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A dungeon crawler based on transforming enemies into puzzle pieces.
Submitted by Traggey — 11 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Dashing can be used for movement and attacking your enemies, the seconadry ability kills and turns them into usable environmental puzzle pieces.

Third-party resources
Unreal Engine 4

Linus Asplund
Mattias persson

Yun-Shou Cheng
Michael Reeve

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Lovely graphics! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


I liked the general concept, and the game plays fairly well. My biggest gripe is with the camera. It's not a very good angle. It makes it hard to see anything around you. Other than that, the game feels fine. Graphically, the game looks really good, but the few objects that have no materials really stand out in the otherwise beautiful game. It's almost a zero-time operation to drag and drop some matte black materials onto those, and would make your game look so much better.

One other somewhat bewildering note, the first time the boss clapped his hands together on me, I took no damage and he took 5000. Not really sure how that happened.

(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks for the comment! We can definitely fix the camera around a little bit. We actually did have materials for the models with missing ones while in the editor, but after building our game they had vanished. This was literally near the end of the jam so we had no time at all to remedy and find out what had gone wrong.

As for the boss, the collision on him is a little bit weird but again it was something we weren't able to fully iron out within the 48 hours.


Amazing visuals and 3D models. The mechanic isn't that interesting as I'd hoped it to be though, and the combat is a little hard to control with enemies swarming you quickly, but I'm still amazed at how pretty a 48 hour game can be!


Thank you for the feedback! We did actually have tons more interesting ideas on how to execute the mechanic, but unfortunately time constraints caused us not to be able to display that to its fullest potential through our current level. We'll definitely take some time to make a level better of expressing the mechanics later on!

Very impressive artwork and game mechanics. The use of the dash to push stuff and deal damage. Although i'm sure it wasn't intentional (glitch or feature?) I really enjoyed when the enemies went flying 1000 miles away haha.  The puzzles gradually became more intricate which was great. I also enjoyed the death screen text haha very funny! The boss battle was also very enjoyable with it's different forms of attack. Overall it was a very good game!

There are however some things I think could be improved (all of us could obviously make 1 million improvements, but we have to be told our weaknesses to learn for the future). The movement was a little slippery, which was ok because this isn't a platformer, but I always like to feel like i'm in control of the character unless there's a meaningful reason to lose control (i.e. i'm sliding around on ice :D). Also the top/down perspective with the changes in height made me feel a little nauseous The combat also felt unfair, although the enemies flying away was satisfying, it didn't feel like a real fight. Also, there were instances where I was injured but didn't understand why. I saw that the enemies had an attack animation, but sometimes I would lose health when they were standing still and not lose health when they would swing at me. Those were my biggest issues. Some minor improvements would be to have the boss attacks come faster, and also to decrease his health by about 1/3 or 1/4. Since his attacks come out so slowly (and half of them are floating in the air) and you can only attack him right before or right after his attacks (if his hand is on the ground) the fight just drags on for a very long time. 

Although that was a long critique, I very much enjoyed your game, and i'm sure with time and practice you guys could make a very fun and enjoyable puzzle/combat game that feels like the old timey classics, such as Mario 64, banjo kazoie, and Super Smash Bro's (yes I just compared your game to some of the best N64 games of all time, because I genuinely believe it's true.) Very impressive game for just 48 hrs


Hey there Curturp! I'm Linus, the artist on the team!

Thank you ever so much for the praise, I honestly never expected any responses quite like this! I can very much agree with every single point of feedback you've provided here and most of it was actually discussed during the game-jam itself, we just never had the time to take care of it.
And the flying away enemies were definitely not intended! But perhaps one of those happy accidents we should expand more upon haha!

We've done a little bit of messing about with the project after the jam and we are considering futher developing it, controls have been tightened and those horrid keybindings are gone and the combat will surely see a lot of tweaking, more feedback on attacks and we gotta get rid of those as you mentioned bugs where animations would play and wouldn't.

Again thank you ever so much ^^ Your critique was extremely well laid out and super helpfull!

I'm really glad to hear you guys plan to further develop this idea. I definitely can't wait to play this one again! 


Very cool, and impressed by the character artwork and animation. Feels like its on its way to becoming a serious game that could make its way out of this jam and into the hands of gamers everywhere. Don't stop 


Thank you Dylsdestiny! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! 

We've been considering not stopping and actually taking this further!


Great artwork, and the multipurpose dash maneuver and freeze spell were a strong execution of the theme.


Thank you SkullBat studio! Super glad you enjoyed it!


This is a great game, really impressed with what you got done in 48 hours, Its one of the best games I have played from the jam.  But not having a controller on hand, made me have to use shift to dash / attack, and my pinky finger is not up for that sort of strain. I also feel you guys could have really benefited with a music track. Anyways, Good job guys.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey there Kaboom242! Thank you for the high praise and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
We fully agree that the key bindings were absolutely horrid and they have been addressed in our own internal build!
And yes I do fully agree, we need music haha! We don't have an audio person on the team however so that was a bit of a luxury for us that we sadly could not get around to within the 48 hour limit.


That death screen is hilarious, nice work!


Haha, thanks a ton Alex ;)


Dash bound to Shift isn't the greatest idea, i tried to do the game justice, but my laptop can't handle how taxing this game is.


Hey there Lunatic! Sorry about the preformance issues you're having! Could you possibly share your PC specs with us?



Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3120M CPU @ 2.50GHz

 Video Card
Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

4.0 GB

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (build 9600), 64-bit


Oh wow yeah, sorry but that's quite a weak system you've got there! integrated intel cards are never recomended for gaming :/

We'll be adding some quality settings in possible future releases however so hopefully we can get it running smoother on your system.


I know, it has aged much recently.

Boss Battle is the most funny part of the game. Good job.


Agreed! 's a fun fight. Thanks man!