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A game about jumping and switching your color to effect your environment, however...
Submitted by Ashaqua (@Aquaclaww) — 21 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
Jumping with the space bar is used to change color, activate switches, jump and damage the boss at the end is the dual purpose design.

Color Switching is used to change the solidity of blocks and to disable and enable enemies

Third-party resources
Unity 5.6: Engine
Bosca Ceoil: Music Creation Tool
Bfxr: Sound Effect Creator (Used for part of the "Jump" sound effect and part of the explosion noise)
Audacity: Audio recording and editing (Used for all other sound effects)
Gimp: Drawing tool
Paint Tool Sai: Drawing tool


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Lovely, fun platformer! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


The concept is solid and the art style works. I really like the sound, as simple as it is.

However, it's been said a couple times, but it really needs to be said again: the auto jumping on land when space is held needs to go.  A lot of games have jumps that get higher when you hold it, so it's a common habit for people to hold down space when jumping. In this game it becomes a worse problem than it would be in others due to the switching mechanic. One accidental jump means you have to do an entire sequence of jumps again. Also, this game suffers from the issue that many platformers do, where it feels there's not enough leeway around edges, so you'll wind up feeling that you've pressed jump in time but instead rushing off to your death. A little extra collision on the platforms should solve that easily.


The jumping could use some refinements. It seemed delayed by a a couple of frames after the input, and the auto jump while holding the input made the character kind of bouncey and difficult to control when trying to get up corners.


Hey look, it's the alternating panel puzzles from my old games! Looks like somebody was a fan of the Alexander High series. The title picture's so colorful and detailed while the in-game aesthetics were kinda bland. If you decide to finish this after the game, I'd work on that. The player also jumps when I hit the ground with the jump button still pressed. It's a good thing to have in most platform games, but in a game where the timing of your jumps are crucial, you'd rather not have that ability.

If you would like to see my submission, please check out Napalm Town:


Simple yet creative. I can see some other elements of GMTK in there too, like level design from mario levels. Wished I thought of this :)


Cool idea, I like how the colour changing affects enemy behaviour too. Nailed the theme :)


Very cool game. The basics actually look a lot like what i submitted with color changing blocks. The only major difference is that mine is a competitive multiplayer game and you can still stand on invisible blocks. 


Fun concept,I rage quit ;D


Cool game. Fun and challenging.