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A friend and his ammo box trying to survive together!
Submitted by Roland M (@roliDev), Jesse Munguia (@Jsf23art) — 4 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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How does your submission match the theme?
Your box is super multi-purpose:

- Can defend you from bullets.

- Used to help you move throught the world ( Ex. Use as a block to reach high places ).

- Recharges to max ammo.

- Heals to max hearts.

- Can hit enemies.

Third-party resources

Roland M - Code & Design
Jesse M - Art & Design

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Cute graphics! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


The game kept skipping the tutorial for some reason so i couldn't figure out how to reload. After a couple restarts and unplugging my controller, it eventually loaded and I had a good bit of fun playing your game until it crashed (others have covered that so I will say no more.)

No soundtrack is better than an annoying soundtrack but sound effects always add some impact to what you're doing. They are also good feedback when animations are not clear. (Your game has great animation but a sound effect for each action always helps the player know their input is impacting the game). As for time constraints, my game's sound effects took about half an hour (7 clips total). Most are just 3  1/16th notes played in LMMS. That's just my opinion of course, but it really does not take long compared to how much it could add to your next game.

You really seem to have known what you wanted to build and it has the polish to show it. The expression on the crate's face is the main reason I clicked on this... just so you know.


Hey thanks a lot for taking the time to play our game and leave a comment! Well I dont know why the tutorial  level skips, I'm going to fix all the bugs in the post-jam. You're totally right about sfx adding so much to the game but we  didnt have  time to make them, we barely had time to make some levels with not very good level design. In the next jam were going to try our best to implement sfx and make the game the best we can! Thanks a lot for the feedback ;D


This style is just kickass!  Really love the idea. It feels maybe a bit over complicated. I found myself moving through very slowly and having to overly think the controls. But overall this is an amazing job for 48hours


Haha thanks!!! The game introduces you to fast to action  and has not very good level design due to time crunching, I hope the post-jam version with better level design fixes this problem. Thanks for playing the game! :D


A very nice game~ Remembering all the commands are a bit difficult, though... and I did manage to crash the game by accidentally standing under a platform and throwing the box. Other than that, the gameplay is pretty fun, and the art is gorgeous! Well done!


Thanks!!! Very glad you liked the game. The game has some bugs, but I'm going to fix them in the post-jam version. Thanks for taking the time to play our game <3


this game is good. very polished, the art is awesome  


Thanks a lot!!! :D


Neat idea and really polished too! Some audio would make it perfect!


Thanks!!! Haha yeah audio would have made it better but not sure if we would had enough time to implemented it :)


Loved the idea and the art! Really polished for a gamejam game, congrats!


Thanks a lot, we really appreciate it! <3


I really liked this game. I could see this being turned into a full game and sold on Steam.  Unfortunately, it crashed on level 3, otherwise I would've kept going. The only improvement I would suggest is maybe a reticle to show where the throw will land.


Glad you liked the game!! Yeah we know about this bug, we notify the  player about it in our page. Also thanks a lot for feedback I will try my best to implement it in the post-jam version.  ;D


This idea was amazing. Probably my favorite idea of the entire jam. I had an issue with the controls. There are no instructions and the shoot and crate buttons are J and H. I had to mash the keyboard till I did something. I'm guessing it was meant for a gamepad?


Hmmm weird, because in the first level (Tutorial) we show you how to play the game and the controls to do it. Did you have a gamepad connected because if so the game changes automatically the tutorial from Keyboard to Gamepad, maybe you can try again. Thanks a lot for playing the game!! :D