute! I had a lot of fun trying to get all the three endings!

I got surprised by this. It's amazing!! Thanks for making such a great game ❤

Another gameplay video ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nice game, too much dark on some zones tho.

We might have find the pinnacle of horror games, the promise of running aways from those creatures with just an handgun as never be done like in this game before.

Unfortuantley a lot of fake reviews in the comment section here are talking a bout a troll or misleading or funny game.

Don't listen to those comments, they are made to hide the beauty of this masterpiece of the indie horrro genere.

Don't belive me, watch my video review where I go in depth of all the new amazing game mechanichs and more.

Thanks Andries for giving us such an amazing expirence full of suspance and fear!!

Love you, pls watch my video, I'm begging you for more views and subs!!

The lenght of the game is fine, but it would have be nice to have more control options I guess. I still enjoyed playing, nice job

Nice game. I liked the it even if it's a bit buggy I guess...

This game was so fun, even if I played it without using the space bar since I'm an idiot, lol!!

The games are really fun! It is super addicted and hopefully I did completed the game, but I'm not sure... Good job!!

I just started playing the game and it's really fun! I like the chars and the story.. too bad there is no save state, but maybe that's what makes this game special?

The intro is quite intresting, maybe too much enemies on the map, but I really hate encouters lol.

Nice work!

I had a lot of fun playing it, even if I wasn't really expecting it to be so explicit.. 

I liked a lot the atmosphere and design of this game. The Blair Witch project vibes are there. Maybe not super scary, you could cranck the sounds a bit more, but nice work!

Grat work Dan, can't wait for your next project!!

Can you open the two red doors or is that the end?

If you are unsure, yes, just play the game!!

I loved the game mechanics, great soundtrack and funny story!! Nice job!

Screw you Anubis!!

There's a lot of potential in this! Nice job!!

This sounds really cool, if you can glue them together it can become a really fun game!!

This was a good challenge, good work as always!!

Very fun to play, I almost hit esc on the platform ride. I was expecting some kind of boss at the end but it's fine! Nice job!!

This game is really challenging and scary. I had to quit... but I'll be back Nun!!

Well done! Very challenging and fun... scary too.. a bit! I got the good ending!! Keep up the good work!

I enjoyed playing this a lot! Very challenging. Nice job!!

Very interesting, I'm left with lots of questions... The style it's amazing!! Nice Job!

Great music and theme, very fun to play! Nice Job!!

It is actually pretty funny. Nice!

It's a very interesting game, it needs a bit more of scary stuff, but I'm interested to know how it progress. Keep it up!

Nice game, not as hard as usual... but there's an end!

Lot of fun!! The ads are really funny, but so annoyng they keep on coming... Nice Job!!

I really liked running around in this post apocalyptic world! Nice job as always!!

I hope for a sequel since I want to know more... Nice Job!!

Congrats on your achievements, I'm sure your next game will do even better! Keep it up!!

It was an amazing experience playing your game, thanks!

Even if this game it's supposed to be scary I had a lot of fun!! Can't wait to have the chance to catch the killer! Nice Job!!

Ok, here's the full one! Thanks :)

This puzzle game it's super cute and really challenging! One of the best games I've played this year!!

Nice game, I spent a good amount of time searching for the tanks, but I didn't find the wife...