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Thanks for playing! I should tell you that even ourselves can't reach the goal yet 😜. And yes, you CAN find burgers in the trash!

Thanks for playing!!! We need to include a nicer tutorial next time. “I don't get it. They are stealing my money and I have to throw money at them!” 😂

Thanks for playing! A Blitzboy Duo would certainly be fun! Maybe we'll add that in within the next couple of updates🤔

Go do your homework

Ayyyyyye we are so glad you recorded a video about our game! Sorry about the bugs and difficulty level.   m(_ _;)m


Thank you!

Sorry about that! It's now fixed. Thanks for letting us know (*^-^*)

Haha my bad (@_@;). Let me play the game again haha, this totally makes things different

The aesthetics are incredible! This also fits in perfectly with the theme! GREAT JOB ( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 

Nice aesthetics and amazing end scene! The keyboard setup makes it a bit difficult for people who have big keyboards however, hope there is a setting to set up arrow as the jump key O(∩_∩)O

The health system is interestlly set up! For some reasons I thought the boxes could cover up the spawn points but after 10 minutes of gameplay I finally realized they don't (#`-_ゝ-)

The game is pretty good. Like the aesthetics especially! One thing I would suggest though is to allow players to rewind back multiple times. I find myself restarting the game once I used up all my jumps, and it would perhaps be better to rewind to a earlier savepoint and try a different approach!