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Cool game and great presentation! I liked the variations of levels/guns however I felt like I was just playing through random levels without a clear goal. Other than that, great job.:)

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Haha glad you liked it! Everyone put a lot of work into the game. :)

Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, we ran out of time to add a proper win condition when you reach the finish line. If you reached the end you won!

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You pick up your box :D.  [Be near the box and press the Up Direction (W) + Action Key(K)]

Hey thanks a lot for taking the time to play our game and leave a comment! Well I dont know why the tutorial  level skips, I'm going to fix all the bugs in the post-jam. You're totally right about sfx adding so much to the game but we  didnt have  time to make them, we barely had time to make some levels with not very good level design. In the next jam were going to try our best to implement sfx and make the game the best we can! Thanks a lot for the feedback ;D

Haha thanks!!! The game introduces you to fast to action  and has not very good level design due to time crunching, I hope the post-jam version with better level design fixes this problem. Thanks for playing the game! :D

Thanks!!! Very glad you liked the game. The game has some bugs, but I'm going to fix them in the post-jam version. Thanks for taking the time to play our game <3

Great mechanic, visuals and feel!! Just gets hard a little bit to fas, other than that really good entry :D

Great game and art style! Just controlling the torch is kinda difficult other than that good entry ;D

Great game!! Was a lot of fun trying to avoid meteors and shooting at the same time!

Thanks! :D

Hmmm weird, because in the first level (Tutorial) we show you how to play the game and the controls to do it. Did you have a gamepad connected because if so the game changes automatically the tutorial from Keyboard to Gamepad, maybe you can try again. Thanks a lot for playing the game!! :D

Glad you liked the game!! Yeah we know about this bug, we notify the  player about it in our page. Also thanks a lot for feedback I will try my best to implement it in the post-jam version.  ;D

Thanks a lot, we really appreciate it! <3

Thanks!!! Haha yeah audio would have made it better but not sure if we would had enough time to implemented it :)

Thanks a lot!!! :D

The controls and game feel are great! The frog animations are also pretty rad! <3