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Thanks :) Glad you liked it!

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Thanks :) really appreciate the feedback. Yea, I feel like there are lots of good ideas but needs a lot of tweaking to make it more challenging like making enemies faster and hence a reason to move about to slow them down, or like you said limit the range. Glad you enjoyed it!

That death screen is hilarious, nice work!

Cool visual style and slow down effects. Tough game, good job :)

Really cool idea, very innovative. Would've loved to have played a few more levels. Nice job :)

That ending is hilarious, great job

Nice game, like the idea :)

Awesome game! A lot of thought has been put into making really interesting puzzles, it's amazing!

Cool idea, I like how the colour changing affects enemy behaviour too. Nailed the theme :)

Neat little game, that sound effect is hilarious.

Love the visuals! The Mobius strip is mesmerizing.

Love the lighting effects, nice job guys!

Really nice idea, very innovative. Like the procedural generation too.

Thanks :) That would be the dream, just looking to export it to Android for now.