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Thanks on the feedback! We were aware of the problem but it was too late to implement a better way, we'll better plan next time.

Very polished game, feels done and that's what I respect the most in game jams. Other than that, pixelart, the mechanics and level design is well done, but I would've liked if the enemies were more dangerous say that they were too big so they block your way and by that you have to manage where you stun them

Thanks man, really kind words

I loved the game! Fits the theme, so atmospheric sounds and music, well done

Didn't get far, but enjoyed the first minute trying tactics like:

  • throwing the heart in a corner so I could peacefully run till the end
  • luring the enemies one by one and eliminating them
  • just running in between them

;D much fun!

Lol :"I don't know if it's wave based, level based, base based **MLG SOUNDS**"

Very creative and challanging !

Ohh man, I loved the hamsters !

Hi, Nice game you have here !

Still waiting for multiplayer :D

Yo mate,fix the download it doesn't work 

Completed the game. Feel,Theme,Inovation 5 stars !

I like the game,the puzzles were very fun. But I just feel like you did everything mongore did in his game for ludom dare :/

The art style and the music fit good together

Very fun and challenging game ! Everything is greatly put down together, and reminds a lot of,if I can call it ''Upwheel'

The fact that you made this game in 48h is very impressive ! I suggest you continue with the game by adding the models and it could be popular title 

Thanks on the feedback !

Aww, the end made me vote 5 stars !

Very good and unique concept. The art style fits the game very well, soo this is a definite 5 star game for me !

I had fun playing it. I liked the health showcased as balloons and the overall score counter makes the game even more competitive !

LIKO-12 community · Created a new topic Comment on game:

I realy like how you made the specifications box. 

Lol ;D

Why did I see soo many games similar to mine, but still much better than mine ...

I just looovee how simple things can be fun with great design !

Everything says the fact that your game is 30mb and mine is not even 10 . . .

Wow, great job !

Very unique and creative. Had fun playing it and trying to beat the creators high score :D

Very good game, you should do a bit on the difficulty but the mechanics and the humor are great. You could also do more on the game and release it as a full title :D

R.I.P. Nunskvak army . . . 

you can jump on the high answars, you just need to hold jump. (Yeah, I did not realize that on the beginning). Anyways, nice to see something that is not shooting or moving with one key :D

Thanks for sharing, you only miss the death here :D

Oh man I seriously like these games, the idea seems soo unique but I already saw few people do this. P.S. I think this is the best one by now 

Toothless Vampire community · Created a new topic Review

I like the game a lot,the music and art are soo well made. I just noticed that the melee attacks kinda not work soo I used the dash downwards like the hole time.

Great use of the theme !

When I started playing,I was like:''Yo,this game is easy'',than I ran out of bullets and the enemies started stacking soo I only got to 96 seconds first time.

I like the hole design , good luck !

Fun concept,I rage quit ;D

I think the idea is good,but you had 48 h,why not use them to polish the game and some how balance it