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Space FrogView game page

Game made for the #GMTK Jam 2017
Submitted by Piranha305 (@piranha_305) — 9 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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The frogs Basic action, used for multiple purposes, its a weapon, a grappling hook, and it can be used to move items around, but also using it has negative effect like running out of air quicker.

Third-party resources
Pyxel Edit, Construct 3 we used in the creation of game

Armando Alonso (me) did all the Art and Programming, Music was downloaded from and the SFX used were downloaded from, credit was give on the page and inside the game (game over screen)

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A lot of my comments others have mentioned below, but I'm going to just +1 that the tongue was slow, and I didn't know what I could or could not grapple onto. I tried to grapple onto the walls and couldn't. I also tried grappling the platforms and it worked maybe 3/10 times. I lost near the very bottom of the map once because I couldn't get the hang of it.

That being said, the music fit your aesthetic and the art was pretty good :) I think if you improved the mechanics and feel of the game it would be great.

Either way, great job! :D


thank you for play the game and giving good feedback i appreciate it .


Argh was so close to winning and because the tongue caught two boxes the frog got bugged out of the playable area, lol!

Think that it just requires a bit of bugfixing and tuning (the tongue could move faster for starters), otherwise its a decent puzzle mechanic and interesting concept!


thanks for playing, and i'm sorry to hear that it got bugged, yeah there are tons of bugs, i did not have enough time to fix them all so it is what it is, i will fix them at some point try and fix and explore the possibilities.    


Good job, the tongue bugged sometimes for me but I was able to finish the game and have some fun. I see you used Construct, I used it too ^^


yeah the tongue was very buggy and i did not have much time left, so i put in a restart button just in case.  thanks for playing

Deleted 4 years ago

thanks for playing, you had really good feedback

This game is very catchy and funny. Hope it becomes available for iphone soon

This game is really fun! :)