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Screw you Anubis!!

There's a lot of potential in this! Nice job!!

This sounds really cool, if you can glue them together it can become a really fun game!!

This was a good challenge, good work as always!!

Very fun to play, I almost hit esc on the platform ride. I was expecting some kind of boss at the end but it's fine! Nice job!!

This game is really challenging and scary. I had to quit... but I'll be back Nun!!

Well done! Very challenging and fun... scary too.. a bit! I got the good ending!! Keep up the good work!

I enjoyed playing this a lot! Very challenging. Nice job!!

Very interesting, I'm left with lots of questions... The style it's amazing!! Nice Job!

Great music and theme, very fun to play! Nice Job!!

It is actually pretty funny. Nice!

It's a very interesting game, it needs a bit more of scary stuff, but I'm interested to know how it progress. Keep it up!

Nice game, not as hard as usual... but there's an end!

Lot of fun!! The ads are really funny, but so annoyng they keep on coming... Nice Job!!

I really liked running around in this post apocalyptic world! Nice job as always!!

I hope for a sequel since I want to know more... Nice Job!!

Congrats on your achievements, I'm sure your next game will do even better! Keep it up!!

It was an amazing experience playing your game, thanks!

Even if this game it's supposed to be scary I had a lot of fun!! Can't wait to have the chance to catch the killer! Nice Job!!

Ok, here's the full one! Thanks :)

This puzzle game it's super cute and really challenging! One of the best games I've played this year!!

Nice game, I spent a good amount of time searching for the tanks, but I didn't find the wife...

Awesome game, lots of fun... wait I meant scary moments. Thanks!

I liked the puzzles a lot even if I had to see somebody else clear the paintings one since I was over complicating myself over it! Nice Job!

That countryside house looks fantastic in that atmosphere and the billboards are awesome. Keep up the good work!

I like the game, but it's not very scary for me. It would be awesome if the game revolves once you go down the hole. Keep up the good work.

Very nice and challenging, I hope there will be checkpoints in the finished game. Nice job!

Looking pretty good! Keep it up!!

Great game! I like how crazy everything is in this and one of the few that gives me some jumpscare! Nice Job!!

I think that the text dimension scales with the resolution of the monitor you play with and on 1440p it was a bit small.

I was finally able to win and se the chicken dinner screen. Thanks a lot!!

It's a very interesting game, nice work!

Here's my data!! I hope this will help your research. Keep it up!

I've got frustrated at first, but then I figured it out and had a lot of fun!! Nice Work!

I had a lot of fun even If I didn't understand anything until I watched me back, but still I'm kind of lost again... Nice job I guess...

Very nice, I really liked the story and the design! Good job!

I had a lot of fun playing this since it looks so cool even without sounds! Nice Job!!

Weapons that instantly breaks and poor aim. I never thought it would make a game actually fun to play! Nice job!

When I start playing good games I simply can't stop! Keep it up!

I had a blast palying this! Good Job!!

Very nice game, it's just missing more levels! Nice Job!!

I get a crash after I drop the "set me free" phrase... It's true!