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CtrlX Bullet HellView game page

CtrlX a bullet hell where you become your enemy!
Submitted by LawrenceParry — 23 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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How does your submission match the theme?
The game is built around the idea that shooting an enemy not only scores points and removes them but also makes the player 'become' that enemy; teleporting to its position and gaining its weapon.
In addition to removing the enemy and building points shooting enemies serves a multitude of other puposes;
Teleports the player; helping the player to avoid projectiles (any nearby projectiles are detroyed).
Changes the players weapon; giving importance to the order in which enemies are killed.
Builds combo; forcing the player to act agressively.

Third-party resources
Unity3D, Photoshop, LMMS.

Lawrence Parry

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Check out update 1.1 on the games page: Lots of improvements as well as Mac support!


Such a fun game! I love the idea and there is so much to do with it! You could gain the enemy's movement as well. It felt so good to almost get killed by an enemy's attack, just to kill them and get their attack instead! Awesome job dude. :)


Thanks so much Evan. I'm working on a patch atm that I'll drop when the jam ends. Loads of tweaks to make the game even more fun!


I'd just like to add that full screen can be entered by pressing alt+enter. This goes for just about any game, not just this one. Once the jam finishes I'll add some settings.


A nice twist on the bullet hell genre! I don't get why you named it "CTRL X" though, as there's no cutting anything. Given that it can't go into fullscreen, my mouse often leaves the window causing it to lose focus and resulting in a death. The high score system is a bit inconsistent as I got up to 55 one round and 33 in the next. It says my high score is 33 even after just getting a higher score the previous round. You should tweak these things and port it to mobile!

If you would like to see my submission, please check out Napalm Town:


Thanks for the feedback, I would love to make some tweaks once the jam finishes.


Quite fun, could see myself playing this for a while, especially if ported to mobile :) (although the teleporting part throws me off every time)


Good suggestion, I've been considering a mobile port. I think when I update the game I will make the slomo longer when you teleport so that players can get their bearings. Thanks for the feedback.


Nice game, like the idea :)


Thanks Alex, I just gave your submission a go too, really enjoyed it :) Good luck.