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it actually has randomly generated levels so the difficulty is completely varied :P

Very cool game. The basics actually look a lot like what i submitted with color changing blocks. The only major difference is that mine is a competitive multiplayer game and you can still stand on invisible blocks. 

Cool concept! I would recommend putting some kind of epilepsy warning in there through since when you die there's some really bright flashing. I like the idea of this game though!

Pretty sweet little game! I love the idea of the pumpkins getting destroyed giving you some special seeds. Very original!

Doesn't work. Data folder is missing.

This game is very nice. Good job man. I managed to finish the game pretty quickly. At first the reloading feels a bit weird but after playing it a couple time i managed to hit about 9/10 bullets on reload and about 75% of the shots. Its a very nice little game! I did find a small bug though, Some of the buildings can be walked through. This game is still amazing though and honestly deserves one of the top spots for originality.