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It's absolutely ok for you to ask for money, don't worry about it! I can't wait to play this, it's a that bit I'm following your updates and I'm really curious to see your work.


Really nice, I like the art and the levels, we need more levels! Good Job!

I liked this game a lot! It would have been great if you did add something to read, so that we could understand better what is going on and maybe consider to make it more dark next time (less light).

 Good job and keep it up!

Very well done, I've enjoyed a lot playing this!

I think that if you introduce farming it should be very easy and quick to do, there's already the shop to take care of. Maybe you can build a robot to farm, but automation like you mentioned it's a good thing.

Can we have this automation in the shop too?

Ok, I got my strength together and I finally finished the demo, I like that some keys change position every new game, that way you have to keep on searching, maybe put them in the drawers too to make it more hard to find. One last thing, would you mind use normal names in the settings, I know that it adds to the experience but I like to know what I'm changing. Thanks and good job, keep it up!

This game looks awesome, I like the concept and the transform mechanic! I can't wait to see the other abilities and the various enemies. Good luck for the kickstarter!

Well, I played it untill I could... if you want to scare people I guess you got me...

Good Job!! Keep it up!!

It was really hilarious going through all those pictures! Nice job!

The game it's really nice and relaxing, I love the scenery, the birds are really cute! I love to see this place with different light like on sunset or at night, and other locations too!

Thanks for making the game!

Well, I wasn't able to save him... but if it's that important couldn't you make him easier to save or I just killed him in the heat of the battle?

I'm pretty high specs so I dind't had problems running the game (i7 6700 and GTX 970 ),  sometimes the music wuold stop but by pressing M it will start back. Is it possible to lock the mouse in the window since I went out of it a couple of times and when I re entered the game the character would move by itself for a while.

I like this game, it's a good challenge. I didn't understand how to
regain health but I managed to go quite far with one heart. I think that
the torches radius could be a little be more wide or slow down a bit
the freezing because it chews up hearts instantly and when you are
dealing with monsters it's not easy to keep track of all those things.

Keep up the good work!

NIce game, very challenging, maybe too much hard. Not really a fun of playing with poop (especially the first level in the guts it's a bit gross), but it's fun to play!

Good Luck with the Kickstarter!

I love what you're doing with this zine, keep it up!

Thanks for subscribing, I appreciate it!

Very nice atmosphere, I had a great time playing this game!

Good job Dan, Keep it up!!

Your game looks really promising, I'll be following for future updates!

Good work, keep it up!

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I like the art style, the music it's great just like the atmosphere, a bit too much challenging but maybe it's because I need to grind more.

Good luck with the Kickstarter campaign!

It's a really interesting game, the art it's nice, I had a lot of fun playing it. Good luck with the development!

Good job on this, the ending was really somthing...

Here's part 2

There is a lot of potential here, I like the environment.

One time while sniping everything went black and I had to restart the game. I tried to kill the fox but I was never succesfull.

Keep up the good work!

I was running around for hours and I thought I was missing something, but what I was looking for was never there to begin with. I'm glad I'm not that blind yet :). Later I'll play it again and if there is some bugs I will let you know. I'm going to make a video too if that's ok!

The atmoshere and the setting it's really nice, the music it's great... but I'm stuck on the second floor. Am I missing something?

One time while reading the news paper article it stayed on the screen and I couldn't remove it.

Good game, keep up the good work!

I'm a bit dissapointed that there is no sound effects (like steps), but overall I had a lot of fun! Good Job!

Today we are going to take a look at the From Light early access demo. This game it's inspired by light paining (a photographic technique) and you have to use light to build platforms to help you proceed through your journey to help your friend Phosphor. 

The art style it's really nice and the music too, I can't wait to see what it's going to happen to Lumen and Clarify.

I was tired after a long day at work, so when I went home I decided to relax playing this game... I mean there are cute pink wolfyes and a cute airplane to fly to save the cute sheeps... what could have gone wrong...

Thanks for this amazing game!!

I'm really happy you enjoyed my video!

I thought I could make the money for the compass while waiting for another survivor that's why I didn't give up, but I was left alone...

Thanks again!

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It's a really fun game, I hope you will develop this in the future, but if you decide to do something else it's ok anyway! I have a 1440p monitor and reading the pop up windows was hard for me, I hope you can fix that in the future. Great work, keep it up!

Thanks, it was really fun playing this!

Since I didn't get the perfect score last time I decided to play this game again, this time I tried to make it a bit more cinematic

As I said I've played all the Cozy Game Pals Games!!

Very entetaining, I'm defenetly going to check all your games now :)

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The black screen maybe it's the night? Looking back at the recording I made while playing I think it's that, but it's really dark even the flashlight it's useless. This is a screenshot http://imgur.com/a/m3vG1

How do I know I finished the tutorial?

Who's development going, I really enjoyed the demo. Keep up the good work!

I never thought that catching cows would have been so fun!!

Created a new topic Version 0.15 questions

Hi, I played the game and I noticed right away that it's more stable, you can easily talk to Claire, take items... but if I go down the mountain where there are the dead wolves after a while everyting around me turns black, then I tried to reach the other side of the plane but I couldn't. Is that normal?