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Wow, so much work put into this! Awesome job getting this all finished before the end of jam! :D

This looks really cute and fun! :D

This looks like so much fun!! Wow :D

Can't wait for the game! I remember checking it out at a PIGSquad event and now I get to wishlist it on Steam! :D

Yay! Hopefully I'll have a full version on Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia by the end of the jam if you'd like to play!

Ohhhh can't wait to try out the demo! :D

Hahaha, its hard to play this game on an empty stomach!

Wow what beautiful screenshots! Looks really cute.

What a great idea! The first time I hit the pause button I was really surprised! XD Haha, of course I hit the back to menu button, of course! This actually isn't only innovative, but adds a lot to a shooter because you have to pay attention to what you are shooting! It was a bunch of fun and the aesthetics were super clean and nice as well. Awesome job!! :D

This was a fun game! I think the only thing is sometimes you'd dash and when you were finished, you'd keep up a little momentum that would hit an enemy and you'd die. But dashing felt good! Especially in later levels when you would dash with a pattern hitting multiple enemies. It was a lot of fun!

Cool game! I love the idea behind it. It took me a little bit to figure out how to play. Some indicators of what to do at the beginning could help. I LOVE that the beat changes when an enemy on screen! That is such a great idea and it really makes it intense. Awesome job! :)

Such a fun game! I love the idea and there is so much to do with it! You could gain the enemy's movement as well. It felt so good to almost get killed by an enemy's attack, just to kill them and get their attack instead! Awesome job dude. :)

Cool! I liked the idea behind a shield that blows up once it's used! I thought that sometimes there were a lot of spots with no enemies, and then all of the sudden there was a *ton* of them! So maybe a little more ramping. Great job though! :)

The poor forest! I really cared about it and didn't want it to burn down! D:

The game felt good and the art was really cute. Nice job on this! :)

This is simple but so great! The mechanic really fits the theme and is so interesting! You did a lot with it. The game feels really polished too and has a great aesthetic. I stopped and had to take a break at that all red walled room though. XD

Wow! What a great entry. The art style and music were really great, even the font, everything went together really well. The atmosphere was totally engaging! It was a simple little story but I cared about it. The game was interesting all the way through always with something new and absolutely no fluff. Such a little gem! Great job.

I really liked the idea of the block at the touch of a button! It was really fun. I really wish the jumping was faster and not so floaty. It took so long to get through the end of level 1 when I was dying at the last part, maybe have a checkpoint? Or if the jumping controls were faster, maybe it wouldn't be a problem anymore. Either way, I liked the designs of the levels! Nice job. :)

The game is gorgeous! I really like the idea of the mechanic, especially how the torch goes out it's game over. It took me a bit to figure out that I was gaining and using torchlight. But such a nice entry. Really great job you guys!!

Nice game! I actually used the stabbing mechanic to dodge some attacks, which felt good. I felt like I was moving a taaad to slow, I hated going into dead end rooms. :P

Still, really nice with the music, also the effect after you killed an enemy was really cool! Nice job. :)

Rocket bird!!!

The game was really fun! love how drastic the rocket is, and the mechanic that you get to rocket again after going through an enemy was really fun! I liked the level where you dash through the enemies one after the other. I actually got stuck on the level with three diagonal enemies and the exit is surrounded by a wall. I wasn't sure what to do! I also think it would be nice to have something that showed if your rocket was charged or not.

Rocket bird himself is really adorable, especially when you win!! :D Awesome job dude

This game kinda reminds me of avenging spirit!

I really like the aesthetic! I kind of wish the normal form was a little faster. At one point I fell into a pit and I had to restart the game. I love the idea and I think it would be cool if there were collectibles you could only get in one form or another (kind of like the game "Fly'n") Nice job on this! :)

Whoaaaa! Hitting stuff is so fun! I love the reverse gravity mechanic. It's so cool to see it flip and then slam into an enemy! Very fun. It took me a little bit to figure out that you could only use the abilities in the air.

Yeahhh! :D

The artwork is really great! Especially the background. I kind of wish there was a checkpoint or something after the tutorial section. Also I left clicked for attacking and climbing the wall when it said right click? Not sure why that was! But either way, nice game! :)

The sprite-work in this is really good! The lighting effects add a lot of polish. :)

I thought it was a little hard to see after turning into a bat at first. But still, nice job!